Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Miniature Food

I used to love making teeny tiny miniature food. When I was living in Tokyo, I spent a lot of time making it. Cakes were main things to create, but I made Japanese food too.(Here is some pictures, if you care).

I've made many many things in the past: miniature food, soap, skincare cosmetics, all sorts of food, but sewing is by far the most interesting hobbies I've ever discovered;)


Some little happy things..

heartHave you noticed that I made a list of my tutorials on the right side? According to my plan at this moment, the list will get very long as I'll think of more tutorials to update here. Well, I can't promise I'll do it for sure, but that's what's in my head so far. Fun Plan;)

heartToday my feedback rating on Etsy became '9,100%'.

Just 9?! some may think. But this means a LOT to me;) I love receiving great feedbacks. I have many seller accounts everywhere on Internet like Amazon and ebay, but I don't care about the rating on those sites that much. Etsy's rating is what I care the most, because that's where I sell my handcrafted items made with much love, not like used textbooks I didn't even read. I want my customers on my etsy shop to be very happy shopping with me and I want to make other crafters happy there too. I love Etsy.

heartI made three fabric baskets total. They are all on their own ways to be given on Mother's Day. Making the basket is so easy and kind of addictive. I want to make some for myself...

heartA lot of sales on Fabric stores. is offering great deals($10 coupon back for an order of more than $30, etc.) until 5/12. Also, Eddie's Quilting Bee (a local fabric store in Sunnyvale, CA) is having a sale: 30% off for all the fabrics this weekend. There is no reason for me not to take advantage of these opportunities!

Thanks for reading!!


  1. Hi sweetie,
    Just checking in on your blog. You do such a good job! I love to visit the links you have and your whole presentation is very interesting. I think part of why your tutorials are so good is the professional job you do on your photos. Very well done. I hope you and Joe are having a good week. I'll try to call you on my day off. Love, Kim

  2. Kim-

    Thanks for your sweetest comment again, Kim! I take millions of pictures in the process of making things and see which ones would work the best for the tutorial purpose. ;)
    I hope you are having a great week too. Talk to you soon;)

  3. I like that you took a picture of the miniature food on the floor... guess you can't eat it now.


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