Saturday, May 10, 2008

Gorgeous Vintage Fabrics

My creation *vintage fabric*

Thanks for such a great photo pool on Flickr called Vintage Fabric where absolutely gorgeous vintage fabric's photos are shared. I picked up my favorite ones from the pool and made this collection. I love it! I've been looking for vintage fabrics just like these. Finding vintage fabrics at thrift stores isn't a difficult task, but if you are quite selective like me, then yes it gets challenging. I have some beautiful vintage fabrics that I didn't see in the pool, so I'll take pics of them sometime and upload them. I'll show them on my blog too, of course!


Thanks for Alicia for asking me to show this wallet on my blog;)
I made this last year and have been using it since then.

Wallet w/ Amy Butler's Fabrics

It looks like this inside....Well, it's not as clean by now though:(

Wallet w/ Amy Butler's Fabrics

This big pocket for coins is so useful, because I always need some change to ride a bus or buy snacks at school.

Wallet w/ Amy Butler's Fabrics

Cards fit perfectly in the pockets;)
I was totally inspired by the beautiful wallets made by dogwoodlane and got some ideas to create this wallet. Considering the fact that the pattern was my original and that my sewing skill wasn't that good back then, I think I did pretty good job making this.


Some links I thought were awesome...

heartFabrickaz Gallery

Oh My... This is such a fantastic craft collection. Don't you think?

heartDecorate office supplies with fabrics by How about Orange

Too cute and too easy not to try. I'm heading off to snatch the required glue.

Thanks for reading;)


  1. I just saw the wallet post!
    I love it! So colorful and happy!
    You did a great job!

  2. Alicia-

    Thanks so much for reading this post;)
    The wallet is quite dirty now though so I might have to make a new one!

  3. This wallet is SO lovely!
    I have just had mine stolen... think I might try to make my own now!
    Do you think it will be vey difficult to figure out how to do it? :)

    Great job!

  4. lagolindari-

    Thanks for your nice comment on my wallet;) sorry to hear yours has been stolen;( I don't think this is a very difficult project. I had to think how I would make the pocket for coins, but it was quite simple. If I can be any help, let me know;)

  5. Oh I love your wallet! I've been wanting to try making one of these but I can't figure out how to do the coin purse. Do you have any helpful hints to share on how to construct the zippered pouch?
    Thanks for sharing your beautiful creations!

  6. Heather-

    Thanks a lot for visiting and giving me a nice comment! As of the wallet, I started with a zipper pocket, and sewed card cases on top of it, then attached these to the base of the wallet. Hmmm..what a unclear instruction...I'm sorry it has been a while since I made this so I forgot most of it. If I decide to make something like that again, I'll make a tutorial here.

  7. Hi there,

    Lovely wallet - I am very inspired to make my own now. Love the colours for the patchwork bag - the grey is great against the pinks.

  8. Miss Jackson-

    Thanks for your nice comment on my wallet;) yes, I love the combination of grey&pink too. Grey&yellow is nice too!

  9. Love love love this!!! If you make a new one, I'd be ecstatic if you put a tutorial up. Fantastic!

  10. elizabeth-

    Thanks for your comment! If I make something like this sure I will make a tutorial;) Thanks!

  11. directions on the wallet please! :)

  12. Megan-

    Thanks for your comment! I would love to if it was absolutely my original project, but since I kinda got this idea from somebody else, maybe I shouldn't make a tutorial for this particular wallet.. but if I happen to make something similar, I'll write a tutorial;)


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