Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Make your own lip balm

Worrying about chapped lips is only because I am here in north California, where air is quite dry. If I were in japan at this time of the year, oh boy.. I would be dying for this dry air. Humidity in summer time in Japan is insane.

I make all sorts of necessary skincare cosmetics, but lip balm is definitely one of the easiest ones to make. It should take about 5 mins and it's fun because you can make your own lip balm that fits your need. You might like peppermint or chocolate scented lip balm or you might have preference in the level of thickness. Of course you can make it 100% natural. And the best of all, it's really inexpensive! Anyway, This is the ingredients you need.

-1 tsp Beeswax (grazed or pellets)
-5 tsp Carrier oil of your choice such as almond oil, jojoba oil, or avocado oil
-3 drops Essential oil of your choice such as lavender, peppermint, lemon, or orange

1) Put Beeswax and carrier oil of your choice in a glass jar and heat it like this.

2)When it's completely liquidized, add Essential oil of your choice, stir well, pour into a container, and wait until it cools down and solidifies. That's it! Isn't it so simple?

Fun part is that you can really make up your own recipe of lip balm. Beeswax could be replaced by cocoa butter if you like the scent and the emollient effect, and the carrier oil can be anything! Just one kind of carrier oil like apricot kernel oil? Sure! A mix of some oils to make it more original? Sure, why not?! Essential oils work the same way: Choose whatever you want as long as it's applicable to skin. All the ingredients should be available at natural grocery stores like Whole Foods but you could buy them online too.(FromNatureWithLove has got a plenty of everything!)


Woo Hoo! Here comes one more beautiful fabric basket!!!!

heartFabric Basket by Billie of Tweety's Nest

I am really impressed by so many creative and beautiful fabric baskets!
Thanks so much for making;)


  1. What a great little tutorial. I think I'll make my own lip balm too! Thanks for sharing :)

  2. ruby's daughter-

    Thanks so much for your nice comment! Please try making one. It's really easy and the quality is much better than ones out there at stores!

  3. I worked at From Nature With Love! That's so funny : )

    I make my own lip balm too...there's just no comparison to the waxy chapstick stuff after!

  4. ok...now I'm going to try this as well! You make it look so easy. Have you tried your own body scrubs yet? I have...and am addicted to them!

  5. Brianna-

    Wow! I never expected anyone who used to work for the company would read this post! Cool!! Maybe you've packed some stuff for me in the past;)

    I love handmade lip balm too. It's just super easy and a lot better!

  6. Julia-

    Please try making some lip balm! It could be addictive too! I think I've tried facial packs with many things like avocado, yogurt, and bananas but not really scrub.. Do you use sugar? I should try that too!

  7. Yep.. I use brown sugar with almond oil & some of my fave essential oils..mainly lavendar & sandalwood. My feet love it!

  8. Wow..I've just looked at the blog for From Nature with Love & can't wait to try their scrubs..what about the "Candy Cane Sugar Scrub" & the "Patchouli Cupcake Body Polish"...they sound more yummy to eat than use on the body!

  9. Julia-

    I LOVE lavender&sandalwood! That's my favorite combo of E.O.! Isn't the site so awesome? I know there are so many yummy recipes for facial packs/scrubs. I have to try some soon.. my skin hasn't been friendly recently..

  10. This is great! I never thought of making my own lip balm but this looks easy and fun to do.

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