Thursday, May 29, 2008

Before and After : My Ironing Board

If you have seen any of my sewing tutorials, you might have noticed how icky yucky my ironing board was... It was quite terrible. I got it from a thrift store for $2 or something in Seattle a couple years ago and burned the surface with an iron like a million times.

I never liked how this looked, but it is so wee that it's easy to use and store. I've wanted to change the fabric used on the ironing board so bad but it literally took ages for me to take an action. But anyway, this is what I did.

I got rid of the top fabric cover. That felt really good when I threw away the dirty burned fabric. Yay!

Using a staple gun I attached this heat-resistant fabric. I think this can be found at any local fabric stores like Joann and Hancock. Then on top of it, I attached one of my favorite Amy Butler fabrics in the same way...

Tada!! Isn't it just amazing?! Just the top fabric..which has been changed..but now I LOOOVE this ironing board!!! I used to store it in the closet so that I didn't have to see it besides crafting time but I think from now on I am leaving out somewhere around my sewing space because it looks so pretty that it could be a part of decoration that I am working on right now. I am so impressed by what fabric can do for you.


I also made another little nice change.. Look at the address bar above on your computer! Do you see that you don't see the blogger mark anymore next to the html address but you see...

Pink penguin mark! I've wanted to do this but finally figured out how to do this today. If anybody is interested, I can sometime write about the tute on it.It's super easy!


Work in progress...

I am planning to make a new sewing tutorial for this blog. This is a little sneak peak!

Thanks for reading!


  1. You've inspired me to change my ironing board fabric as well...I just need to purchase some. Love the Amy Butler fabric you chose. Can't wait for your new tutorial!

  2. Yes, a tutorial on how you got the cute pink penguin up there please :o)

  3. Your ironing board looks great! I've been meaning to change my fabric for, oh, a couple of years now lol. Thanks for reminding me how easy it is!

    I would love it if you did a little tutorial on how you got the pink penguin up there!

  4. I didn't see the pink penguin:0(

    cuuuuute ironing board!!!

  5. That fabric is perfect for your ironing board! I'm eagerly waiting for your next sewing tutorial!

  6. Must be ironing board re-cover season! Yours look great! Puget Sound Sewing and Crafts blog posted re-cover instructions yesterday, too. Check it out!

  7. Thanks everyone for your sweet comments!

    Shimmy shake-

    My new tutorial should be up within a week or so..I hope you'll like them!


    I wrote the tute tonight, but sorry in advance because I really don't know if that could be clear for non-blogger users..!


    I know! It took me about 2 years too to really change the cover. but I can promise that it's really worth it to take an action!


    I wonder which web browser you use. Is it IE 5.0 or below? that's the only ones I know won't work..

    Ruby's daughter-

    My tutorial should be up sometime next week;) I hope you'll like it!

    Annette Millard-

    You are right! The girl of Puget Sound Sewing & Craft did the same thing as me on the same day! Cool! Changing it really makes you feel good!

  8. Ooh, please tell me how you made that cute browser icon thingie...I have been meaning to make one of those for The Make Lounge site for AGES!

  9. Jennifer-

    Did you get to the the next posting where I wrote a tute on it? ;)


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