Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

cute things

Happy Mother's Dayheart Living apart from both my mom and American mom, the only thing I could do was to send them gifts to show my appreciation for all the supports and sweetness they have given to me, but I hope they are having a great Mother's Day.

The pics above are something I found in a Japanese online shop. I don't remember where I found these, but I thought they are exceptionally adorable;)


Plastic Bag Dispenser

I've finished this project: my 9th plastic bag dispenser! This is a plastic bag holder for the kitchen. This was made for a custom order. My customer asked me to make this using green and blue fabrics, and this is how it turned out. When I thought about the colors, this vintage fabric (house print) was the first design that came to my head, so starting with that I decided other fabrics to go with that could make the vintage fabric stand out.

plastic bag dispensers

These are other plastic bag dispensers I've made in the past for custom-orders. Making these are fun for I love trying patchwork in many different ways.


I am so delighted that some crafters used my tutorials!
Look at these beautiful works!

heartWetbag by frenchtoastcake
heartPatchwork Basket by Mymsie
heartFabric Basket by Small Treasures

Thanks for making and sharing with me;)
Did you make one too? Don't be shy! I would love to see yours!

Thanks for reading!


  1. Hi Sweetie,
    I love the fabric basket you made for me! It is just the right size to keep by my sewing machine to catch all the little loose things I am using on current projects, bobbins, seam ripper, etc. Now I don't have to crawl on the floor chasing things that roll off as soon as I set them down. Thank you.
    I visited your Itsy shop, but I don't know how to order from it. I would really like to get a springtime bag made, with green in it. My old purse is a little too small and doesn't have a shoulder strap. Let me know about that, ok?
    Have a good week, Love, Kim

  2. love the fabrics you used for your bag dispensers, they look great!

    found your site from craftzine :)

  3. Kim-

    Thanks for your sweet comment again;)
    I'm so glad to hear you enjoy the basket. Using it to organize little things for sewing projects sounds really good, so I should make one for myself for that. Sure I would love to work on a green bag for you;) Thanks Kim!

  4. kawaii crafter-

    Thanks for visiting and leaving me a comment;) Your ctafts are very kawaii;)

  5. I love these dispensers.. do you have a turtorial for them? I would love to make one for my kitchen.. and I would gladly give you a shout out on my blog as the source of the awesomness.. I am going to make the fabric bag this weekend hopefully if i have time. tune in for details.


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