Monday, May 12, 2008

Faves on Etsy

My Finals are coming up, but I can't resist posting something to give my day a little lift. I am still really excited about this new blog. I even feel like my life has been better since I started this.. Overreaction? well, I just can't resist. Let me procrastinate for a quick moment.

These cute things are my recent favorite items on Etsy that have been enticing me.
Aren't they so pretty?! Many owls, birds, retro... YES! I love these themes.


Again, my sewing tutorial is up on Craftzine! That made my day a big time;)
I'm trying to come up with some original, creative, but simple and practical sewing projects that I can show the tutorials of here. Hmmmm...what is it...

Oops, I better stop escaping from the textbook.

Thanks for visiting and reading!!


  1. Ayumi, just wanted to tell you I do love your blog :) Yay for creating stuff! And good luck on finals...

  2. Lin-

    Thanks so much for your sweetest comment;)you made my day!

  3. Good Luck on your finals!
    I had mine last week! Glad to get the semester over with!

    I started sewing the fabric basket last night!
    Its not perfect but so far it looks good to me! The instructions are so easy to understand!

  4. Alicia-

    Thanks for your comment!
    So glad to hear you tried the basket too! You're very creative so I'm sure yours turns out very cute! I would like to see your basket;)


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