Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Little Surprise


We had no knowledge whatsoever about growing herbs but planted some kitchen herbs since our friend gave us everything we needed to start it. I have never been good at taking care of plants, but it sounded fun to grow herbs indoors. I was really happy today to find out that several seedlings of parsley came out today!! Hooray! So excited for them to grow bigger!! Is taking care of parsley easy?

Here is another fantastic basket!

heartLinen Fabric Basket by Lucy's Tales

Thanks so much for those of you who used my tutorials;)

Thanks for reading!


  1. hi!

    I stumbled upon your page through craftzine, and I must say, you're so adorable! I just started a blog too, but it's nothing special yet! I really look forward to more amazing tutorials from you:0)

    have a nice day!

  2. Alisa-

    Thanks so much for your warm comment and listing my blog as one of your favorites. Opening up a new blog is so much fun, isn't it?! I look forward to seeing your crafts, Alisa!

  3. Can't wait to try some of these tutorials, you are so kind to share with us. i wekk post your site on mine thank you so much.

  4. Raising parsley? What with the internet these days, the little herbs practically raise themselves.

    Nice blog. I came here via Photojojo.

  5. Parsley can just about grow itself!

    I love your blog... it's very pretty. :)

  6. Ginger-

    Thanks so much for listing my blog on yours;) I'll make more tutorials! Thanks!

    Anonymous and crystal-

    Thanks so much for your advice on growing parsley. I guess I don't have to do much work then. Thanks!


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