Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Thanks to all

I'm so glad that I can finally sit down, relax, and update my blog. For the last few days I was totally overwhelmed with the preparation for my presentation, which I just got done with. I was dying to say something on my blog, because a lot of great things happened to me. Now that I am done with the stressful schoolwork, I can spend some time to write here. Hooray! Anyway, these are what happened..

1) I participated in SMS Tutorial Contest and submitted this my very first sewing tutorial. (Can be seen here).

2) Surprisingly, Craftzine put the link to the tutorial too on their blog here.

3) A lot of visits and sweet comments!

I was so happy to see my tutorial's link on those blogs. I love those blogs. The first thing I do in the morning is to check their pages to see what's up. I used to subtly enjoy reading their daily crafty news that always inspired me. I never thought about seeing what I made especially on Craftzine. I really did say "Oh My Goodness!" when I saw my little camera case on such a famous blog.

Because of the help from those two very popular craft blogs, a lot of people visited my blog! Yeah! When I just started this blog, there used be about 5 visits per day, and I knew exactly who they were: Me from home, me from school, my boyfriend from work, and some of my friends who I specifically asked to visit here. lol.
But now the total visits hit over 1000!! It's like I made a huge jump! I am so glad that some people discovered this blog from all over the world. The comments I've received are so sweet too. It really does cheer me up when I read comments from you guys. Thanks so much for Sew Mama Sew! and Craftzine and all those people who were curious enough to visit here and, of course, all of you who gave me comments. Thanks a million !!

Alright, too much talking.
I don't have a new sewing project to show here today, but I have this.


Isn't this apron pretty? This is from Paper Source 2007 Holiday catalog.
I love the combination of these spring color fabrics. There are other versions too, but this is by far my favorite.

Hopefully, I'll show my newest project here next time.

Thanks for reading!


  1. Well, it's great that you are being recognized. I must admit I came across from Sew Mama Sew & have bookmarked you as I really like your blog. You sound like a very happy person who enjoys craftwork & life & I hope to see more of your fabulous work! Julia

  2. Julia-

    Thanks so much for your sweetest message! You sure made me smile big time;) ;) ;) I'm so glad someone like you found this blog!


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