Sunday, May 4, 2008

Thrifted fabrics

Thriftted Fabrics

Great finds at a thrift store! My expectation for the store was quite low, since most of my friends who grew up here in San Jose didn't even know about this particular thrift store. The thrift store I went to for the first time after moving to this city really disappointed me. Things were overpriced and nothing interesting was there. I tried more stores but none of them were as good as the ones I used to go to all the time in Seattle. I kinda lost hope in thrift stores here, but I had some sort of urge in myself to look for vintage stuff because of the inspiration from all the great thrifting stars like Apron Thrift Girl and artsy-crafty babe. So, I decided to stop by a thrift store I had never been to before.

It was a fantastic decision! Look at these retro fabrics! When I found these, I could even hear my heart beating. My favorite is this skyblue one. It has beautiful pink rose print. It reminded me of Amy Butler's and Heather Bailey's designs. They sure get designing ideas from vintage fabrics, and I love that! I think I am back to a thrifting girl. I remember the lessons I learned from my experiences in Seattle that thrifting requires patience. I am super excited about exploring more thrift stores around here.


I was busy yesterday working on Mother's Day gift.

It takes about a week for an airmail to arrive in Japan from America, so I knew the latest I can send a gift for mom would be this coming Monday. I couldn't think of anything she might enjoy besides flowers, but I'm tired of getting her flowers every year, so I made this little fabric basket. This thing is cool.

Can be used for storing some food...

Or maybe a little penguin can rest in it.

I might write a tutorial on how to make this fabric basket!

Thanks for reading!


  1. There's nothing like a great thrifting find! And I really love that bunny fabric you've lined your cute basket with.

  2. -The queen of fifty cents-

    Yes! Thrifting really brightens out lives! I like the rabbit too;)
    Thanks for your comment!

  3. This is a great fabric basket you made....I'd be interested in a tutorial if you were planning it!!-Julia

  4. Love the fabric basket! So cute!

  5. Julia-

    Thanks for the encouragement!
    Now I feel like I am writing the tutorial;) I'll do it soon. Thanks!


    Thanks, Alicia!

  6. AWESOME basket. I wish there was a tutorial on how to make it...

  7. Anonymous-

    Thanks for your comment and encouragement for me to write a tutorial. I will update a tutorial soon;)

  8. Those fabric finds are excellent. I cannot wait to go thriftin' again. The bag is super cute too. ~jen~

  9. The Jen-

    Thanks for your comment!
    I think I got lucky with this fabric finds. I love all of these!

  10. Muito obrigada por compartilhar este - Eu não posso esperar para fazer uma!

  11. What a great basket! I would use It for getting eggs from my chickens. I haven't visited thrift stores because I didn't know they had fabric. I need to start looking here in the Placerville area. There's a great store in San Jose where my daughter in law goes called Fabric 4 Us. If you pay cash you get a discount. They have many types of fabric.

    1. I hope you'll find great fabrics at your local thrift stores! I have been to Fabric 4 us a few times.. It was such an inexpensive craft store! I picked up some 20 cent/yard rick rack tapes ;)


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