Saturday, April 26, 2008

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My recent favorites

I promised some people that I would put up some pictures of Joe (my boyfriend) here, but today was one of those days my camera is not being nice to me.. All the pictures I took for the hope to show here turned out too blurry. Photoshop didn't help. I gave up. But instead, I put up my recent favorite finds on flickr!

I love flickr. I have to visit the website as many times as possible throughout the day . This is a perfect place for me to find inspiration for my craft ideas and learn to take good shots.


Sewing wise, I have the long list of what to make in my head, but I think I have to stay away from my sewing machine until this coming Wednesday, when I have a presentation in one of the classes I'm taking. I am really not looking forward to it, but I can't wait for a trip to a thrift store that I am planning to go on right after the presentation. Wish me luck to pick up some goodies!

This is what I found at a thrift store in Seattle and I treasure it.
100% Linen: made in Ireland.

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  1. hey ayumi, nice find from the thrift store. You have a good eye for thrift store goodies, so you should try yard sales as well.

  2. Thanks!
    It's a Yard sale season, huh?
    We have to get busy!

  3. Hi Ayumi,
    Good luck on your presentation this week. I know you will do well. Is your new item a tea towel? That's so funny, because I have been collecting tea towels. I get them from thrift stores, but the best ones are from yard sales. I have some from different vacation sites like Yellowstone National Park and some old ones that have pictures and yearly calenders on them from the 70'. They are so colorfull, they brighten up my kitchen. I really like your blog. It is so easy to stay in touch, particularly now that I have a computer that actually works like is should! Have a good week, sweetie. Love, Kim

  4. Kim-

    Thanks for your comment again! I didn't know that you are collecting those kitchen towels! I would LOVE to see those when I go to Yakima next time. I am not collecting them,in other words, I can't mind more..Thrift stores here are so boring. I miss thrift stores in Seattle a lot. I hope you are having a great week, Kim;)


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