Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas = KFC

Secret make #2

Here is a little sneak peak of my second and sadly possibly last 
Christmas gift from me this year. (Can you still call it a sneak peak 
when you show 90% of it? lol)  I totally underestimated how fast time flies.
 I was told at the post office that it's too late to send Christmas
gifts overseas via standard airmail now. So my gift list went from 20
to 2 since all my recipients-to-be live overseas. So sad, but
this is a great lesson - I will start VERY, VERY early next year! 

Christmas is not celebrated in the same way in Japan, so there is
no gift exchanges between family here usually. (I have never given Christmas gifts
to any of my family, nor received one, but we have a perfect relationship :) )
Christmas is rather a romantic day for couples and people
enjoy a nicely decorated cake and KFC. 
Can you imagine what Joe's reaction was like when 
I told him we have to order KFC for Christmas this year? haha
He said he would accept the idea if and only if he could
have eggnog, which is basically impossible to find in Japan.
Thanks to Krista for pointing out to me that I could make it at home.
Well, I might have to do it so that we can have KFC!

Oh the winner of Kerry's Candy Cane pattern is
**nicke... of kiss kiss......Quilt!
Congrats, Nicke! I will contact you soon ;)

I hope your holiday making is coming along and you are 
enjoying every step of it! 


  1. KFC? Really? That's funny! Whatever excuse to spend time with a special someone is fine by me. Hey with the addition of eggnog it could be a start of a new tradition. ^__^ Merry Christmas to you and your family!

    ps... my holiday making is a total bust this year. I'll make it my New Year's resolution to start early and plan it better. Oh well!

  2. Hi! That is really wonderful ... hmmm sneak peak! I wish you wonderful Christmas! x Teje

  3. Well chicken is sort of close to turkey! What a cute house there, I am still making stuff for family, I'll be sewing on the 24th at Midnight I guess. Congrats to Nicke- I will email her, I know Nicke!

  4. KFC for Christmas? I never would have guessed that would be a tradition! But I do love that you don't exchange gifts in Japan. It's so engrained here in the US, and I'll admit it's fun, but it would be so nice to be able to focus solely on spending time with loved ones.

  5. Congrats to my friend Nicke, and my condolences to Joe!
    Don;t tell him I bought a can of Eggnog for my Dad at an import store this afternoon - we have never had it - it's like something out of the movies!
    Great 'peak' x

  6. hehehe!! KFC, cake and eggnog!! I wonder if hubby would be ok with cake and eggnog for dinner!!! I think that sounds yummy!

    I do lots of baked goods and candies for Christmas gifts and only a few handmade things. I still run out of time though =P

    p.s. It's still a sneak didn't show the whole thing lol!!

  7. Congratulations to Nicke! Egg nog is pretty easy to make and homemade is so much better then store-bought a tradition is a tradition!

  8. KFC? How funny! I love hearing about various traditions. Your potholder is sweet.

  9. So cute! Your patchwork is always so perfect! And I remember going to a KFC when I was in Japan. There was a life-size statue outside of Colonel Sanders sitting on a park bench. Hope your holidays are filled with wonderful traditions!

  10. Its funny how christmas traditions differ across the world... we dont really do eggnog here in the UK, I wonder what it tastes like?! KFC would be totally banned too by the way, although once we did have a Chinese banquet for christmas dinner instead of the traditional turkey!

  11. Hee hee, I can't really see the connection between romantic couples day and KFC but it is certainly entertaining!
    Love the potholder Ayumi, and I am so with you on starting EARLY next year!

  12. Ha, I hope your KFCs are nicer than ours! Always fun to hear others' traditions.

  13. Yeah, those postage dates always get me (and I always employ a rather optimistic approach to the *real* last date, which works about 90% of the time)

    I'm laughing at the KFC though (although I think that would be my nightmare meal right up there with the turkey) but for heavens sake, just don't dunk it in the eggnog... ;o)

  14. Do you know how the KFC tradition started? What kind of cake? I like the part where you don't have to get stressed out about preparing all of the meal!! What a great tradition for Col. Sanders!

  15. Well time to start a new tradition!! If it is with loved ones it will be wonderful!

  16. That's hilarious! The original KFC was started in my hometown (there's a small museum there and everything), so we've had many a family celebration involving KFC, lol!

    Can't wait to see the rest of your mystery gift - I'm sure it will be adorable like all the other things you make :)

  17. Stunning gift A! A KFC on Christmas day sounds like a refreshing change from turkey! Enjoy! Jxo

  18. oh, that is a tragedy about the shipping! you must have been so sad. (hugs!) That was news to me about KFC and Japan. Wow. No cooking, I love it! Merry merry Christmas and enjoy your KFC!

  19. That is a funny little quirk- KFC for Christmas! Fun though and no cooking. :)
    Congrats to Nicke!
    And Merry, Merry Christmas my sweet friend Ayumi!

  20. Yay Nicke!!! Merry Christmas and enjoy your KFC!!!

  21. That's funny! As late in the game as I am, I am thinking that I'd like to follow the Japanese no-gift giving tradition. Do you think my friends and family will buy it?

  22. yay for me! i can't wait to tackle this pattern! and i love the potholder. i did have a huge finish this weekend but alas it was not a christmas gift... i have a stack of stuff to do in 6 days... i might need a little KFC to get me to the end of the list!

  23. Oh geez, KFC? My hubby is going to love this! I love your creations Ayumi :) Have a wonderful and romantic Christmas!

  24. Hi Ayumi

    That the baby Jesus to bring all good health, harmony, unity and joy. And a Happy new year

  25. Ah ah ah Que legal, mas aqui no brasil fazemos gemada em casa....
    2 ovos

    2 colher (sopa) de açúcar

    1 colher (sobremesa) de vinho do Porto

    Num copo junte as gemas, vinho do Porto, e misture muito bem com uma colher, até que as gemas adquiram uma cor esbranquiçada.

    Bata as claras em castelo e mistures-as devagar na gemada, assemelhando-se a uma mousse.

    NOTAS: o vinho do Porto poderá ser substituído por sumo de limão para servir a crianças ; a quantidade deste ingrediente pode ser variada a gosto.

  26. I lived in Thailand for a while and the Thai's thought that eating a turkey was awful ~ they consider it a lowly animal. But, they loved celebrating the idea of giving gifts at Christmas time and all the decorating!
    Hope you have a good KFC dinner and Joe has a good eggnog!

  27. Happy Holiday to you and your family,Ayumi! Thanks for all your patterns and beautiful work. I have made several of your sweet little patchwork baskets for gifts, and everyone just loves them!


  28. Oh, that's funny. I almost fell off my chair laughing! LOL. Poor Joe. I think a romantic couple's day sounds lovely. When in Rome... :-) Have a lovely Christmas!

  29. I've never had a KFC and I never had eggnog - am I missing out?!! Have a lovely Christmas!

  30. I just heard about the KFC tradition in Japan this morning. Apparently, it started with a television campaign back in the seventies, and it stuck!

    And yay for Nicke! She will make wonderful things with Kerry's pattern!

  31. Dulce Ayumi Que suerte para usted que no tiene que cocinar en Navidad .Aca en Buenos Aires ,me cocinare junto a la comida ,por las temperaturas agobiantes.HERMOSA AGARRADERA.QUE SU AÑO 2012 SEA BELLO COMO LO QUE CREA.

  32. When a Japanese film crew was at our home filming a Christmas scene for an English language instructional series, I had to make a turkey dinner for filming and the crew's dinner. I bought a 26 lb turkey. The director nearly fainted when she saw it. They were paying for it and turkey is apparently quite expensive and hard to find in Japan. I paid about $45 for it, but she thought she was on the hook for about $300.
    We calmed her down and explained turkey is pretty affordable in Canada. I never thought of offering KFC...
    Merry Christmas and enjoy the eggnog!

  33. I'm so late with a few christmas present too.
    Don't worry Ayumi you are not the only one :)

    I already read about the KFC in japan.
    Christmas is always a big thing in germany. My MIL will prepare a big christmas dinner with a turkey.

    Wish you a super happy christmas !!!

    I really need to try eggnog one day :)

  34. LOL, I started my Christmas sewing in January and I was still cutting it close! Everything has been sent and rec'd except for one gift I sent to Canada 2 weeks ago still has arrived. :(

    Enjoy your eggnog and KFC! ina

  35. I love this potholder! I have made some of the things on my list but I think I was over ambitious when I made the list and now I don't have time to finish everything I wanted to. KFC for Christmas sounds good to me :) oh, but I would miss the eggnog! Poor Joe :)

  36. Love the sneak peak! Enjoy your KFC and have a Merry Christmas!

  37. Excellent stuff from you, man I’ve read your things before and you are just too awesome. I adore what you have got right here. You make it entertaining and you still manage to keep it smart. This is truly a great blog thanks for sharing.

  38. Cute sneak peak, Ayumi! ;)
    your little house is very pretty! Have a wonderful Christmas!

  39. That's such an adorable pot holder! I'm still cramming to finish my Christmas presents; luckily, the ones I have left are due on Christmas evening. :>

  40. So cute! I love all the things you make. I know to most westerners KFC sounds funny, but I remember living in Japan as a child and loving KFC around Chrstmas time :) I think it tastes much different than what we have here in the states. It's funny, too, because when I visit Japan I make a point to have KFC :)

  41. wow! KFC for Christmas?! well, some romantic time and a decorated cake sounds lovely. i hope your eggnog turned out. i've always been curious about making it.

  42. Yeahhhhh...This is mine ;)
    I'm soooo happy that the cute pottholder is living in my household now.

    Thank you again so so much <3

  43. Hi, I'm a beginner crafter Brazilian and I still work very simple, but I loved your works are wonderful and I will follow your blog for sure have a lot to learn from you. Congratulations. A big hug!
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  45. Ooh, all your patchwork is absolutely brilliant! So inspiring!

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