Sunday, March 6, 2011

Fabric Hauling in Japan #1


So I've come to realize that it would not be as
realistic as I expected to have a blogpost where I
have pictures of all fabrics and all zakka items,
given everything that needs to be in
have been listed. For a few reasons. For one, I am
sort of lost in the amount of fabric I brought from
Japan. For two, I am not the most organized
person. And for three, I am simply ready to sew up
something tonight for someone's birthday coming up soon.

For these selfish reasons, I decided to share with you
pictures of Japanese fabric & zakka over the span
of several blogposts. I will be adding some fabrics to
my etsy shop from time to time too in case you are
looking for some Japanese fabric to join your stashes.


The very first picture in this post is some cotton
print fabrics designed by Kumiko Fujita.
A fabric chain store called Yuzawaya had a quite
big selection of her fabrics that aren't very easy
to find in other fabric stores, so I went a bit crazy.

And these umbrella fabrics - could anything be cuter?!!
I am so madly in love with the print that I bought
it in four colorways! Okadaya is another fabric chain
store that has lots of cute fabrics. When I was living
in Tokyo 8 years ago, I used to live SO close to
a large store of Okadaya. Too bad it was until after moving
here that I discovered the joy of sewing and collecting fabrics.
I never cared to stop by the store once.


More small cut fabrics from Okadaya. I love this
store's small cut fabrics section. Each of these
measures only 35cm x 50cm (13" x 20"). It doesn't
make you feel too guilty to get one of these even
if you have no plan for the fabric :)


The fox and fruits fabric is soooo adorable.
The paris map print and the scallop print are
some of the fabrics I've wanted for a long time.


I'd seen the milk caps fabric online before,
but it was totally prettier in person!
I'm not sure if I can put it in use..


And these are small cut fabrics that I found
at Tokyo Quilt Festival. One thing I learned
about the festival is that you can find lots
of unusual fabric at pretty good prices! For
some reasons I thought I would see only new
fabrics sold at retail prices, but it wasn't true.


Many small cut fabrics that came from everywhere.
The drink fabric on far right is way too cute!


I have listed three different fabrics in my etsy shop
so far. This is from a collection called Cocochi E-style
by Kokka. I really like the soft feel and simple yet
cute print.


And this large strawberries print was totally irresistible.
Wouldn't it make such a cute curtain or apron or bag or..
pretty much every large project!


This is the fabric I knew I was getting a lot of
at first sight. I had never seen this Lecien linen
+ cotton blend print before. Love this so much.

As usual, let me know you came from here when
you snatch fabric from my store to receive an
extra little piece of fabric :)

Hope you had a great weekend!
Thank you for taking the time to read this :)


  1. My goodness, those little umbrellas are adorable!

  2. I love all your fabrics! i wish I could find here in Puerto Rico such random fabrics!

  3. Hi Ayumi! I just bought the Lecien fabric from your shop. I saw it here first! Thank you! ;)

  4. As always, so fun to read your posts and see what goodies you brought back from your travels. We've been dealing with some health issues in my family recently so haven't sent you a proper "thank you" for your lovely package! Everything is just wonderful and some have already been put to good use!

  5. Gorgeous- especially those strawberries!

  6. oh they are so fantastic...every piece of fabric.
    and i'm surprised...there are several german words printed on the last one by lecien. funny.

    best regards, doro K.

  7. oh what great finds! They are all so cute, I especially love the square calendar and the milk caps!

  8. wonderful fabric..
    hope its ok to post some of your tutorials on my blog...greetings barbara

  9. Lovely selection of to see what you found- I totally agree on the small cuts, very easy to justify!

  10. A great selection- lots I recognise, what beauties! I like little pieces too- it makes my stash seem bigger and more varied and is easier to store!

  11. Such lovely fabrics! I love the last one most, because the words are in German and it's so retro. :-)

  12. Qué envidia!!! Son TODAS preciosas. Un besazo y feliz semana.

  13. The pink fabric with the writing in the top photo is so your fabrics!

  14. ooo i Love these =D although just about any fabric is groovy in my book (^_^) I've just bought a fair bit myself, but they're small & yep! way easier to justify =P

    thankyou for sharing!

    Chloe x

  15. these are all so great! such fun to look to take a look at your shop :)

  16. I am living vicariously through your fabric purchases. They are the kinds of prints I would gravitate toward but not know what to do with. Thanks for sharing.

  17. ayumi! I think you need to open your own japanese fabric shop. :)

  18. WOW, a great selection of very cute fabric! I agree with Anna, you need to open a Japanese fabric shop!

  19. Everything you list is snatched up immediately!

  20. LOVE the milk caps, too! they are all so cute, but that one is indeed special Ayumi. I can completely understand that you would have a hard time using it!

  21. omg these were all SO cute & I missed them! You picked some SUPER great stuff...but now I'm curious about what your keeping for yourself!

  22. love your fabrics so much~~~~

  23. Hi ,dear Ayumi‐san
    I always enjoy your beautiful and lovely blog.
    Have a nice weekend you too :-)
    Thank you♪

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  25. Oh,sorry!!
    not weekend,i wanna say
    weekday :->

    See you soon♪

  26. Dang it....wa late getting to this.....awwww man..... Next time I will

    Shannon Margaret

  27. How wonderful! I love how cheery japanese fabrics are. The orangish rooster fabric is so far my favorite. Thanks for posting these!

  28. such lovely fabrics feel quite a bit of fabric envy right now :))

  29. Ayumi, I loved these fabrics, I hope regret that here where I live, has not that variety of prints. Hugs

  30. Great fabrics. I went straight to your store as soon as I read your blog but there was only 1 item left to look at! I will have to be quicker next time.

  31. I am very impressed with your views and interesting content. I hope you intend to continue writing more informational articles.

  32. That birdcage fabric is great! Very cute. :)


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