Monday, October 11, 2010

Fabric Talk

Hello everyone! I can't believe it has been over
two weeks since I posted something on my blog.
It seems that this is the time of the year when
life takes over a little and I can't blog as much
as I wish. I have been working on lots of sewing
projects these days but I can show none of them yet,
so in the meantime I want to share with you some
of the fun fabric I have gotten in the past month.


This is the vintage fabric that I found on ebay the other day
that I KNEW I would have to get! Mister Donut is
a donut franchise that you can find anywhere in Japan.
I have never seen a single Mister Donut shop here in
America, so it was surprising to find this being offered
by someone in Illinois. I googled and found that Mister
Donut was actually originally founded in th 50's in
America but was acquired by its competitor, Dunkin Donuts
20 years ago, so almost all the shops of Mister Donut
have changed their names to 'Dunkin Donuts'. How interesting!!
This fabric must have been produced to make something like
curtains or table clothes for the shops, but since it
lost its purposes, it was kept somewhere unused for decades.
Then it eventually decided to travel to join my vintage stash.
Welcome, Mister Donut fabric!! I love you so much!
Just looking at this fabric, I hear "♪Mister Donut♪"
in the head that I have heard over and over on
TV commercials, growing up in Japan.


This is another interesting ebay find.
You know how much I love fabric with writing
and kitchen- food- themed fabric, so I was
really excited to discover this guy. The salvage
says "An original Home Yardage Design 'Australia
Fair'" so I am assuming that it was produced
for a fair in Australia where each of these products
were promoted. I am not sure how old this is. Do you
Australians have any guesses? I was a bit surprised
when I opened the package though, because this print
was about 10 times larger than I expected. I thought
I can cut out each label to make a small pincushion
but it is actually large enough to be a quilt block, haha.
I think I'll cut out those vintage looking words
and do some patchwork.


This is one of the fabrics I got from Japan last week.
It is from Cat and Dog Show collection by Lecien.
I hadn't seen this fabric before, so I am pretty sure
it is out of print already and is pretty rare now.
I bought more than I needed, so I listed a fat quarter
of it in my etsy shop in case you want it ;)


This is also must-be-out-of-print fabric from Lecien.
I found the pink one when I was in Japan two years
ago and I happen to have found it in different colors,
so I snatched them all! I love them. I also listed
a set of these three linen/cotton fabric in my shop.
(Sorry, it's sold out)


I have posted this in my flickr a while ago, so it
may not be your first time to see this, but I realized
I had never had a chance to talk about it here.
This is my first attempt to design fabric via Spoonflower.
I was very inspired by this picture posted by
Amy of Amy a la mode and thought how cool it would be
if there were fabric with the design like that.
So I took the courage to design fabric like that!
To tell the truth, I am very embarassed to share
this fabric with you when there are so many
awesome colorful fabrics with strong attention to
details in Spoonflower. I know that this is not
the prettiest fabric I have, but it is special
to me because I designed it :D


I took the liberty of throwing out random words
that just came to my mind when I was designing it.
You can tell how intelligent I am from those words
I picked, huh. It was funny when one of my friends
saw this fabric and told me "Wow this is good, Ayumi!
Although it was designed by a Japanese person,
there are no mistakes! Awesome!" I cracked up!

Oh what made me decide to talk about this fabric here
was that today I found there was one person who
purchased this fabric from Spoonflower!!!!! Oh my
I was sooooo pleased!! And I thought that there could
possibly be somebody else out there who would like the
fabric also..? And if you happen to be the one, (Really? Thank you!)
it is available here at Spoonflower's website.
I'd be super thrilled if you made anything with it
for both personal and commercial purposes :D

Hope you all have a great day :)


  1. Love the fabric -- it looks great!! The tiny penguins are just perfect. :)

  2. The Australian Fabric is not necessarily very old. the 'fair' part of the name is probably just a vague reference to the national anthem, Advance Australia Fair. The pictures are all vintage food labels (although some haven't changed much, like the vegemite and the Billy Tea and the Uncle Toby's), but the fabric may not be vintage. There are lots of 'Australiana' themed fabrics about - some of them (MOST of them!) are really hideous!!! I'm sure if anyone can make them look good then it's you Ayumi! :-)

  3. Regarding the "Australia Fair"

    I remember that fabric from when I was young, I think it might be from the early 80's, but the labels designs (All from Australian products) are from much earlier.

    I think the "Australia Fair" actually refers to our national anthem, "Advance Australia Fair"

    The Fair in this case means beautiful, attractive, fine, outstanding, and not a Fair you visit.

    This is the first verse.....

    Australians all let us rejoice,
    For we are young and free;
    We've golden soil and wealth for toil,
    Our home is girt by sea;
    Our land abounds in Nature's gifts
    Of beauty rich and rare;
    In history's page, let every stage
    Advance Australia fair!
    In joyful strains then let us sing,
    "Advance Australia fair!"

    The penguin fabric is lovely - the colours are very soft.

  4. Amy- Thanks for the inspiration!!

    Georgia and Claire-
    That is so interesting that the 'fair' doesn't mean the fair we visit here and the fabric is referring to the national anthem. Now I gotta go
    look for a YouTube video to hear how it sounds like! Thank you for the info!!

  5. What fun fabrics!

    I love spoonflower! I just entered my first fabric design contest there. :) Your first fabric design is really neat! I'd love to see more!

  6. The Australian fabric, and a USA friend made me a quilt of it has brands as they were in the late 40'50's as I recall.
    We have a Royal Melbourne Show in the State of Victoria.....other states have them also, and as a child my Father was a consultant for Southern Cross diesel pumps and windmills. Another very iconic brand to those on the land. We used to go to the show with him almost every day, and one of the treats was to go and have some hot Rosella Tomato soup. Their stand was not too far from where Dad was.
    Show bags back then showed off the food for the company and were not the commercial cash cows they now are...and usually useless. They made special small sized products so you could try them. Many places such as banks had free rulers and there were many free things that a child could collect. It was a magic time...long gone.

  7. i love the mister donut fabric..and i love mister donut's donuts...i was soo crazy over them when i studied in Japan..i bought their donuts almost every week!...

  8. The mister donut commercial makes donuts look so refined and pretty, I haven't seen anything like that in the UK. My brother especially liked the aussie brands fabric and you know how hard it is to find fabric for men! I'm going to use pieces in a Christmas cushion for him. Love the Japanese prints, all faded and soft colours

  9. The last two ones are lovely, can't wait to see what you're making out of these :)

  10. The Aussie fabric would be at least 25 years old - I remember buying it from the Home Yardage shop in Sydney when my daughter was very young - probably still have some lurking somewhere. I love the old advertising brands on it.

  11. Scottish Tablet!! You included Scottish Tablet in your fabric :D That did make me smile.

    You are having a blast aren't you!?


  12. What an excellent collection of fabric and its great to have some history with the vintage finds too!
    I spend so much time on Ebay, yet I never find these sort of goodies!
    Slightly jealous! :)

  13. all these fabrics are great!especially the one you designed ;)

  14. Hi
    I bought some of that Australian fabric maybe 5 or 6 years ago at Spotlight.. Spotlight = large fabric chain.. the labels are from advertising pre 1940's.. I think its super cute and one day, I might actually cut into it! LOL


  15. As the other Aussie have said, the Australia Fair fabric features household brands that will be familar to those of us who live Downunder, although some of the products originated in Britain. I've seen some of the motifs cut out and sewn on to apron bibs, which looked quite effective.

  16. I love the fabric you designed - you shouldn't be embarrassed at all!!! Thanks for sharing the inspiration behind it - very cool. Can't wait to see what secret projects you've been working on!

  17. Love the Mr. Donut fabric! I live in IL and remember getting donuts there as a kid.

  18. Great design Ayumi!.. hopefully you can design more in the future and I am sure you'll be a great one! :) By the way, The mister Donut fabric is TOO CUTE!

  19. Hi Ayumi,

    I love your tutorials! These are very pretty fabrics. Love the donut, australian fair,..wait all of them. You have a great eye for fabric.

  20. Nice! Those fabric design looks perfect and very comfortable.

  21. Hi i love your blog!
    kiss from Italy!

  22. I catch you from Los Angeles and love the fabrics, the projects and the ideas you have on your site.
    In LA the mecca for fabric is 9th and Maple downtown. If you can imagine it in fabric they have it and at a great price. Store after store of fabric and notions.
    Love the fabrics you shared here.

  23. The fabric you designed is adorable! The tiny penguins are so cute!! Great finds for future projects :) I didn't know Dunkin Donuts was Mister Donut at one time.

  24. My mum and her best friend used to applique all the labels on the Australian Fair fabric onto sweat shirts and tshirts when we kids. I think I had a dress with vegemite labels on the front as well. We were very cool.

  25. I love, love, love all the fabrics you mentioned here! The Pink Penguin fabric is soooo fun and inspirational! I mentioned about you and your fabrics on my post today... Thank you so much!! You are just too awesome!!!

  26. I grew up in Miami, FL and there was a Mister Donut in the Westchester shopping center! Later on when I was in Jr high, I met the girl whose parents owned the store! :)

  27. Thank you, everyone!

    Wow that's just amazing you know someone who owned a Mister Donut in Miami!! They might have seen this fabric :D

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  29. Hi, can I know where I can find the kitchen-food-Fabric design? I really want it badly

  30. I love all the dressmaking fabric in your collection especially the one you got from Japan, it's very cute.


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