Monday, September 13, 2010

Stitch Fall 2010


Hello everyone! It's been a long time, hasn't it?

I'm sorry I had been away for such a long time.
I never meant to be gone for this long
but life has taken over a little. I feel like
there are too many things I want to share today.

I could talk about how nice it was to have my friends
over from Japan and to visit lots of places
with them like Napa Valley. I could talk about
how much fun it has been to be a part of the
Ringo Pie flickr group that Penny of Sewtakeahike
and I started with super creative folks. I could
also talk about fabulous surprise packages I have
received in the past few weeks. And I could talk about
how my sewing projects have been progressing, but you
know what,I think I need to make this post short
because I have to finish up this post before
this little boy who's taking a nap wakes up.

Ok, so let me focus on one topic today.
How about me talking about the new Stitch
magazine that came out very recently?!

Stitch Fall 2010

I am super duper lucky to have my projects
published in the magazine again!!!

Stitch Fall 2010

These are made for the theme of the magazine
called "One yard gifts to sew in one afternoon."
Yay, so they can be made if you have just one
yard of kona fabric (that is usually available
at local craft shops like Joann) and some
small fabric scraps and interfacing in your hand.
I think this project gave me a great chance
to use up my fabric scraps that I truly love.
I would like to thank erica of Crafty Blossom
who had given me the fabric I used for "G"
for Grandes (meaning 'big' in French) and
Mary who had kindly shared with me the feedsack
I used for "S" for Petites (small in French).
Moyoness is medium in French if my online search
for these words was successful. I thought about
using Japanese words for them but they aren't nearly
as pretty (大 中 小) -----> ouch!
so I pretended I knew some French.

Stitch Fall 2010

This is a linen bag that was also for the
one yard theme. And once again I want to
thank erica because her fabric appears
at the binding of the side pockets ;)
Erica, I am just in love with your fabrics
in case it's not obvious, lol.

Stitch Fall 2010

I picked Joe's niece's name Sarah to embroider
on the pocket because I think her name is so adorable
and I knew that this bag would look very
good if a pretty girl like her carries it.
I am sending this to Sarah tomorrow. Kristina,
remember to send me a picture of her with this bag!


I must say that Stitch keeps blowing my mind
with just really unique projects and interesting articles.
There are so many great projects that made me itch,
but if I were to pick my favorite, I'd have to
select this plaid curves table runner by Kevin
Kosbab of Feed Dog Designs
who also made the fun slip cover on this
Stitch issue! How talented is he?

Oh and I had been wanting to share this with
you! I had a great pleasure being interviewed
by Stefanie Berganini, one of awesome Stitch
editors. If you are a little curious about
my sewing life and have some time to spare,
would you be so kind to take a little look
at my interview which you can find here in
Stitch's new blog?

Thank you for taking the time to read
this post ;) I'll be back soon :D

Have a great rest of summer
(or winter for some of you ;) )


  1. Congratulations on two more amazing patterns in Stitch, Ayumi!!! How fun!! I'm sure Sarah is going to love that handbag. I can't wait for the mag to reach Canada.

  2. Yay you're back, and wow do I like your projects. I really love that bag. Can't wait to check out the magazine.

  3. Oh wow. The nesting bags look so neat, but I don't think we get that mag in NZ. Do you think at some point you might be able to put a tutorial up??? Maybe once the mag has gone off the shelves though:) Love that you went out of your comfort zone and wrote on them in French! Ciao

  4. Thank you girls!

    Thank you but I don't think I will be able to show the tute here. If you are interested in purchasing this issue, you can buy it directly from the publisher here ;)

  5. Hi Ayumi, Congratulations on your wonderful success. The bag is fantastic and I can see lots of versions of those fabric baskets being made all over the world.
    Regards, Alison

  6. Ich gratuliere Dir.Super
    Ich als Taschen-Tante finde deine Seite immer sehr schön
    Liebe Grüsse Linda

  7. Congratulations Ayumi on both sets of patterns and a lovely interview. Stitch really suits your style and they photograph things beautifully.

  8. CONGRATS again you must be so chuffed!! looking forward to your next post as always x

  9. Congratulations Ayumi. That happiness that your creations publish and very nice the interview I liked to know more of you.
    Your blog is a place where I shelter and enjoy.

  10. Congratulations on your success! That's awesome!

  11. おめでとうございます!!! 素敵な作品です!!! ^^

  12. merhaba Ayumi, çanta ve bez kutular çok güzel . çok begendim.

  13. Congratulations! You're adorable and I'm glad you liked the fabric I sent :) I can't wait to try out that bag, It looks so structured and expensive and if this pattern is anything like the rest, it's going to come out perfect! Thanks for sharing...

  14. Congrats! I always love your stuff.

  15. Congratulations! How exciting!
    Your projects are adorable.
    I've never heard of Stitch magazine... but now I want some!

  16. Congrats! These projects all look wonderful!

  17. Congratulations!!! So exciting! Your projects are always so cute and fantastic!! I thoroughly enjoyed reading your lovely interview! So sweet!!

  18. Congratulations again! How exciting....and I love that bag!! x

  19. Can't wait to get my hands on the magazine! Your bag is great, I might even get enough courage to try making one.
    ; )

    Loved reading the interview!

  20. Congratulations! Your designs are great! The fabric baskets are so pretty, fun and humorous! The pretty scraps really pop against the background!

    The bag is also really lovely, I adore the simple shape and neutral fabric with those sweet patchwork and embroidery details!

    I also really enjoyed reading your interview! It's always great to read about people's creative process!

  21. Great interview-I saw the magazine yesterday and saw your bag in it :)

  22. Love the interview Ayumi! It's great to get to know you a little better :-) Congrats on another VERY successful Stitch issue! You are just full of fantastic ideas!!!

  23. Hello,
    I'm a big fan of your work, and follow your blog for some time.
    Your tutorials are my favorites: ever so well explained and with great pictures.
    Congratulations on these beautiful works published in Stitch.
    With so many beautiful things to show, you really deserve to be there!
    Thanks for sharing so much with us.

  24. Congratulations Ayumi! I love your projects in Stitch magazine (my favorite sewing mag) so beautiful - really like the use of zakka inspired word fabric and hand embroidery in the bag.

  25. Well you just gave me a reason to buy the fall issue! LOVE that bag!
    I loved your patterns in the last issue, yours and Beki Lamberts were the only reason I bought the issue!

  26. Thank you so much girls! You guys make me smile!!!

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  28. where can i get a pattern for this bag! i LOVE it!


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