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Tutorial: Lunch Bag

Lunch Bag - tutorial coming soon ;)

Thank you for encouraging me to write up a tute on
this lunch (bento box) bag! I really like this bag
pattern because this bag, measuring approximately
9"(width) x 7 1/2"(hight w/o handles) x 5 1/2" (depth),
can be used not only for bento boxes of any kind but
also for carrying little crafty projects like yarn +
needles. It has a cover inside that can give nice privacy
for whatever in there and the cover can also prevent
it from getting dusty in a windy day. It is much
sturdier and larger than
the fabric basket, so if you
found that your fabric basket was too small or too
floppy as a gift bag, this might be a good alternative..?!

As usual, I have tons of images to share each
step with you, so bare with me! There you go!!

We'll need these pieces of fabric,

I think the best type of fabric to be used
for the outer bag, rim and outer handles are
duck fabric, but if you'd rather use pretty
quilting-weight cotton fabric like I do,
remember to also get 1/2 yard of sturdy fusible
interfacing like
Pellon 809 Decor Bond.
I used vinyl-coated fabric for the lining
just so that when some food spills in the bag
from the bento box, I can still smile ;)
Hart's Fabrics has lots of cute vinyl-coated
fabrics FYI ;) ) Oh and you'll need 1 1/2 yard
of craft cord too.

As usual, all the measurement includes
1/4" seam allowances unless otherwise noted.
First, let's sew the two pieces for the outer bags
together by sewing the bottom edges. I used two
different fabrics for the outer bag just to make it
interesting. Well, in other words, I simply didn't
have enough of the Anna Griffin kitchen fabric
left over to get two pieces. Improvising works!

Then press seam open.

Since I am using cotton fabric for the
outer bag, I need to make it sturdier,
so I am using this interfacing measuring
17 1/2" x 12 1/2" here.

I am fusing it onto the wrong side
of the outer bag piece.

Then I fold it in half with right sides
together and sew these two short edges.

Boxing corners. We want to draw a line
where it's 5" from one side to the other.

Then cut off the corner. Just like you did
for the fabric basket, do this for the other
corner too.

And repeat the same process for the
lining. For the lining we don't need
interfacing though.

Remember how you had to leave an opening
when you sewed the lining for the fabric
basket? This time we can omit the step!
Isn't that nice?

Now let's move onto the handles.
This is again just like the handles you
made for your fabric basket, except..

the fact you need interfacing here,
if you are using cotton fabric for the
outer handles. Each piece of interfacing
measures 12" x 1 3/4".

Now we need to fuse each interfacing
onto the middle of the wrong side of the

Fold and press the long edges toward the middle,
fold in half, and top-stitch the long edges.
Repeat this for the other handle too,

so you'll have two handles.

Let's now make the rim that you'll
attach the handles onto. Since I am
using cotton fabric, once again I need
interfacing - this time each piece
measures 12" x 2 1/4".

We'll fuse the interfacing onto two
pieces of the rim like this.

Take one of them and mark at where
it's 4" from one side on the top
edge. Do this from the other side too.

Making sure that you place one side of
a handle at the mark (the mark will be
in the middle underneath the handle),
sew very close to the edge. Repeat
the same process for the other side
of handle.

Then we'll sew the top edges of these
pieces together with right sides together.

Repeating the same process for the
rest of the rim pieces will

create the other side of the rim!

Press seam open.

And now we'll sew these two
together like that.

And then sew the other short edges
together to create this loopy thing.

Top stitch the top edge.

And sewing very close to the bottom
edge will save you some time later on.

Aha! Now we have the rim + handles complete!
Lastly, let's make the cover.
Sew the short edges of the two pieces
with right sides together. Remember to
leave 2" unsewn at the top like this.

Added Note: This raw edges at the side edges of this
cover piece will be left unfinished in the lunch bag.
If you'd like no exposed raw edges at all, you could make
each cover piece 0.5" wider so that you'll be able to
double-fold the seams. (In this case, your seam allowance
will be 1/2" wide, and you'll press the iron to create
a double fold at each side edge seam.)


Press seams open as if the top
part were also sewn.

Now we'll sew onto the seams all the way
from the top to the bottom.

Then we will fold and press where it's 1/4"
from the top edge.

Fold and press it again - this time it's
3/4" from the top edge.

Now sew very close to the folded line
so that you have a casing for the cord.

Coming back to the main bag,
let's place the lining inside the
outer bag with wrong sides together.

Sew very close to the top edge.
It looks pretty nice; in fact, we could
just turn it into a big fabric basket by
sewing a bing tape at the top edge, huh?

But let me continue with the lunch bag
because that's what I started off with.
Now sew the rim to the main bag like this,
sewing very close to the edge again.

Now we'll sew the cover onto the main bag.
You can't see this in this image, but there
is a bag inside the cover. We are sewing
the top edges of the cover and the bag
together. This time though, we sew where
it's 1/4" from the edge.

Everything is connected at the top edge now.

It will look like this if you bring
the cover inside the bag. Fun!

Top-stitch here between the rim and the bag.

Added Note: If you do your top stitching more than 1/4" below the seam,
the raw edges will be completely encased under this top stitching.
Therefore, you'll have no exposed raw edges below the cover inside.


We're almost there; we just need to
Thread one cord through casing and knot ends
together. Thread second cord from a different
casing opening and do the same, just like
you did for
the patchwork drawstring bag!

Yay, that's it!

Lunch Bag Tutorial

Your lunch bag is complete!!

I can't wait to see your lunch bag
that you make from this tutorial,
so please post your completed lunch
bag picture in
this flickr pool :D

As usual, feel free to use this image
of finished lunch bag in your blog
and link to my blog (thanks!) but
please do not make sales off of any
projects made based on any of my
tutorials.. thank you ;)


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    Thank you! There are a lot of fabrics with writings on them in the American market. If you search 'word fabric' in etsy.com, you'll find lots of them ;) I usually get mine from a Japanese online shop like the shops listed in the right side but a lot of Japanese fabrics with writing can be seen in Etsy now ;) Hope this helps!

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    Thank you for very clear photos and directions. This was easy peasy to make.

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    very clear instructions and many pictures so helpfull !

    Charlotte (From France!)

  145. Thanks for the tutorial, I have done a few of them, I just posted a Tote that I made like this one.
    It is perfect, thanks again.
    Love, wanilza

  146. My second bag with 'improvements'. Thanks for the pattern.

  147. This comment has been removed by the author.

  148. Wow! I just found a bag on Pinterest on a ladies blog, she had used your tutorial and linked back to you. Thanks so much for the instructions!! I am definitely going to make this bag soon. I need something for my knitting needles.

    Thanks soooo much!

  149. j'ai réalisé un lunch bag

    1. i'am french
      my blog : mespoupouilles.canalblog.com

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  155. Where did you buy the calorie fabric please?

    1. It was Anna Griffin's fabric that is unfortunately out of print :(

  156. Excellent tutorial! About the best I've ever seen. Thank you.
    Ruth Root
    Amarillo, Texas

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  160. just made this. it's a really good size and i really like the drawstring part that provides the privacy, as you say.

  161. Hi Ayumi! I finished my son's lunch bag! If your ears are burning, this is why: http://www.freepatchworkquiltinfo.com/2012/07/2012-july-lunch-bag-link-to-awesome.html I was talking about you, hehehe :p BIG hugs, let me know what you think when you get a chance :-) Tiffiny

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    Thanks again!

  164. Thanks for sharing such a great tutorial! I saw your bag on pinterest and followed it back here. Like too many things on Pinterest, it took multiple steps to find the original, but it's worth it! I love making bags to give as gifts, because who couldn't use a new bag?! :) They're great for all ages. I really like that I can make this with a variety of fat quarters.

  165. Ayumi, I made another one of these awesome bags and another post about your free tutorial on my blog. Check it out when you get a chance :-) hugs, Tiffiny http://www.freepatchworkquiltinfo.com/2012/08/2012-august-another-lunch-bag-and-link.html#

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    Liebe Grüße

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    NuF (from Vienna/Austria)

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    Thanks for posting!

  169. Your tutorials are SO easy to follow. I love this pattern. I made one to carry baby food to school for my kids. I created a link back to this post from http://notyournormalsteam.wordpress.com/2012/08/31/never-say-never-bags/

  170. Thank you so much for your tutorial! It was easy to follow! I can't wait to give my mom her new lunch bag as a birthday present this week! =)

  171. I did do one adaptation to your pattern maybe worth mentioning... To avoid having the seams showing inside on the "hood" I cut four cover pieces instead of two. Sewed them first across the top seams and then while still laying flat doing the the sides (leaving a two inch opening at the top seam on each side). Then proceeded somewhat the same as you, pressing open the seams and stitching in place. Folding over the two layers back to back. A stitch very close to the top to hold in place and another under (the now one inch opening) all the way around (this becomes the place holder for the drawstring). Now when I attached the flap there were no seams showing from around the ring of the flap or down the inside sides. =) Plus I used your idea of top stitching the final ring 1/4 inch in so you could see those loose edges! I hope i explained myself properly. But that is why you have the amazing blog and not I! =) Looks good! Thank you thank you!

    1. Thank you so much for sharing your adoption here, Stephanie! You are so clever!!

  172. Thank you, Ayumi, for such a great tutorial!!! I made 4 of these bags to give as gifts, the most recent, out of my daughter's school uniform pattern for a school fundraiser auction item!! It turned out so cute!! I will definitely send you pictures of my bags. They are so much fun to make!!

    1. I am so glad to hear you were able to make bags for the fundraising purpose! If you have a flickr account, I would love it if you posted your bag picture here ;)

  173. Hi, I just love this bag. I have a shop on etsy and would love to add a few of these bags. I understand the 20 per month, and that's perfect. We make "one of a kind" creations and this can be in so many patterns. I have paid for the license and was wondering if it comes in the mail or emailed. I did purchase it on Sept 22, so I'm sure you haven't processed it yet. Wanted to make sure it didn't get lost in junk email if delivered that way. I do mostly floral creations but have added bags to the mix. They are such fun to make. Check out our shop www.theskrappery.etsy.com. Happy Creating.

    Thanks again
    United States

    1. I've already replied to your email, but thought I'd answer your question in case other people have the same question ;)
      As long as you purchase the license, you are good to go and start selling your lunch bags! I am sorry for the confusion. I'll figure out if there is a way to send a message right away from Paypal now..!

  174. Cute bag. I would to sell them arts and crafts show during Christmas holidays do I still have to purchase the licenses? How much is the licenses?

  175. My email address is vdnelson@spocom.com

  176. Hi Ayumills, how have you been. hope everything is ok. how much is the licenses? my email adressa is: fabiola@cargonave.com.br from Brazil . i did one and will send to you a photo as soon as possible.

  177. Found your tutorial today. Thank you, it's pretty nice!
    http://www.flickr.com/groups/pinkpenguin/ and www.bizbize.org

  178. Smart!!!! I might make some for Christmas gifts for nieces.

  179. Great! I love it! It's really easy to follow your tutorial and it's big enough for all of my lunch (and I take a lot!). Blogged here: http://tdcell.com/threadridinghood/wordpress/?p=309

  180. Hi Ayumi
    I am a complete novice when it comes to sewing but would really like to have a go at this cute little bag. I understand most of the tutorial but can I just ask - at the step where it says 'place the lining inside the outer bag wrong sides together. Sew very close to top edge' how do you get the neat finish? do you hem the edges before you sew them together? This probably sounds like a dumb question when you are such an expert sewer lol!!
    Sharon x

    1. Hi Sharon,

      No, it is not a dumb question at all! I am glad you asked because you probably aren't the only person who wondered about it! I used a lot of pins to hold the two bags together along the top edge when I sewed. If you are using any interfacing or lining that is too thick to use pins, I recommend you use glue to attach them first and then sew. Either way, the stitching will be hidden in the finished project, so I wouldn't worry too much about it if my stitching didn't come out nicely. Hope this helps ;)

    2. Thank you for your reply Ayumi. It makes more sense now! xx

  181. What a great concise and all inclusive tutorial--I had a blast making it -will post pictures. Thank You!!

  182. Fab tutorial, just knocked on up in 3 hours flat when I discovered my daughters old lunchbag had gone mouldy over the summer... School trip tomorrow hence emergency requirement for a lunchbag! I used mini bulldog clips to hold multiple layers of fabric in place, rather than pins - and it's better for oilcloth as pin holes don't show :-)

  183. I made 12 of these to take to a handmade swap party, and they were the supreme hit of the night! Thank you so much for the easy tutorial.

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  185. Great tutorial I love this so much and I can't wait to try it.
    Thank u..!!


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