Sunday, November 29, 2009

Puffy Pouch & Penguin Gifts


Hi everyone! I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving.
I went on a little trip to Santa Cruz with Joe,
and had lots of fun walking by the beach, listening
to sea lions and sea gulls, and being in some place different.

Thank you so much for those of you
who helped me find out what those frames are called.
I updated the previous post with the links to the
online shops you guys had recommended for me, so if
you happen to be looking for shops that carry the frames,
scroll down a little to get to the previous post!
I've already ordered a set of 5 of 5" flex frames from
ArtFire. I can't wait to get those
now that I love making these pouches!!


This one is for my friend's friend's B-day gift.
I think it turned out pretty lovely.
I was thinking that it might make an interesting pattern
if the opening part does not involve any gathering
but the shell part of the pouch has some
fun fabric hiding, which kinda pops up when the pouch
is opened or is filled with lots of stuff inside.
And I am in LOVE with this pattern that I came up with!!


Now I have lots of ideas for those flex frames and
I am dying to try out a bunch of things with different fabrics!


On a separate note, I want to thank some folks who were
extremely nice to have given me *penguin* gifts!
This is a handmade stamp from ako of BeachField.
She was so nice to custom-make this cutest stamp for me.
You can't see this in this picture, but a piece of
hand-curved eraser is attached to this wooden block on the back.
Isn't it indescribably adorable?! I've been using this stamp
to create my original linen coasters. During the winter
break, I might make a whole bunch of PinkPenguin coasters
for future gift ideas. By the way, ako is a really popular
stamp maker in Japan. Her first book came out pretty recently
and I was so happy to see her book in Kinokuniya in San Francisco.
Thank you so much again, ako!


What's been much loved here is this knitted pink penguin
that was in a surprise mail from AJ in Scotland.
I can't believe how thoughtful of her to knit such a
cute pink penguin for me and how professionally this is made.
The hat and the scarf are removable. You have no idea
how many times I've taken off the hat and put it back on.
This fits so perfectly that it gives me some therapeutic
feel to do this. I am really in love with this plush.
It sleeps next to me every night.
Thank you so much, AJ!!


Here comes another lovely penguin gift,
a bundle of penguin fat quarters from Carolyn in Arizona!
Penguin print fabric is so hard to find, and
finding a bundle of matching penguin print fabric
is like almost impossible! Those penguins on fabric
are so cute! I think it will make a nice boyish baby
quilt, but I can hardly ever think about cutting
any of these fabric. Carolyn is just so sweet.
The letter from her was so warm and touching.
Thank you so much, Carolyn!!


The last one is this very rare penguin rayon
fabric from Leslie of 36OldsGal
This is like everything I love combined-
Penguin + Navy + Pink + Dots/Circles.
Leslie has the best fabric selection and
I can't believe how generous she was to share
her precious fabric with me. Again, I don't
want to use it for my crafts yet.
Let me adore it for a while before putting it into use..
Thank you so much, Leslie!!

I've been thinking a lot these days about what is
important in my life and what is not.
I've realized that trying everything at once
doesn't work at all. At some points in life, I need to
give up on things and focus on what I can do now
to specialize in what I really enjoy. And what I know for sure
that I truly enjoy, besides friends and families is
crafting and blogging. I especially enjoy meeting
people like you guys who have the same interests
and who can mutually inspire each other.

I'm so grateful I've met such nice people who
have spent some time reading my blog, trying
out my tutorials, and letting me know that
they enjoy coming here. I feel like if I know
there were nobody to share my projects online,
my desire to get crafty might have been a lot less..
so if you are one of those who've been wondering
about starting a craft blog, please go for it!
How much the simple first step can influence
your life is like... amazing! Trust me!

I am so appreciative of the opportunities this blog
has brought for me. Thank you again for all the
beautiful and thoughtful penguin gifts!

Thanks for coming and reading!!
Have a wonderful week!

Note: The pattern for the knitted penguin is by
Jean Greenhowe



  1. Love your pouch! Made me wanna try flex flame^^
    And the stamp is lovely.. god ako's work is so detail!!!! I have to check her book out!!

  2. Those purses are just gorgeous and love the fabrics you have used

  3. I love the crochet penguin! It´s so cute!

  4. I love the pouch! How clever to have a handmade stamp, I need to look into ako's stamp book.

  5. My Thanks are to you for have such an inspiring blog. My grandgirls loved the reversible bags I made from your tut! Thanks again for being you!!

  6. I know a gal that uses old meausring tape (the kind that automatically rolls up inside a metal holder) for larger projects the way you are using the frames. I have seen the finished purse and it works well. Maybe you already knew this, but I just found out about it a few weekends ago and it is CHEAP to find old measuring tapes and there is a lot of tape in one!

  7. Your pouch design is SO CUTE!! And what lovely gifts...

    I really do enjoy coming here. :-)

  8. ooo, love the peek a boo design of the purse. A little smirk hidden inside.
    Thanks for sharing

  9. That was a lovely little link to cost

  10. I love all your creations, especially the pouch and the knitted penquins :)

    Best wishes from Russia

  11. Can we expect a tutorial sometime for the flex frame pouch? It's adorable! I love the pleating, it's really sweet. And the gifts you received are equally wonderful. Lastly, I am so glad that crafting and blogging bring you joy, because this is one of my favorite stops on the blog roll. Thank you for all of your tutorials, your impeccable taste and the inspiration you bring to so many!

  12. I love your new pouch with it's peekaboo fabric pleats. Your gifts are beautiful. Aren't there some lovely people out there. I'm glad you get so much enjoyment and satisfaction from crafting and your blog. Thank you for sharing with all of us.

  13. We should be thanking you for all your inspiration. You make such beautiful items, wonderful!

  14. I love the flexi frame pouch, beautiful - the perfect gift!

  15. Thanks for the inspiration. I'm sure your nifty little pouch made your friend's day. You are so thoughtful, that's why you attract thoughtful people.

  16. Super cute!! I have never tried using a flex frame but now I really want to :)
    -love the fabric choices and what a nice pattern!

  17. Wonderful gifts - and I think well deserved!
    LOVE your new little bag with the pleats -

  18. Thank you for making the purse! I really love it. =) (Yes, it was for my birthday, hehe!)

  19. oh my how cute is that knit penguin!?!? Fabulous! Love the flex frame bag too!


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