Sunday, February 1, 2009

Even more pincushions


Hi everyone. Thanks so much for wonderfully sweet
comments you guys always leave here for me.
I really love reading every one of them and appreciate
you taking time to visit my blog and leave comments/
e-mails. You always make my day!


I'm fully recovered now that it should be time
for me to get serious about studying. Having said that,
I've spent a lot of time in my crafting space this
weekend, just because I simply couldn't help it.


Balancing out the school work, my hobbies, and other things
isn't the easiest thing. But I know there are people much
busier than me but managing their time to have fun, so
I really want to learn to manage my time efficiently this semester.


My ideal week would include some sewing, relaxing,
studying (- not so much but unavoidable), and other
things -like households, babysitting, teaching
Japanese (Yes, I teach Japanese!) done efficiently.
Oh I have to start looking for internship too.


Phew! Busy Busy. But I like keeping myself busy.
I feel this great satisfaction when I know I can
get everything done.


Oops, too much blah blah blah. I have to talk about
pincushions don't I?! I've listed several more
pincushions in my etsy shop this morning.


This birdie one is already gone.
It was made for a custom order. Thanks ;) !!


This Japanese linen is another fabric I totally
forgot about. I think I bought it three years ago
in Japan. I liked it so much, but the piece of linen
became too small that it was hidden in between fabrics.


The greatest thing about making pincushions is that
I can make use of that kind of fabric - too small but too
cute to be unused. And it's such a pleasure
when you can find a use for it like that!


Lots of fun. Japanese linen fabric, American vintage fabric,
modern cotton fabric- they all get together make a harmony.


This is probably the simplest pincushion I've made.
I just love the different aqua colors together
and a little vintage flower fabric. Simply fun.


Pink x navy blue is another combo I love.
And of course, the addition of a little vintage and a
little English writing makes it perfect.


I seriously love this French newspaper looking fabric.
I think it's a blend of cotton and linen. I regret
not buying more when I found it in a small shop in Nippori.

*All pincushions are available in my shop*
Receive a small piece of Japanese fabric by
letting me know you came from here when you
purchase any items in my shop;)

Going to be my third quilt

Tired of looking at too many pincushions? How about this?
Bento box quilt is something I've wanted to make it for the
longest time. I am planning to make a quilt that measures
about 50" x 50", and it's going to be Joe's, so I am
restricting girlie pink fabric from the quilt.

Handmade gift from Bernie - Thanks!

Isn't it gorgeous? Bernie, who has been very supportive
of my craft business, was so nice to make me this kimono
coaster. What a nice surprise. I loooove it. I had to ask
her what kind of batting she used for it, because it is
made really nicely firm unlike my flimsy coasters I've made
a long time ago. She kindly told me that it is warm and
natural cotton batting. Thanks so much, Bernie.

Thanks for coming & reading!
Have a great week!


  1. Love the colors and use of solids in you Bento Box block. I made a bento box quilt...very girlie however and still in need of quilting.

  2. Aw, these new pin cushions are so cute! I love the brown ones with the bird in the center. What fun!

  3. Hi, I recently found your blog - your work is inspiring and refreshing - thankyou for sharing!

  4. such yummies! i love the start of your bento box!

  5. Those dear little pincushions are sooooo cute!
    Hugs - Lurline♥

  6. Looove your things!
    Ok, everybody have problems with time. Ok, i'm talk about me and you.

  7. Ooh, I love the bento box. That's a great square variation I haven't considered...I'll have to give it a try!

  8. Your pincusions are really pretty! i especially like the simple aqua one. Your blog is so nice to read, it always has lovely pictures.

  9. Everyone of those is so cute!
    How do you get the words to be so perfect to match the style? do you print them or find fabrics with them?

    love the kimono coaster!

  10. Those gorgeous little pincushions are so cute!
    Your Bento box will be lovely, I have made one and I love it!
    Julia ♥

  11. more lovely pincushions - they are so sweet! the coaster is just gorgeous! i dont know how you manage to fit everything in your busy schedule!


  12. oooh - the bento box quilt is fantastic! I can't wait to see it finished. You're inspiring me to make a quilt for my hubby... now I just need to find the time!

  13. that is the 'cutest' coaster!!....i love the bento box but haven't made one's on my list...i really like your smooth looking solids you chose!

  14. love your colour choices...they work so well together...
    question:i don't know much about japanese craft books except i love the front cover pictures...can you surgest a seller that gives a bit of a discription of what projects are inside and whether they are translated or not...i'd love to buy one as the projects look amazing...

  15. Your Bento box quilt is going to be gorgeous! The pincushions are so unique, very nice. Good luck balancing your time.

  16. Thanks so much for everyone for your lovely comments!!

    Carol in Sweden-
    Some of the fabric with writing is what I print out by myself, but most of the fabric is what I found at fabric stores. If you're interested in fabric with writing on, I recommend you try printing at your home. It's easy and fun ;)

    Unfortunately I don't know any sellers that sell Japanese craft books with translation, but there are some sellers of Japanese craft books on Etsy. They have a few pictures of some pages inside.
    I hope this helps;)

  17. the birdie one was my fave, lucky person who got that! They are all lovely though!

  18. Everything is so beautiful!! The cushion with the birdie is indeed the best, I think. The brown colour is perfect too, but the aqua one is also great.. and the... and the.. (so all are great!!).
    I know the feeling of getting balance in your life. It's hard but it's good to be aware. Your one of few.. Good luck with finding the right balance!!

  19. nice viewing. Love all the teeny tiny bits of fabric that you just have to keep and it's nice to use.

  20. Thanks everyone!

    Thanks so much for your sweet comments, mau! I am working on some projects although I am super slow. I am feeling much better now. thanks ;)


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