Monday, June 30, 2008


Things I've sold in my etsy shop

These are the things I've ever sold in my etsy shop. Looking at these items I made with love and knowing that they are being loved by the people who were so nice to purchase them make me simply smile big time. It's even therapeutic. I knew about Etsy from a long time ago but it took me a lot of courage to start opening my store there, just because I wasn't confident if anybody would be interested in my handmade items. But I can really tell that it was an absolutely right decision to open up my store. I really enjoy making things for sale as well as encountering people there who value "Handmade" as much as I do.


little drawstring bag

This idea came across my head last night... "another tutorial?!" I had a go at making it very quickly, being excited to see how it would turn out, but hmmm... probably it's not worth making a tutorial, I thought.

little drawstring bag

The fun part is the bottom which is a square consisting of 4 triangles all touching each other. The slanted piecing parts are interesting too, but something about this little bag doesn't allow me to fully approve. Well, it's ok. It was just an experiment..;)

I'd been working on small projects a lot recently, so I am now feeling like trying something big. Quilt? A big bag? A big toy..? Sewing is so much fun!

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  1. I have just found your blog for the first time- I love it! I so love all your creations, and ill be back again soon! Cant wait for another shop undate...

  2. I think a tutorial would be a great idea! I've been hunting for a drawstring bag tutorial with great instructions and pics. I was lead to one and I'm still in the experimental phase. Love your new little bag.

  3. I would love any tutorial you do! You know how much I love your stuff!!

  4. oh that bag and the bag just below it are both darling! so fun and cute! :)

  5. Your items are all so precious!!! Seriously, when I loaded up this page and had just glanced at the graphic, I thought, "Daaaang, what a cool treasury!" and then I read that you had MADE all of those items. Once again, I'm in awe of your creativity!!

  6. Your blog and handmade items are adorable. I am glad you made the leap to join Etsy and share them with the world. I would love to see a tutorial on the drawstring bag. It turned out great!

  7. Thanks everyone for your sweet comments!!

    thanks for saying that! I just updated a soft doggie toy in my shop;) I'm going to visit your blog now..!!

    I was thinking about a tutorial, but it's nothing special and isn't very practical for use, I thought. If I can come up with other drawstring bags that are more practical, I'll think of writing a tute!

    I think my next tute will be a shoulder bag..! Trying to think how to explain in a good way..!

    Oh thanks for saying that!

    thanks thanks;)

    You're so sweet! What you said filled my heart!!!!

    Birdy's originals-
    Thanks so much! I'll think of a little more useful drawstring bag and write a tute on it if it turns out great, but probably not this particular type.. just because the shape isn't very practical..


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