Thursday, May 15, 2008

Thrifting Thursday

Thursday has been my thrifting day. I get off school around noon, run to the bus stop, take a bus to a thrift store I have never been to, following the direction/map I prepare on Wednesday night, and spend hours at the store trying to find every little thing that catches my eye. Today was crazy though. Here in San Jose, California, it went up to 99 degrees! I got sunburned so bad that my skin is still burning though I got home 2 hours ago...but I snatched good stuff to show off here, so that makes up for it;)

The glass cups with pretty rose print were only 30 cents each! I love, love, and love them. These birdie salt&pepper shakers were $1.00. Would be cool if they were vintage, but they came with a package that had a label with Target mark. haha. It's ok. Cute things are cute no matter what.

Thrifted cups

I got these cups too. Unfortunately the thrift store I went to didn't have a section for kitchen towels and fabrics which I am usually the most interested in, so today my main target was retro/vintage cups. These were 69 cents each!

I picked up this letter set too. I like writing thank you cards for people. I think it's such an adorable thing to do to give someone important a Thank You card to show your appreciation, so I do it often and never have enough of them. Vintage Thank You cards.. how sweet!!


By the way, an earthquake happened to this blog today. It's like a sudden, unexpected earthquake in a tiny quiet village that nobody knew about. Hmmm.. earthquake isn't a good metaphor because it was a super positive, happy, delighting thing!!

Well, today Photojojo featured my camera case tutorial on their site here and led many many many people here, resulting in tripling total visits all of a sudden, and so many new comments welcomed me this morning.

I didn't know about Photojojo before(...sorry), but this website rocks!!!! They show great tips and hints on photo DIY projects, and if you sign up for the subscription, you'll receive the most recent tips they featured via e-mail. I signed up for it and am very much looking forward to learning more from them. But anyway, I was overly excited this morning to find out about my tutorial on there and had to wake my boyfriend up to tell him about it. I'm totally glad that this happened but at the same time some worry came to my head.. Are my tutorials clear? Is my blog entertaining?.... But overall I am really content and feel motivated to make this blog nice. I feel extremely lucky as well.

I keep thinking about what tutorial to show next. It probably will be a handbag. It really makes me smile when people enjoy my tutorials so I know I'll continue making tutorials on this blog. Thanks for all the support!!!!!!


  1. As an aspiring sewer (I'm a knitter now), I LOVE your tutorials, and I love reading your blog. I found you from Photojojo, and I'm definitely going to be back!

  2. Wisp-

    Oh my..what a sweet comment! Thanks so much!!!!!!

  3. Thanks for the links back -- we love your camera case!! :)

  4. I came by from Photojojo too, and immediately had to stalk -- I mean, subscribe to -- your feed. :D I love the tutorials, yes, you are wonderfully perfectly clear on them, and it's... the little details (like the borders framing your tutorial pictures) that make you different. It shows you care. :)

    Keep it up~!

  5. Amit-

    Thank YOU for your awesome website and featuring my tutorial! I can't even describe how much I appreciate you guys! thanks!

  6. aneesah-

    You're so sweeeet! Thanks so much for noticing the little things and subscribing my feed!!

  7. I just wanted to let you know I found your site through Photojojo and I subscribed instantly! I love your tutorials and I hope you keep them coming! I just taught myself how to sew so I am anxious to try new things. Your patterns are super cute too, which is always a plus! Anyway, thanks for sharing!

  8. gatesupdates-

    Thanks a million for your nice comment and subscribing my feed!! I promise more tutorials are coming. I was actually sketching for a new project...hope you will like it!

  9. Wowsers..congratulations in your camera bag being so popular that you've been featured at Photojojo! The power of the internet is amazing isn't it!?
    I know I would be interested in your plastic bag dispenser tutorial! Hint!

  10. Julia-

    Hello! How are you doing? Glad you are back;) Yes, internet is crazy. I had over 4600 visits on my blog yesterday. That's so MANY! The Plastic Bag dispenser that I usually make isn't my original, so I don't think I can make a tutorial of it, but if I can think of something similar, I will make one;)


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