Wednesday, May 21, 2008

A little thrift


Just two items from a second hand store today: a citrus squeezer and a tiny knitted top;)


I found this cutie when rummaging through the kitchen stuff section. Way too cute to resist, isn't it?! I've wanted a citrus squeezer but never expected this much cute one to exist!! I know there are pretty nice ones out there like...

But to me the birdie is the big winner! Feeling so lucky that I found this!!


This knit top was pretty nice too. I won't wear it but I'll make something out of it.
I adore this color and pattern, and I know it has a big potential to be something really amazing and useful, IF I can find the creative way though! Maybe a little handbag?



I got done with my finals and starting tomorrow I am gonna have a short break until the beginning of June. I should be fully blissful at this point..but I am not that much excited... For some reasons, everything went perfect for me during this Spring semester. I liked all the classes and all the professors. I made many good friends who are always helpful and fun to hang out with. I also did somewhat terrific in all the classes. For someone like me who usually stresses a ton throughout a semester, it was like a miracle: I barely had any stress whatsoever during the last semester. In fact, I was even feeling sad when the semester was going toward the end. I just know that I'll probably never have as good a semester as the last one in my entire school-life, just because I know that it will get 100 times tougher once I transfer to a 4 year this fall. Well, I'm sure I feel the semester was that awesome because it ended. I believe that everything we fully relish is something that has the end. That makes the entire story so pretty and I should appreciate the fact that the semester ended and now I am going to try out something new!


  1. The little birdie is adorable! I must get out to thrift stores myself - I love going to them and to antique stores, but I usually end up getting jewelry.

    Is that a picture of sakura? So pretty! Reminds me of a sakura tree back in my old neighborhood in Kyoto, the petals were sooo pink.

  2. Hi Sweetie,
    I saw your picture of your sewing area. I think you should have Joe help set up some shelves and get you one of those table fold up like origami when you are not using it. I store a lot of sewing things in those pretty photo boxes you can get at JoAnn or craft stores. They are nice to look at and keep things organized. Hope you are having some fun during break. Love, Kim

  3. Maria-

    Thanks for your comment;)
    The flowers aren't sakura. I found these at my school in California. LoL, but these did remind me of sakura. I've never seen sakura in Kyoto...must be so beautiful with temples..!


    Thanks for your comment and your ideas for my sewing area;)I know the photo boxes you are talking about! You make very good use of them. By the way, we just got a HUGE TV for free. We even had to ask our neighbor to help us carry it to our apartment room from the parking! I hope you are doing great too, Kim!


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