Sunday, May 18, 2008

Kawaii Things

cookie stamps

*Cookie Stamps*

*Bird/Chicken Cutting Board*

Kawaii things

*Craftlovers' necessaries: buttons and ribbons*

I found all these kawaii (cute) things at this Japanese online shop.
Every once a while I discover alluring things in Japanese shops and
feel a strong urge to show them on my blog so that maybe those Japanese
kawaii zakka lovers would share the joy with me here.

Speaking of Japan, I am going back to Japan this summer for just a
couple of weeks and am planning to bring back some souvenirs to giveaway
here. I don't know what it will be, but I'll pick up something that
is rare and almost unattainable besides in Japan.
If you're interested in the little event, please check back;)


Wow! I found another creative fabric basket!!

heartFabric Basket by Jen and Family

I seriously relish discovering the crafts that other crafters made
based on my tutorials;) I feel like my idea has helped others get
creative and it's such a thrill. It invigorates me on a daily basis!!
Thanks, guys!


  1. I adore those cookie stamps, how clever. So much fun! Can't wait to see what you bring back from Japan - hope you have a great trip this summer.

  2. shimmy shake-

    Thanks so much for visiting and giving me a comment!! I can't wait for the trip and look for something good.. !

  3. omg! bring back stuff from Afternoon Tea!!!! that store is the best<3

  4. alisa-

    I love Afternoon Tea too! I have a cutting board that I bought from the store and it's so cute! I'll keep in mind! Thanks for your suggestion!


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