Friday, November 22, 2019

Printable holiday messages

Thank you so much to those of you who have purchased the Dresden Photo Frame pattern from my shop. I really hope you will find it as fun and addictive as I feel about this little project. Even if you are a beginner of hand-applique, I still recommend giving it a try. I am quite far from calling hand applique my comfortable method, but this one is easy for me. It's much easier than English paper piecing hexagons in my opinion. I have a lot of photos to walk you through the steps in the instruction.

A couple of friends told me they are making these frames for Christmas gifts. When I gift these frames, I always want to have something already framed. It helps recipients to know that it is a picture frame and she can either keep what's in it or replace it with a picture of her choice. 

Yesterday, I made some printable simple holiday messages. Each one measures a 3.25" perfect square to fit your Dresden photo frames. They are all very simple to let your pretty dresden shine.  If you would like to print these for your frames or whatever holiday gift purposes, I'd be tickled pink! If you purchase a kit from my shop by December 20th, 2019, I will include a printed sheet of holiday messages for you.

Have a lovely Thanksgiving!!


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