Monday, May 19, 2014

Great Granny Sew Along :: Label

I am very happy to be back here to host a stop for Great Granny Sew Along for 
my sweet friend Lori's new book, Great Granny Squared. I made a label, 
although I didn't get a chance to do the embroidery on time in the center.

Lori does an amazing job making instructions very clear, so I recommend her books
to people of all sewing level, especially beginners just because the instructions 
come with great illustrations :) Excuse me for my imperfect seams! I made this 
while holding Honoka on my back the entire time. (She is sick and has a stuffy nose, 
so she has difficulty sleeping while laying down.)

She is still on my back, taking a nice and long nap. yay!

  • Here is a link to the Label block PDF, but you'll still need the book for a complete instruction. 
  • Check out Lily's Quilt and Pretty by Hands for more inspiration for making your label.
  • Remember to post your picture on this Flickr pool for your chance to win weekly prizes!

Have a lovely week!!


  1. Ayumi, I continue to be amazed by how many beautiful creations you manage to sew...while also taking care of that very adorable little Honoka.

    Every time I see one of your posts, I know that I am getting closer to actually doing some quilting. So far, I have just done a little bit of needed mending of a cushion cover, by hand sewing some hexagon patches as appliques to a checkerboard square machine sewn design I did ages ago. Each printed fabric is in a harmonious shade of pink, so it does sort of work together. Must be my own version of "make do and mend."

    It's grand to see your happy family, xo

  2. I love the picture of your little one on your back! You're gonna have a strong back by the time she out grows that carrier. ;p

    I actually made an entire granny square quilt in pastels. it still needs to be quilted....

  3. Beautiful family, Ayumi and Joe. Get well soon, Honoka! Lori's blocks are cute, too. Love your fabric choices.

  4. Rosemary B here:
    **♥♥** Yippee!
    It is so great to get an update on you, dear friend!
    Honoka is so adorable and so are YOU ♥
    This label is beautiful! so cute and happy. I love it.
    Perfection is over rated. Your creations are always wonderful, and filled with love.
    I love these photos of Honoka. She is so cute. So nice to see her safely riding on her daddy
    Love always

  5. I hope sweet Honoka is feeling better!

  6. Lovely family, Get well soon, pretty girl Honoka!
    I love your quilting,too^^......Have a nice day.......

  7. Love the block (I keep meaning to order the book) and the ever so darling Honoka is looking so darling! Hope she's feeling better soon ~

  8. oh Honoka is just the cutest!!! p.s. inaccurate seams? It looks perfect Ayumi! I can imagine the difficulty you must have had with her on your back though >.< Glad you're all doing well. xo

  9. More Honoka pictures, please! If she got any cuter it would probably be illegal---LOL! Poor Mommy. It hurts so to see your little one struggling to breathe. Hope Honoka is feeling better pronto! Don't worry about the seams. It still came out lovely, and your fabric choices are spot-on as always. I think it's time I ordered Lori's book. I kept hoping our local Barnes and Noble stores would stock it, but alas, they don't seem to have a clue...

  10. Ayumi, my comment is probably a little too late, but humidifier always helps when my little girl has a cold and stuffy nose. Hope Honoka is all better :-) As always, your projects are perfections.

  11. Cute granny square block, Ayumi! Love your fun prints as always! I hope Honoka is feeling much much better! Take care!

  12. Your blog is wonderful and inspiring and your family is beautiful!bjs!!!

  13. Hi Ayumi!
    It's so long time I haven't visited you... so sorry... too occupy with my littlest one ;)
    And what can I see, you also have a cutie!!!!
    I'm very happy for you :)

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