Sunday, June 5, 2011

Blocks for me in the Ringo Pie bee

This is one of the songs I will be listening while
piecing together blocks everyone has made
for my month in the Ringo Pie Bee. (Remember the theme
was anything to do with delivering letters and packages?)
In this bee, we are allowed to use our own stashes and
come up with whatever blocks that fit monthly themes.

My block ~ Ringo Pie Bee

It is quite challenging because we design original block patterns
monthly (not required, but most of us like to do), and we all
feel a quit bit of pressure since everyone in this bee is super
talented. But I consider myself a super lucky girl to be in this
bee. I love how accomplished I feel every time I finish my
block, how inspired I am by everyone's awesome blocks, and how
kind, encouraging, and friendly everyone is in this bee.

And now that I have seen these blocks folks have made
for me, which are all super amazing,
I am loving this bee even more!!

Ok, let me share with you those completed blocks
by everyone so far. The Beatle's "Please, Mister Postman"
(above) would be a great song to listen to
while you ogle these blocks!

Ringo Pie--May

A stack of packages by Corey of Little Miss Shabby.

Liberty of London letterbox for Ayumi

Liberty letterbox by Lynne of Lily's Quilt.

Ringo Pie May Block for Ayumi

Colored pencils by Kerry of verykerryberry.

Ringo Pie - May

Vintage envelop etc by Lucinda of Septemberbird.

Washi tape and some wonky pencils

Washi tape and wonky pencils by Amber of One Shabby Chick.


Airmail by Amber of One Shabby Chick.

for Ayumi

Carrier Pigeon by Marit of Quilt it.


Mailbox by Anna of Noodlehead

Ringo Pie - Ayumi's Postal Block

Airmail and plane by Amy of Badskirt.

And three more to come!(Can't wait to see them!!)

I know I know I know I know!!!!

penguin excited

These blocks are crazily amazing, right?!
My quilt is going to seriously ROCK!!
In fact, maybe I will enter this quilt at
Tokyo Quilt Festival if I do a great job at
making them into a quilt. hehe, a girl can dream, right?

Thank you for letting me share my excitement
over these blocks with you, and thank you so much for
all of you who made a block for me or are going to make me one.
I love them all and I do know I will love those that are coming.

Hope you all are having a fabulous weekend :)

P.S. my fabulous friend Kerry is having
a 'My Secret Obsession' party where we all
share our secret obsessions on our blogs!
Go ahead and join the fun! My thinking cap
is on. I'll come back with my obsessions, hehe.


  1. These blocks are amazing...and what a fun theme!! Can't wait to see the finished quilt!

  2. Oh my Ayumi!!! You lucky (and very deserving girl)!! I love every one of them, but I must say that "Carrier Pigeon" totally cracked me up. What a fun idea. You chose a wonderful theme and it looks like everyone had a great time creating for you.

  3. Crazily amazing. Perfect description. I have been watching these here and on flickr. This was a brilliant idea. Hugs!

  4. so amazing!! have fun, can't wait to see what you do with them all!

  5. Wow! This is the best block bee ever!!

  6. These blocks are so fantastic. I love every single one and they are all so unique. You are one lucky gal to be in this bee.

  7. What a beautiful collection of blocks! They are so thoughtfully made.

  8. Love your block the best! I am drooling all over my computer:)

  9. They all look so great together and very harmonious- they will combine beautifully in a quilt! And thankyou for the linky mention- you are a honey!

  10. Fabulous blocks - AND a cute penguin! The Beatles weren't bad either!

  11. These are some of the cutest blocks I've ever seen, I love the theme. You are one blessed girl to get all of those wonderful blocks, they are the best!

  12. They are all amazing, love yours and I also love the liberty letterbox!!

  13. So creative - they will look brilliant together in a quilt.

  14. "I will enter this quilt at Tokyo Quilt Festival": excellent idea, Ayumi:)

  15. these are astounding! thanks so much for sharing, can't w8 to see what you come up with for the whole quilt :D

  16. The coloured pencils, airmail and airmail and plane are absolutely fabulous. I reckon you can enter the comp for sure!

  17. Oh-My-Gosh, the post card quilt and the mail quilt are amazing. I mean REALLY amazing. I totally pinned them. Thanks so much for posting =)

    - Sarah

  18. Lots of talent in those awesome blocks! Wow!

  19. The colored pencils are AWESOME! Going to be such a cool quilt!

  20. Each one is a work of art! The colors are magical :)

  21. OMG! i practically dribbled and drooled when i saw the coloured pencils by kerry! Oh man...i want one too!!! SooOOo JEALOUS! Arghh! Can't stand it! Eeee!

  22. I loved the blocks - I am going to see if my bee is interested in your approach. I will be singing Mr. Postman all day. Thank you. But it brings tears to my eyes - those youthful Beatle faces - I miss them

  23. simply beautiful............i love the originality. So pure and so clever. Thank you for sharing. Amazing!

    I need to think outside of the square!

    pamela from and

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    1. Thanks for this pattern galore ! I love it so much. do you have more?


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