Wednesday, August 18, 2010



Thank you for entering the giveaway and leaving
really sweet comments there! I couldn't believe
how quickly the fabrics flied out of my shop.
I had 7 yards of each of those two prints two days
ago but now I have only a teeny tiny bit left
on hand, which probably will be gone pretty soon too.
It kept me really busy cutting fabrics, folding
them, packaging, shipping, creating invoices,
and making sure every order has been taken care of.


Phew! it was like I experienced a few days of being
an owner of an online fabric shop, and I felt good.
I didn't mind doing it at all; in fact, I enjoyed
it so much that I will definitely do it again sometime
in the future. Several people have asked me whether
I will order the same prints again. Unfortunately no,
I haven't been able to find any shops that carry
those prints anymore. Hopefully next time I go back
to Japan, I will look for them at small local shops
and will share with you again. Otherwise, I will
find other rare interesting fabrics to share with you!
Thank you so much for those of you who snagged
the fabrics. If you've made a payment before 3pm PST
yesterday, your items have been shipped. If your
payment was made after that, yours will be
shipped off to you this afternoon (August 18th) ;)


These are some wallets I made last week. This is just like
the one I made a long time ago except I made a pocket
behind the zipper case, that can be used to put
a checkbook in there! The aqua one is for me and the
grey one is for my friend whose wallet was stolen
a few weeks ago. Poor my friend.. she didn't have any
wallet for a while and used one of the pockets on her
bag to carry cash and cards. I wanted to help somehow.
Knowing that she had always liked wallets I got for her
birthday, I was pretty sure I knew the type of a
wallet she would like, and this pattern was perfect!
She was really excited about this and immediately
started transferring all her money into the wallet.
Yay that made me smile. I have to say that one of the
reasons I love sewing is that I can enjoy this
satisfaction - giving handmade items made with love.
Oh and I am so glad I sewed another one up for
myself too. You have no idea how worn-out my old
wallet had become. Even Joe who can wear 10 years-old
T-shirts with a few big holes told me "Isn't it
the time you made another wallet for yourself?" lol


Speaking of him, I made another pair of pajama
shorts for him last week. I used the pattern
by Simplicity (5314), but modified the pattern
a little to make them three inches longer, because
he wanted them to be long enough to cover his knees.


I think this indigo fabric is really pretty.
It looks both traditional and modern with
those hand-written-looking circles. And I like
how it is a little heavier than normal quilting
weight cotton fabric too, so it's perfect for
garment projects. These shorts will probably last
longer than other ones I'd made for him.

He really likes these shorts and wear them
almost daily. After a long stressful day,
he comes home, changes to these shorts
and jumps onto the couch to start a video game
-ready to chill out!
It simply makes me smile to see that ;)

Thank you for stopping by ;)
Have a fabulous day!


  1. Those wallets might be my favorite ones yet! I'm so glad Joe is enjoying the shorts you made.

  2. Love the wallets. Are you doing a tutorial! (please!!) x

  3. Those are very lovely wallets, Ayumi. Yes please, tutorial please! :-)

  4. Beautiful, as always! Love all the card pockets. I agree that one of the greatest pleasures of creating handmade goodies is giving them to people who really love and use them.

  5. I got the fabric in the mail today! I was so surprised - I hadn't expected it to arrive so quickly!
    Oh... and I posted the first (two) of my fabric lunch bags that I made using your tutorial - another one will be posted tomorrow! : )

    Thank you! : )

  6. Very pretty wallets. I'm currently working on one of my own and it's been put back on the drawing board.

  7. Great wallets :) I was so sad I didn't get to your etsy shop in time to purchase fabrics, but I'm happy for everyone who will get to enjoy them :)

  8. what cool shorts! and the wallets are really fun. You'd have an awesome fabric store if you opened one. :)

  9. I would love a tutorial on the wallet too! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!? :) Would definitely make my day.

  10. I was so excited that my fabric arrived. Thank you for offering it! and please tell Joe, he might have a career in modeling!

  11. Your wallets are great!!! I can't decide how Joe is feeling about having his photo taken in PJ's for all of your blog followers to see....hehe. Cute shorts!

  12. I wish I had of purchased some fabric in time too! You make the coolest stuff and i too would LOVE LOVE LOVE a tutorial of this wallet! I am only a new follower to your blog but i am so impressed, i cannot believe how clever and creative you are!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE a tutorial~!!!! Sam from Australia.

  13. Yes please can we please please please have a tutorial!!!

  14. a tutorial on the wallets would be wonderful! Also I love that you said "one of the
    reasons I love sewing is that I can enjoy this
    satisfaction - giving handmade items made with love." That is exactly how i feel about sewing and crafting as well =)

  15. Oh my yes a tutorial on the wallets would be great!!!!!

  16. Thank you so much everyone! As for the wallet though I will not be able to write a tutorial on it because it was greatly inspired by dogwoodlane's wallets that I saw in her etsy shop. I can't write a tutorial on somebody else's idea - it would be rude of me. Thank you for your interest though ;)

  17. OOOOH 素敵です!!! その財布、カワイイですー!! ^^ チュートが書けなくてとても残念ですねー

  18. Great job, love the wallet, can we have the tuturial please please please :) X

  19. The wallets are just beautiful! The shorts look great too :)

  20. Oohh my husband lost his wallet three weeks ago and I would LOVE to sew him a new one (just as a joke...). Can you do a tutorial ? Bitte :>

  21. Thank you, everyone!

    Thank you for asking for that, but I can't write a tutorial on this for the reason I mentioned in the comment here above. There are many wonderful wallets tutorials out there if you google though ;)

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  24. Yea those wallets are great! Super cute.


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