Thursday, August 19, 2010

Three Wristlets :D


Ok, you must be absolutely tired of looking at
my zipper pouches by now. Just bare with
me a little bit. I am having too much fun making
these and can't help sharing how they turned out
with you. I promise I'll come back with something
else next! Maybe I'll work on piecing the
blocks for
the quilt.


I really like this girlish one. I love pink
(obviously) and find myself feeling really
happy when I am working on projects like this
that have lots of pink fabrics ;) For some
reasons this pouch reminds me of England.
I guess it's because of
Cath Kidston's designs
that I think (or I want to believe) is
sharing a teeny tiny bit of something in
common with the pouch.. maybe?


I decided to make it even pinker by
picking these pink fabrics for the
pockets and the lining.
I've listed it in
my shop ;)


I really like this one too!
See the bird is facing away? It's because
she doesn't care about the coffee mill -
it's not food!


But if you flip it over, there is a
penguin facing towards the food (olives?).
I don't think penguins eat olives though, lol


And here the ducky is wondering whether
she should go for a lemon or jam.
It even says "eat" at the bottom left!
I guess I think about food too much
when I work on picking fabric, haha.
Well I'll prove this to you sometime
soon by showing you my first spoonflower fabric.

A tutorial on this? Sure I think I can do
that maybe next week ;)

Have a great day!


  1. Spoonflower fabric??? Yippee!!! These wristlets are so great, as always, Ayumi.

  2. I just wanted to tell you I love getting your blog updates in my email. Your super cute ideas and beautiful sewing inspire me every day! I make artisan animals, but have never attempted bags, wallets, zipper pouches etc. After looking at your tutorials and beautiful pictures, I really want to give it a try! Thank you for all you do, and share. Keep creating beautiful things!

  3. Christy-

    Oh my goodness your animals are the cutest things ever! Those squirrels are so so so adorable!

  4. Your work always looks just perfect. You would make a great quilter. These little projects you do so nicely are much harder than a quilt.

  5. I love your use of fabrics, so keep posting, each zipper pouch is so interesting to look at.

  6. I love the way you have the handles placed!

  7. Mmmm...I love your wristlets. I agree...the choice of fabrics make them a joy to look at. How could we be sick of seeing them?! :)

  8. I could never get bored of looking at all your lovely creations! x

  9. You made me laugh with your penguin, ducky and birdie thoughts! I love that little coffee mill

  10. Oh they are all so cute! I would love to make some of these, so a tutorial would be so great!
    Have a great weekend

  11. WoW! so cute!! You are very clever! REALLY looking forward to your tutorial....i am SOOOOOOO excited!!!! Cant wait till next week!!!! Sam from Australia

  12. Ayumi,
    I am so excited the food wristlet will be on it's way to me soon! You're work is just absolutely amazing and I agree with everyone else. I'll never tire of looking at the things you create. Whether its a million wristlets or a million of something else!

  13. Yay~a tutorial :)
    I love how you tell the story of the birds,liking and not liking the olives and coffee mill fun!

  14. So cute! I just love your fabric choices!!

  15. Your wristlets are gorgeous! I love the story telling on the pieces too.
    A tutorial would be much appreciated!! I would love to make one to go with my 'pear and poodle' makeup pouch made by the talented Ayumi!!

  16. nooo... i can never get tired of looking at your sweet things... keep them coming, please :)
    These pouches are adorable! And thank you so much for thinking of doing a tutorial for them. I have lot on my plate now. Otherwise I would've loved to attempt them. I'll save them for a quieter time :)

  17. Sooooo cute! I'm in love!

  18. I could never got tired of looking at your pouches, I'm a big fan of pink also :)
    Love to visit your blog.

  19. i would love a tutorial on these, they are adorable and perfect for my nieces for Christmas! I am new to your blog, you are very talented, and I will be back!

  20. These are so cute!!!
    I got my fabric, thanks Ayumi!!! Can't wait to make something cute with them, too!

  21. i'm not tired of your pouches!! they are just fabulous!!! :)) 本当に可愛くてキュートなPOUCHESですねー!!いつもありがとうございます!!! ^^

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