Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

mother's day gift 2010

mother's day gift 2010

mother's day gift 2010

Making Mother's Day gifts is always something
I am excited about every year. I try to come
up with handmade gifts that show my appreciation
as to how graceful I feel to have great
mom like my mom, Tama, and American mom, Kim.

I sent them fabric baskets for this day in 2008 and
patchwork pillows in 2009. This year, I decided
to make these little card cases with their
names on them along with flowers. Both Tama and Kim
have sewed up lots of things for me that are so sweet
and personal. They deserve to be the ones to receive
personal handmade gift items too. I am not very sure
if these are practical for them but hopefully
they'll find a use for them.

custom basket

I have not been as crafty as I wish these days.
My graduation is coming up very soon, so there
are exams, projects, and a whole bunch of
different things that are keeping me from
my crafty space. In busy time like this, I tend
to have fun sewing ideas pop up in my
head for some reasons, so I have been sketching
ideas for future projects like a mini quilt ;)
(Thank you for suggesting to make one!)
Once I graduate in the end of this month,
I'll give lots of crafty time for myself
as a reward for graduation. hehe.

custom basket

This is a custom fabric basket I finished up
this morning. I think it turned out fun ;)

Oh by the way, I'll have a giveaway for
the next post for sure! I am waiting for
the package from Japan. It should get here
in the mail sometime next week, so I'll probably
have a post a week from now or so.

Thank you for stopping by and reading ;)



  1. I love the things I see when I pop into your blog. I am still to make one of your fabric baskets. I have some lovely Rouenneries fabric that I hope to make into a basket just so I can sit it on my table and look at the lovely fabrics. At a quilt show recently I picked up some beautifully textured Japanese 4" squares that I intend to make into pillows, similar to yours. Good luck with your graduation.

  2. Cute cases - I'm sure your mums will love them!

  3. Congratulations on being almost graduated. *S*....What a lot of hard work that is.

    You make such cute things - how could your moms not like them?

  4. Lovely card cases! Both of your mums should be ever so proud of you for your talent and kindness.

  5. Yes, what lovely gifts for them both! Good luck on your exams - I know how hard it is to focus on other responsibilities when all you want to do is sew and create! Study hard, craft soon after!

  6. Gorgeous colour combinations. And lovely embroidery too, so neat.


  7. I love making the baskets and will be stitching some this week at quilt retreat.

  8. I love the bags! Happy mother´s day!

  9. Very cute card envelopes. I can think of oodles of uses for them so i'm sure they will too!! Congratulations on your upcoming graduation. Give yourself a pat on the back and a big hug for all your hard work. You so deserve the sewing break afterwards - what a fabulous reward to give yourself.

  10. I love these card cases, they are amazing! And I am planning on making one of your cute fabric baskets very soon, as I have lots of fabric scraps! You are so creative and talented. Thank you for all of your great inspiration and tutorials!

  11. I love those little card cases! I can think of a million uses for them for sure!

    HUGS and thanks for sharing!

  12. beautiful card cases, I bet they love them:).

  13. Your handmade presents are so sweet. Hope you had a wonderful weekend :)

  14. Lovely handmade gifts. Oh, I wish I had the time to make my Mother's day gifts. Have a great weekend, look forward to your posts.

  15. you made a very nice fabric basket, infact most of what you do. very crafty person, congratulations

  16. Love the basket, I have made a few and just love them!!

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