Saturday, May 9, 2009

Handmade gifts for Mother's day

Mother's Day gift :pilow

Thanks a million for your thoughtful comments for my last post.
I'm really glad that there are people like you who enjoy reading
what I say and seeing what I make. Sorry for not posting for
so long. The final exams are coming up and I am just busy studying,
but I really wanted to catch up with you guys this weekend.

I haven't sewn as much as I'd like to but these are the handmade
gifts I made for my mom in Japan and my American mom ;)

Mother's Day gift :pilow

This one is on its way to my mom in Japan.
I started piecing the squares feeling like making a tote bag
for her, but as I noticed how fancy-looking it was turning,
I knew a bag isn't the best idea: my mom likes things simple.
So I changed my mind and decided to make it into a mini quilt.
When I was about to close the opening after sewing together
the patchwork and linen, I immediately thought about filling
it up with poly-fil, so I did. And the result was a pillow. LOL.

Mother's Day gift :pilow

If I had known that this was going to become a pillow, I'd
have resized it to make it just a pillow cover so that it
would fit the commercial pillow of her choice. But doesn't
it make more exciting when gifts are big? Coming up with
justifications like this is what I am good at. LOL.

Mother's Day gift :pilow

This one is for Kim, and I was glad to know it's already in
her hands. I made this pillow in the exactly same way.
30 squares and zigzag stitches. I like incorporating what
the recipient likes every time I make gifts. Kim loves
the beach, so Joe and I knew we wanted to make the pillow
look like beach-color.

Ever since I started making handmade gifts for Mother's day
last year, I knew I would like to do the same every year.
Both my mom and my American mom really enjoyed the fabric
baskets I sent for them. They are always so nice to
care for us, and the best way to show the appreciation,
I thought, was special handmade gifts that are not found anywhere.

Thank you again for your lovely comments/e-mails.
I'll be back soon with a blogiversary giveaway!

You all have a great weekend!


  1. they are stunning! & perfect gifts for moms.

    happy mother's day to all Pink Penguin readers too!

  2. I think hand made gifts are just the best. Handmade cards from children are a delight and worth keeping.
    It doesn't have to be Mothers Day to give things we have made. Your cushions are lovely and big and soft looking.
    Best wishes PP and it is good you appreciate your Mums while you have them, all too soon time catches up. Good luck with the exams!

  3. Oh your work is amazing, I KNOW they will love them. Good luck on your exams!

  4. Those are completely lovely!

  5. Precious and perfect mother`s day gift! I admire your patience and the love of your two mothers.
    Cheer up with the tests :)

  6. They're beautiful! I love the zigzag stitching between the blocks, I've been thinking about using that on a quilt I'm working on.

  7. The pillows are great. Thank you for the great tutorials. I have made the fabric baskets and really pleased with them. Thanks

  8. Those are beautiful! I love your text fabric.. do you know where to get fabric like this? Good luck with your exams, I just finished mine so I definitely know what you're going through :]

  9. Your pillows are fantastic. Great gifts, too. I'm a loyal follower of your blog. I totally love everything you make.

  10. Awesome work as usual! I am so in love with our work =D.
    And good luck with the finals. I know how it feels ploughing through the seemingly endless university work =(

  11. Wonderful mother's day gifts!
    Good luck with your exams.

  12. You have done it again - just gorgeous!
    Hugs - Lurline♥

  13. What gorgeous pillows. Love the colour combinations and fabric choice!
    It is a pleasure to read your blog!
    Pink Stitches x

  14. Good luck with the exams and the pillows for the Mums are just wonderul! Always want to start sewing immediately when I see your designs!
    Thanks for the inspiration!

  15. Thanks so much everyone!

    Stephanie Jane-
    The Dick and Jane text fabric can be found at
    The other text fabric I used for the pillows are from Japan. Yuwa fabric-designed by Suzuko Koseki. I'll let you know if I find any online shops that carry the fabric ;)

  16. I love these pillows, especially the brown one. The zigzag stitching makes them look so cute and handmade, and you have a really good eye for picking fabrics that work together.

  17. Glad to read you:D
    I wish you all the best for your final exams!!!
    The pillows are lovely

  18. Btw, this is my Japanese supplier, but no Yuwa fabric...

  19. Very lovely! I did the same thing some years ago. Transformed two pieces that were supposed to become a bag - into two pillows. :-)

  20. Those are beautiful pillows...I like how they look and the stitching.

    You do beautiful work and I really enjoy your blog.

  21. oh what beautiful gifts!!! Perfect for mother's day too, what is better than a pillow to rest on?

    Good luck with the exams - it won't be long until summer!!!

  22. What a lovely Mother's Day gift. I'm sure, Mom was thrilled.

  23. I love those!!!

  24. Your pillows are beautiful!
    I also wanted to say thanks for the fabric basket tutorial, I made two of them and I really love them!

  25. I have just discovered your blog and I love it here!! The first pillow is especially gorgeous!!

  26. your pillows are beautiful, just like the rest of your work, so fresh and young.
    Hope exams are going well!
    Roberta from Italy

  27. Love the external stitching.... and of course a child is using it first before the Mother. LOL!

  28. Hi - I linked to your blog while writning in my blog about pot-holders. hope that's ok. Sølvi in Norway

  29. You have inspired me with patches!

  30. Your moms are so lucky!!!! They have to be the best moms the receive such beautiful cushions!
    Good luck with studying and your exams!

  31. Both cushions have used lovely colour combinations. I agree, handmade gifts are so much better than shop bought.

  32. so pretty! love the stitching you did on them. i hope exams have gone well for you!

  33. I am loving these pillows! :)great fabrics!

  34. Wow! That brown cushion really, really needs to come and live in my living room. It's just stunning! I might just have to make one of my own as inspired by you :-)

  35. I love your sewing projects! Inspires me to start up sewing again.

  36. Love your sewing projects! It inspires me to start sewing again.

  37. they are beautiful. I love how you used the the zig zag stitch as detail!


  38. Your cushions are lovely, I might have to have a go at making some myself.

  39. Home made pillows for mothers day! What a great gift idea that any mom would love.

  40. I love quilts. Love the idea of having a quilt like pillow.


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