Monday, March 29, 2010

Squirrelish One


Hello everyone! Just a little quick post to
share this custom stuffed toy I finished today ;)

Making stuffed toys has always been something
I want to master really bad, but I find it very
difficult to make 3D toys. Every time I make
a stuffed toy, I spend much more time using my
seam ripper than my sewing machine. But I
get super thrilled when I manage to finish
making a stuffed toy. It's like I want to
hop, skip, and jump and say "Hooray!!"

Such a big reward to see a new toy smiling at me!
It's really worth it!!

It's supposed to be a squirrel except it's missing
a big furry tale and little hands, so let's
call it a squirrelish one or something.

On a separate note, thank you so much to those
of you who helped me figure out the marriage license thing.
We called the court and found that, surprisingly,
in California, we would not need a certified copy of birth
certificate if we had a government-issued picture ID,
so we went to the court very next day and got the license.
Now I feel like I am 'officially' engaged!!
I'll keep you posted on our wedding plans.. ;)
Thank you for letting me share!

Thanks for stopping by!!



  1. I think its cute!

  2. Your squirrel is so cute! I especially love its little scarf. Adorable Ayumi!

  3. Oh my goodness! He's adorable!

    Awesome color choice! =)

  4. What a cute little stuffed toy! I do love that scarf . . . nice touch!

  5. I don't even try the 3D because its so much harder to do and I like the fast track to the end. Well done for sticking it out, your toy makes me smile.

  6. This little cute one needs a friend. You should develop this idea as it really suits your style.

  7. what a sweet little squirrelish toy! Great fabric, too.

  8. It's so cute and adorable! Good job!

  9. Hi- I have just finished a lovely little basket made from your tutorial posted in 2008. I am so pleased with it and the tutorial was brilliant- very easy to understand and clear instructions. Thanks very much- love your blog as well...

  10. Simply cute!!! Yeah, it's really hard to make a 3-D plush,

  11. This lil guy is too cute! Beautiful creation as usual Ayumi :)

  12. So so cute! I especially love the colors.

  13. Oh, this little one is so cute and fun :))

  14. Sooo adorable!!! you did a great job with your first one :)

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