Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Pink Poodles on Everything

custom order

Thank you for the squirrel love!
Today's post is all about pink poodles!
(I sure love animal themes.)

I made this set of three items for a
custom order for someone who loves
pink poodles and purple/lavender color.

custom fabric basket

I was so happy to discover that the size of a
poodle on the print is just perfect for a 1.5" square!

fabric basket

Also, while working on these projects,
I learned how much I like the combination of
pink and purple. I always believed I am not
the biggest fan of purple, but I've come
to know that when purple is combined with
some colors I love like pink, the result is awesome!

The purple fabric with pink words on it
is one of the fabric available in my esty shop.
Speaking of my silk-screened fabric,
I was thrilled to find a couple of projects
made with the fabric by my blog friends!
Hop over to their blogs and see these cool items!

heart Fabric Basket by Janice of Be*mused
heart Potholder by Erica of Craftyblossom

custom pincushion

Here comes one more addition to the collection of
pink logcabin pincushions that have been over-flooding
in my blog now. I try to make each and every single
one look pretty different from each other, but I'm
not sure if I'm doing a great job making them distinguished.

pencil case

This is my favorite among the three!
A pencil pouch is another thing I've been making
a lot of. I've been trying a different method
of making the patchwork panel to see which one
is the quickest but impeccable way to match
corners of the rectangle pieces. I'd appreciate

any suggestions from you!!

pencil case

The other side ;)

pencil case

I hope the recipient will like all the three items.

Thank you so much to all of you who have
asked me to make custom items. I can't even
describe how much I appreciate your trust you
have for me and your patience to give me as
much time as I need to finish your items.

I just love it when I am finished with
custom items and let the recipient know
that they are ready. I think about the
moment while sewing items for custom orders.
Very nice part of my crafty time ;)

Thanks for stopping by!!



  1. Lovely projects! I'm enjoying seeing all of these pincushions so much :)

  2. Great job on utilizing the pink poodles.

  3. I'm loving everything you make. The bright colours and the details are wonderful! I can't even decide what I like the best!

  4. I think the mini zigzag over the seams looks really cool on your piecing. As always, impeccable sewing and beautiful projects Ayumi!

  5. Love your pencil box, especially the zigzag lines. I made two fabric baskets based on your tutorial. It must be the most popular tutorial in your blog!

  6. Do I understand you to be searching for a way to make sure all the seams are perfectly matched on that panel?

    If so, may I suggest Clover's Forked Pins. They have made my quilting piecing so much better cause they match seams a treat.

    It's a U-shaped pin with two points - one each goes into the sides of the seams to keep them from slipping apart for even a tad.

  7. Thank you everyone!

    Thank you! I must get the pins!!!

  8. Pink and purple is so cute together. Lovely works :)

  9. Oh, I am not a big fan of purple but you make a great point qith combining with another (fav) color.. I am going to have to play around with that!
    Here is a great tutorial for a zippered pouch, and it uses boxed corners like your basket.

    I have a giveaway going on all weekend if you want to pop over too!

  10. Thanks, Ayumi!! I love all of them!!

  11. Hi Ayumi..

    I am a big fan of you. Cant wait even for a minute every time when you post a new post.

    Tell us when you have new update of your wedding plan ^^

    Take care dear

  12. Thank you so much everyone!

    The tutorial looks great! Thanks for sharing!

    I'm so glad you like how they came out!! Enjoy and keep in touch!

    Thank you!!

  13. Just wanted to let you know that I made your fabric basket. Posted pictures on my blog if you wanna take a look.

  14. How could your creations get any better? By grouping them together, of course!

  15. Another cute ad lovable creations from you! You are so creative! And I envy you for that!

  16. You have been awarded the Sunshine Blog Award

  17. Cute cute cute!
    Poodles and everything you do :)

  18. I love these little baskets and have made many. Last year at quilt retreat my friends saw mine and were copying it from looking at it without having your tutorial. Anyways, at Christmas time I took your tutorial and ran with it. Using your method, I pieced some charm squares together and made a tote. I was wondering if you would mind if I wrote about that on my blog sometime and showed how to make a bag. I would, of course, link to your blog and give you credit for the basket tutorial. Thanking you in advance, and will not do this without permission, as I respect your work.

  19. Your work is always soooooo beautiful!! And so need!


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