Monday, January 18, 2010

Donating items for Craft Hope

silk screen printing

Thanks for wishing me luck with silk-screening!
I hope it's not so disappointing that the design
was just writing with no any sort of art.
I was desperately in need of more and more fabric
with writing so I thought I might as well make
it so simple; words of things I simple like.
My next design however will definitely include
some art! But I bet I'll have some writing in
it too, because I just looooove the effect
the writing fabric can provide for patchwork!
I think my second attempt of silk-screening
was a success! yay!

pincushions for donation

With the fabric I silk-screened on, I made some
pincushions to be listed in Craft Hope shop.

Craft Hope Spreading seeds of hope one stitch at a time

I'm sure many of you have probably heard about
this already, but this is such a great opportunity
for us crafters to donate handmade items to raise
funds to help earthquake victims in Haiti.
100% of the profits from this shop will be donated
to Doctors without Borders.

There are many cool items listed in the shop
and they go super fast! My item, a set of
three pincushions, should show up sometime soon..

pincushions for donation

I love this one. Don't we all love weekends?

my label

I made this label this morning using this
awesome tutorial
that I'd been wanting to try.

Making my own labels was another thing
that I postponed doing forever.
I think it's pretty cute. I'll try my best
to sew this guy onto almost everything
I make from now on, unless I make some
more tags that are prettier.

pincushions for donation

I've seen some fabric with writing on it
popping up in the fabric market, but I've found
that it has been difficult for me to discover
ones that say things like "sewing" or "patchwork,"
so I knew I'd better produce fabric that says so :D

pincushions for donation

This one is really nice too.
I always love happy, bright colors.

pincushions for donation

I'm so excited to design more fabric!
Once I get better at silk-screening, maybe
I'll do a little giveaway here in case
some of you like fabric with writing as well ;)

Thanks for taking your time to stop by!
Have a great Monday afternoon!




    Craft Hope is awesome! The ladies running it is awesome! I donated an apron over the weekend and it sold almost immediately. I'm sooo happy I could be part of it.

  2. Evening from the Walpole Woods in Maine. Great silkscreen work. I love the inclusion of the key words into the strip quilting. My curiousity focuses on your labels. I have always wanted to try this but don't know where to start. Is there a label making tutorial anywhere. Thanks bunches....I enjoy your posts...

  3. Thanks!

    Yay for you!! You make the most beautiful aprons!
    I'm glad to be part of it too ;)

    Patricia B-
    I used this great tutorial to make simple labels ;)

  4. I love fabric with words and you did a great job on yours.

  5. The fabric is lovely! You did a great job, and I agree that words are so much fun to use in patchwork. :)

  6. love your fabrics:) do you think you'll do a tutorial on silk screening??? Or do you know if there's a tutorial somewhere?

    Also love your pincushions!!! I'm not confident enuf with my sewing, but i definitely will purchase to help with the donations!

  7. Love your fabric with writing on it. I think a lot of us would like an opportunity to win some or even buy some. As you said, so great for patchwork.
    Well done on contributing to Craft Hope, it's such a great idea to raise funds.
    Kelly :-)

  8. those are all amazing! love your silk screened fabrics -- you'll have a blast with that I'm sure.

  9. Nice cute little stuff! I love the fabrics! Thumbs up!

  10. I agree about fabric with words... I LOVE it. I found fabric once that had the different knitting abbreviations used in patterns and I'm so sad I already used it all in a quilt.... I wish I had more to make into a knitting bag. Great stuff!!

  11. Wow, you are SO TALENTED! I'd like to buy your silkscreened "writing" fabric, if you'd sell them!! I really enjoy your posts, always:) ブログ更新、いつもとっても楽しみにしてます♪ Craft Hopeへの貢献も素晴らしい!

  12. Yay~ always love a giveaway!
    Your fabric turned out great.I'm always on the lookout for fabric with words on it to add to my collages-very nice :)

  13. Wow! Your fabric is you use a silkscreen machine or do it the old-fashioned way? I agree, you could sell that fabulous fabric! Now I have yet another crafty obsession!

  14. The fabric is beautiful!
    I'm participating on Craft Hope for Haiti too.

  15. Thanks everyone!

    Thank you!

    Words are fun, aren't they?!

    There are many really nice tutorials online. What helped me the most was some Youtube videos on silk-screening. Also, a book called "Printing by hand" by lena Corwin really pushed me to get started. I'm not experienced yet to make a tutorial for it but maybe one day.. ;)

    Purple Paisely Patch-
    Thanks for the idea! I may do a little give away or sell some once I become more confident ;)

    Yeah I am having a blast playing with the fabric..! Can't wait to make more!!

    dinings room set-
    Thank you!

    Words about knitting must be a lot of fun!!

    chick chick sewing-
    Thank you for your warm comments!もう少し上手になったらショップに出品してみるかもしれません・・♪今日またインクを買いに行ってきま~す♪

    andrea creates-
    we all love words for our crafts! I must print more fabric!

    It's A Wonderful-
    I did it the old fashion day, the photo emulsion method ;) I bet using a machine like Yudu would make it a lot easier though!

    Margarida Godinho-
    Cool that you are part of the Craft Hope too!!

  16. Your pics are so good
    that make me love
    everything you make
    gifted girl!.
    (Thanks for the label link)

  17. Those are SO cute! LOVE THEM! I think you did an awesome job silk screening too! I LOVE that fabric! LOVE IT! Thanks for donating to Craft Hope! YOU ROCK!

  18. Thanks!

    Atina AlGa-
    Thank you for saying that!!

    Nicki C K-
    Thanks for lots of love ;)

  19. love the fabric with writing! your silk screening is a success! :)

  20. What a fantastic blog you have! I made your fabric baskets on the weekend, and they were so fun to make. I have just put a post on my blog. Thanks for a great tutorial

  21. i adore fabric with writing too...i've been collecting for a grafitti's a great design too!

  22. Lovely, and thanks for posting so much information and inspiration!

  23. I've just started my first little patchwork pincushion - just to test the waters...I'm away from home though so I'm missing the machine dreadfully!
    I've also been looking for cotton ribbon ready printed like this - it never occured to me to make my own with transfer paper (goodness knows why - i make everything else!).
    I wanted to know where you found your tiny little bird image? I've been browsing for simple, cute outlines to have a go myself but have yet to find something inspiring. Tips? x

  24. Thanks everyone!

    Thank you!!

    Cubby House Crafts-
    Your fabric baskets are awesome!

    thank you! I love the quilts you've been making these days!

    you're welcome ;)thanks for coming!

    I recommend searching for birds silhouette using google image. There should be lots of inspirational images that you can take and edit to make your own birds ;) Hope this helps!

  25. Those fabric are so cute! They are so huggable and so smooth. We own a Dining Table ecommerce site and are always looking for great content to help inspire. Thanks.

  26. This is a very meaningful thing. I love it. Nice job.

  27. Very cute! As is everything you do. :) I always feel good when I donate things. Makes me feel nice to help others.


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