Saturday, January 16, 2010

Birdie Projects


Thank you so much for the puffy pouch tute love!
I'm so glad to hear you guys like it. I've edited
the post a couple times to add FAQs at the bottom.
Hopefully that will help you save time on writing
me an e-mail and waiting for a response. I'll
probably add more FAQs as questions come in.
I've already seen a few pouches made by you guys,
which are so pretty and well sewn!
Discovering the pouches online made my day and
I'm now really dying to see yours next!!!


Today I'd like to show you some projects I worked
on in the past week. This is a flex frame pouch
I made for a custom order. I've 'met' this really
nice girl through my blog, and I feel honored that
she now owns several things made by me. This pouch
as well as the pencil case below will soon be hers.


She loves birds and so do I. She also adores Japanese
fabric, and so do I. That makes it fun to make stuff
for her. Whenever I make things for her,
I try to include as many birdie prints as possible,
and of course, lots of Japanese fabrics.


Pink x Brown = the best!!


There are even more birdies inside ;)


Another project I finished was lots and lots
of pincushions for another custom order.
Remember how insane I was about making
pincushions just about a year ago?
I really loved making those and am so lucky
to have this chance to make more of those.


I have not mailed them off yet, so I don't
want to show all of them but a few.


A great thing about this project is it lets me
utilize lots of fabric scraps that keep multiplying.


Also, it gives me an opportunity to practice
putting different fabric together and see
how they will turn out when sewn.


And making these are so quick. There aren't
so many projects like this that I can easily
make multiple of in a given day.


These pincushions will be Thank-you gifts.
I hope every recipient will enjoy what she receives..!


And guess what I finally started this morning?!
It's silk screening! I'd been meaning to design
some fabric for the longest time. I've had ideas
for the designs popping up in the head but it took
me so long to finally push myself to get the bowl
rolling. Partly I was a little paranoid I might fail
and waste all the materials I've invested lots
of money for.. because I did once. Joe got me
a silk screen kit last year for my birthday. I was too
excited to have enough patience to take a look at
the instruction and completely messed up in the
process of making a photo emulsion mix. And
because of that, I pretty much had to buy a completely
new emulsion kit, which was a lot more pricey than
I expected. Ever since, although I had everything
ready to begin screen printing, I was kinda
reluctant to give a shot again. But I was really
thinking about doing it on the daily basis!!
I'm glad that this time I seem to have succeeded
in making the frame. I'll print some fabric now
(OMG!) and will keep you posted..! Wish me luck!

Thanks for taking your time to stop by!
Have a great weekend!



  1. Ayumi san, Hello :)
    First time to leave a comment here, but I've been a big fun of your blog for a quite long time!!I was even following your old blog too!!
    I recently just discovered your this blog few days ago!!!!! So thrilled and excited to see your latest project here!

    Ganbatte kudasai!

  2. Good luck! I've been itching to try screen printing and can't wait to see what you come up with!

  3. Love your bags. You have great taste and a great style! I love seeing your latest projects!

  4. I can't wait to see what you print! Lucky me, I got one of your pincushions when you were in that mode last year and I have thorougly enjoyed having it...

    --Vicki K.

  5. You've started the year off in a very busy way. Make sure to show us your progress!

  6. love the zig-zag on the pencil case :) can't wait to see your custom fabric!

  7. It is so cute !! So beautifull !! I would like to be as gifted as you to harmonize with such a taste the various printed papers form!!

  8. I love the birdies--heck, I love your stuff. I get so excited when I see you've posted something new. Can't wait to see your screen-printed fabric!

  9. What a great post, lots and lot of eye candy! Love the pincushions and I can't wait to see your silk-screened fabrics Im sure they'll be amazing!

  10. What a nice project! I like to make something like this for a pillowcase. My mother has lots of colorful cloths that I can use. Thanks for the idea.

  11. Man! I' can't wait to see what your fabrics will look like! I have the same silk screen kit and it's just collecting dust. :( Someday...

  12. I'm not sure if my comment went through?
    Anyway-I was saying...I can't wait to see what you make with your silk screen kit!
    And, I always love your fabric choices-combinations I would never think to put together and yet they look great :)

  13. Loving the pink and brown and can't wait to see your screen printing!
    Because I love your blog just given you a Sunshine award at my blog. Pop on by to collect!! :o)

  14. Thanks everyone!

    oh thank you for following the other blog too! I can't believe how long I've been slacking off with that one :( I love your kitty cat and the clothes you make for her!!

    Screen-printing is not as complicated as I thought at all! I hope you'll give a try!!

    thank you ;)

    I do remember sending a pincushion for you! It makes me so happy that you are still using it! yay!!

    Mom Walds Place-
    Thank you for your thoughtful comments!! I don't know why but I am so crafty in January especially..haha.

    Thank you! I like zig-zag stitching too!

    Thank you for saying that but I think you are a great crafter!!

    Oh thank you for saying that!!

    Thank you! My first attempt at silk-screening was just writing on fabric - not too exciting but I am definitely going to design more fun prints!! Have you designed fabric with spoonflower yet? I bet you can come up with really cute ones!!

    kitchen table-
    You're welcome ;) Making a patchwork pillowcase sounds a lot of fun!!

    Haha! Mine was collecting dust too! This kit is really awesome! Now that I finally learned how to use it, I love it! I hope you'll use yours too!

    andrea creates-
    thank you for saying that! I am always inspired by your fun fabric combination!

    Pink Stitches-
    thank you for picking me for the award!!

  15. love them, the pin cushions! what a great idea for using up fabric! I'm going on a retreat with my quilt group in March and I was trying to think of a nice gift to give them! I think this will do the trick! Plus, I got a new sewing machine with all the bells and whisles (for me anyway), there are all these decorative stitches on it! thanks so much for sharing, love your blog!

  16. me gustan todos tus trabajos las telas que usas estan preciosas felicitaciones por ser tan creativa un abrazo

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  18. Beautiful job. Thanks for sharing. Love it.

  19. Welcome to silk screening! It is one of my favorite activities.

  20. Adorable! I didn't used to like birds as decoration, but a crafty friend of mine changed that. I love the way she incorporates them into her designs, like you do. :)

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