Saturday, November 14, 2009

Linen + Patchwork Pouch


I must admit that I have to catch up with my crafting life.
There are lots of projects I've been wanting to work on
but it has been just so busy that I couldn't really commit
to work on a big project. Christmas is just a month away, isn't it?
This makes me happy and sad at the same time. I'm happy
because I might visit Joe's family for Christmas which will
for sure be fun as it has always been. I am sad because
it looks like I won't be able to make handmade gifts for
as many people as I was hoping.. too little time left
for a super slow crafter like myself.. I've seen lots of
fabric baskets filled with Christmas gifts this year again.
Thank you so much for making those ;) I might have to make
some for my folks too since you guys' baskets look so inspiring!
Let's see how many baskets I can make...


I'm glad I finally made a pouch using this metal opening.
I bought a few of these in my last trip to Japan.
This is such an interesting material; the only thing you do
to open the pouch is to squeeze the ends. so quick and convenient!
I thought some of you may be interested in getting those, so I was
looking for some websites that sell these metal opening
thingies, but I really couldn't find one, since I have no idea
what these metal opening thingies may be called in English.
Googling with random attempts didn't help.
I'm very sure there are etsy shops that carry these though!
Does anyone know what these are called..?


Those are called Flex Frames/Hexagonal Purse Frames!
(Thank you so much for those of you who let me know this
and share with me some cool online shops!)
It seems that those flex frames are available
in many different sizes in the states, and here are
some of the online shops you can find those.
-Artfire (Thanks to Beth & Tessa Van).
-Tall Poppy Craft (Thanks to Natalie)
-Fabric Tales (Thanks to Cecili)
-Ghee's (Thanks to Dot & MaryEllen)
-Retrosaria-Portugal (Thanks to Anacrafts)
-PeacockPatterns (Thanks to SueAnn)

And check out these cool tutes on how to use them!
-Fuzzy Felty Flex Frame Purses by Nikki
-Flexi Stash Coin Purse by Lisa
(Thanks Sarriet for sharing these links ;) )


I really like how it turned out. I love all the fabric
I used for this project. Most of the fabric is from Japan,
but the plaid print is a feedsack I snatched at ebay.
A French theme + a vintage twist + little craziness +
Japanese influence = too cute!

By the way, the pouch has been listed in my shop ;)
As always, let me know if you come from here to snatch
an item in my shop - I'd love to include a little gift!


The linen I used for the right and left sides of the
pouch comes from this stash. I got this extremely quality
from this shop. (Sorry this is only in Japanese, but
it looks like they ship internationally.)
When I got this stash in my mail, I was so super excited
that I couldn't stop touching it, smelling it, and taking
photos of it. I even started dreaming about starting my own
business by building a linen factory or something. How crazy? I know!
I just sometimes wish I could get my hands on good linen
like this much easier in the states. haha.


Here is a set of fabric that I kinda want to do something with.
Maybe another pouch? ... with linen? Any ideas..?

Thanks for coming and reading!!



  1. I think the metal thingy is called flex frame^0^

    I love your patchwork pouch and the linen fabrics that you bought. I checked the website (with my not-so-good Japanese), I don't think they ship overseas, what a pity><

  2. Such a cute pouch! That linen looks yummy!

  3. This is so how you do the patchwork! The metal openings are called flex frames. I got a couple myself when I was in Japan. I have found a seller here in Australia if you're interested, but I'm sure I have seen them around if you do a search on etsy.

  4. The pouch looks so useful, and also very cute!

  5. You can get large flex frames at JoAnn in that states, but the smaller ones are easier to find online:

  6. those flex frames are cool aren't they! haven't had a chance to make a bag out of them yet, but did find them at this one shop: (it wouldn't let me paste the link, so you can search for it using flex frame!)

  7. Lovely pouches. Really cute. The linen looks gorgeous. I think it's good I don't own a fabric factory. I think I would drown in the ideas and possibilities that I would see before me ;-)

  8. I buy mines here:
    Your pouch is as cute as usual :)

  9. So happy to read a new blog from you. Love your tutorials. I believe that the frame you are looking for is called a hinged eyeglass-coin frame (these are 3.5 " and for small pieces) and are available thru who are handbag specialists.(pkg of two is $5)
    Happy holidays.

  10. This is such a sweet little pouch! I have always wanted to try this, there is one in my Japanese craft book but I haven't bit the bullet and ordered any frames yet. Lovely new fabrics too!

  11. love your pouch, such a great idea.

  12. Hi!
    Thanks Beth for mentioning my shop!

    Your little pouch looks really good! I sell similar flex frames on my artfire site. I only have 1 size at the moment , but you can always contact me for other sizes. Thanks! ( I hope it's not too rude to promote my own shop here, but when I saw Beth already mentioned me...)

  13. i always love to see what you are up to :c )

  14. Hi,i just love your work,the name is internal flex frame,this size 15,7inch is good for purses,laptop cases... and you find it here: is a online fabric,yarn and notions shop,Portugal based

  15. Hello! Love your blog. I have a question for you... Where did you get that fabric that says Marguerite. I would love to get some for myself because Marguerite is my name!

  16. Thanks a million for letting me know the name of the coin purse frame, everyone! I've updated this post with the links to the shops and the tutorials you guys kindly shared with me. Thank you also for your sweet comments too!!

    Hi! I'm sorry I couldn't respond to you sooner!
    You have a really cool name!!
    I found the fabric in this Japanese online shop.
    This is designed by Suzuko Koseki.
    I was looking for online shops that have this fabric and would ship to the U.S., but I couldn't find any. But I know that some Etsy shops carry Suzuko Koseki's fabric and has some of her fabric too, so you may want to contact these shops to see if they have this particular prints. A lot of Suzuko Koseki's fabric is hard to find, but this Marguerite ones came out relatively recently, so I don't think it is very difficult to get hands on them. I'll definitely let you know if I find shops that carry the fabric + ship to the U.S. !

  17. Hi there
    Copies of your designs and my ( are to be found at this website just to let you know.

  18. Oi,
    Passe no meu Blog que tem um selinho para vocĂȘ,

  19. You've got some awesome projects. I am just about to try my hand at a Patchwork Christmas stocking. All your crafts are inspiring!

  20. I just LOVE does poches... and your fabrics are so lovely!!! When I see them, I want to put out my sewingmachine and run away ;) Crazy that I don't almost got non fabric at all at the moment... :( And can't even buy... So, I look at your things and, gahh... let my dreams fly away ;)
    Don't even see does metalic opening before... ... ...


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