Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Lunch Bag & Coasters


Hi all! Hope you all had a great long weekend.
I went on a little trip down to Santa Cruz with
my friend last Saturday. Our main destination was
Hart's Fabric, a fabric store there
that I am truly in love with. I've explored lots of
fabric stores in America, but I think Hart's Fabric is
probably my favorite for its huge selection of modern fabrics.

It was my second time ever to stop by there, but
every time I go there, I spend at least 2 hours
looking through the great fabrics and notions they have.
This time, we spent roughly 3 hours which made one
of the clerks say "Are you still here?!" LOL.

To me, being at a nice fabric store is therapeutic.
(And I am sure some of you know what I mean!!!)
When I was living in Seattle, I was lucky enough to
live by a great fabric store called Pacific Fabrics.
It was like oasis where I escaped into when I got
overwhelmed with workloads from school. Being
surrounded by beautiful fabric and imagining
what I would create using the fabrics there
eased my stress level a big time and helped
me better focus on studying afterwords.

San Jose has got the best weather but there is
no fabric store in this city like 'dessert'..
I was overly excited at Hart's Fabric last weekend
and brought back a lot of fabric stashes ;)


On the way back, we stopped by BroadWalk in Santa Cruz,
and look what we found!! I had never seen a pelican
so up close like this before!!! There was a huge excited
crowd in front of him to take photos of him, making the
seagulls a little jealous.


"I am the king."

Lunch Bag

On that night, we had fun sewing up until 3am!
I was teaching my friend Victoria how to make this
lunch bag but I was so bad at giving instructions
that much of the time was spent with a seam ripper
rather than with the sewing machine.
(Sorry Victoria!!)

Victoria's unfinished lunch bag is still sitting
here, but I managed to finish up mine during the weekend.
I made this one for Joe and I think it turned
out very nice, very boyish.


I love this design because it makes this interesting
looking bottom and it comes out reversible.


I think Joe likes this side better because
it's more guy-friendly. Both fabrics are
from Hart's Fabric ;)

I used a ziplock plastic container to come up with
the pattern for the perfect fit. I was using only
the plastic container (the bottom part) to measure
but did not take the lid into consideration...


Oh my. That's right. I totally missed that part out!
This plastic container still does fit in the bag with
the lid, but it gets pretty tight. It's ok though,
because I think it is still good for sandwiches and
rice balls that I make for Joe's lunch every once a while.


Using scraps left over from the recent projects,
I made a set of 2 coasters which is in my shop now. I love
Kona Cotton of Charcoal color as much as natural linen.


Back sides are pretty cute too!

Thanks for coming and reading!!



  1. I love the lunchbag and the fabric is really pretty..I wish you've taken photos of the shop..:D

  2. I adore your lunch bag. Maybe a tutorial??? I would love it.

  3. Love the lunchbag and the coasters!
    Hugs - Lurline♥

  4. Oh fabric shops! Can't get enough of fabrics...thanks for the links! And i adore your reversible lunch bag...yes that one you made for lucky Joe! :) And your choices of fabrics are gorgeous! I really love all the things you talenetd! Maybe a tutorial for this cool lunch bag or make a few more for your shop? :) Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you!

  5. It is always a pleasure to read your blog and admire all the lovely things you make with those beautiful fabric combinations :)

  6. Hello! If you're ever in LA, you HAVE to go to the fabric district! Michael Levine is my favorite shop! Got to this website: the site is cheesy, but grab the address. It's unbelievable there.

    Also, your lunch bag is way toooo cute! LOVE it!

    Much luv!

  7. I love the I am the king photo! I laughed out loud when I came to it.

  8. U are so talented! I just stumbled upon ur blog today and i love everything about it (diy, graphics, etc.) :) can't wait to see ur next project! What's ur advice for wanna be sewers like me?:)

  9. Thanks everyone!

    I brought the camera with me but completely forgot about taking pictures!

    I was looking for a online tute for this type of bag but couldn't find any. If I see many people are interested in the tute, I might jump in and make one! Thanks for the suggestion!

    Thanks for your lovely comment.

    I'll definitely make more bags for the shop when I have time ;) I love making these ;)

    Thanks!! ;)

    Happy Find-
    I must visit the store you recommended next time I go over there...!!!

    Hope you are feeling better by now.
    Joe and I are ready to use masks and globes to open up the package from you. Just kidding!

    I'm glad you enjoyed staying here!!
    I would suggest that you try making something easy like a coaster to see if you get into sewing ;) It took me over an hour to make my very first handmade coaster a long time ago, but I really enjoyed making it and knew that I wanted to explore more. Getting some sewing books and finding fun craft blogs will inspire you and love crafting more too ;)

  10. Love the lunch bag!! Especially the "boyish" one, I'm a girl but I'd love a bag like that!

  11. As always-I love the projects you make :)

  12. I have this thing about lunch bags- I just love them! I think it comes from having to buy lunch at school, so I never got to have a cool lunch box. As an adult, I am drawn to the lunchbag and lunchbox displays at stores, but I always think, "I can make that!" I would love to make this one, so if you do post a tutorial, I'd be tickled pink!

  13. They are so cuteeeee and I love the fabrics :)

  14. I love your lunch bag and coasters - please do consider doing a tutorial. I'm glad the plastic container still fits - I can soooo identify with that scenario! You are so creative! Thank you for sharing the pictures and the snippets from your life. Terri

  15. made me surprised by visiting me. I'm really glad to see you at my blog :)

    Thank you

  16. You should definitely do a tutorial for the lunch bag, it's sooo cute! Also, do you remember where you got that green fabric with the bunnies or what designer it was? I'm in love with it!

  17. I live in the same area and I love Eddie's Quilting Bee (Sunnyvale) for the fun novelty fabrics and Praire Queen (Camden area of San Jose) for the selection of entire fabric families. I've had others recommend Natural Expressions (Los Gatos) too, but I've never been there. I will HAVE to check out Hart's. Sounds like a good excuse to head over the hill!

  18. Thanks everyone!


    andrea creates-

    You really shold ;)

    I'm definitely thinking about making a tutorial on this one. Thanks!

    I love your creations! Sorry for being a lurker but I've been enjoying your site a lot!

    I'm trying to think what would be the best size of the lunch bag for the tutorial. There are so many different types of lunch boxes/plastic containers..hmmm...

    Ana Crafts-

    I'm definitely considering doing the tute ;)
    I got this fabric a year ago. I believe it is from one of the collections by Moda, but that's the only thing I know about.. I'll let you know if I find a store that carries that fabric!

    Angela O.-
    Yay you're my neighbor! I really like Eddie's too! Whenever I receive the sale alert e-mails, I show up there. Praire Queen?! I've never heard of that store before!! I have to google now!!! (Thanks for the info!) I think I've been to Natural Expressions. It was a beautiful store with a focus on modern designers' fabrics. It was really nice, but I must say.. Hart's is my favorite ;)

  19. This is a great lunch bag! looks like you squeezed the sammy container just fine. That seems like something I would do!

  20. erica-
    I might have to make a new one though since it gets pretty tight and not-so-cute-looking when the lid is inside. haha but I just came up with another idea for a lunch bag.. so excited to try that one out!

  21. Ayumills! i find your sewing creations so unique and amusing, you are certainly an inspiration for me. :D

  22. Deborahlor-
    oh thank you for saying that!

  23. You were in my neck of the woods. Born and raised in Santa Cruz. I could live in Harts. It is the best fabric store. Walking in the door just makes me happy. I get the wow your still here comments all the time, or your back again, you were here yesterday.
    Glad you had a good time!

  24. Beth-
    I didn't know you live down there! I am so jealous!! The fabric store is seriously THE BEST! If I were living close to the store like you, I would be stopping by the place almost everyday. Nice fabric, nice people, great perfect!!!

  25. Yes, please! Post a tutorial for this bag! I especially like the simple looking drawstring for it.

  26. thanks for mentioning Harts Fabric--we go to santa cruz every year for a family vacation and i have never heard of it before! i can't wait to check it out next year :-)

  27. Hello, I love your blog. I stumbled upon it a few months ago and now I can't help checking back all the time. How funny, I am also making a lunch bag for my son. As well as a quilt. It seems like everyone in the crafting world is making the same things around the same time. It must be that fall/back-to-school time thing! everyone seems to synchronize their crafting! hehe

    On a completely unrelated note, I noticed the books you have on your side panel. I am trying to choose a book from the STC Melanie Falick catalogue. Any suggestions? I already have the Sewing Green book, as I really like repurposing/ "green" sewing, but I also love patchwork. I was looking at the "Last Minute Patchwork and Quilted gifts" from a while back (2007?) or else the Weekend Sewing book, except that people say Weekend Sewing has a lot of errors in it. Also, what do you think of the Alabama Stitch book or Vintage Baby Knits or Material Obsession? Or Zakka Sewing?

    Sorry. As you can see, I am having trouble deciding.

  28. Ahhh!! Please make a tutorial for the lunch bag! That is so freaking cute and I pack my lunch every day... I would love to make one of these! <3

  29. Thanks everyone!

    Thanks for your suggestion! I'll definitely make one if I can .. ;)

    I am sure you'll love the store. It's very close to broadwalk, so there are other fun things around there too!!

    I'm glad you stumbled upon here and thank you for leaving me a lovely comment! Sorry it took me a while to answer your questions..!
    I would definitely suggest "Patchwork Style". This is one of my all-time-favorites!! It was originatelly published in Japan but became so popular here that it has been translated into English. Zakka Sewing is a pretty fun, unique book too! I really like Patchwork + Quilted Gifts too. There are several projects in there that make you feel like trying right away.

    I pack lunch everyday too and I made this bag because I was getting tired of the same cloth to wrap sandwiches! I'm trying to think if the pattern can be a little improved now..

  30. Hi,

    I am a big fan of you from Hungary. I often read your blog and I like it very much.

    All the best


  31. I love your creativity. Last week I wanted to stitch up a bag w/o a pattern so I went back to your little basket tutorial, enlarged it to fit the size I was attempting and sewed it, and it turned out just fine. Thanks for all the sharing that you do.

  32. Miss Scotty-
    Oh thank you so much!

    Connie W-
    I'm glad my tutorial helped you to make a bag w/o pattern! I've been feeling like sewing up a bag too!

  33. I just found your blog looking for ideas for a pencil case and I love the things you make! these lunch bags are great and just LOVE the coasters! you have so many cool fabrics so jealous!! ;)

  34. Harts Fabric is having a 40th Anniversary sale on Saturday. My email said 20 - 50% off. And a free tote bag when you spend $25 or more. Just thought you would like to know.

  35. Lisa-
    I'm glad you discovered this blog and thank you for being a follower!!

    Oh my goodness Thank you so much, Beth!! I thought the store would never have big sales like that! I really wish I could go~~!!

  36. I'll let you know when the next one is.
    Happy sewing

  37. What a great idea, would also love a tutorial. Would make great Chrissie presents.


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