Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Widgets Fun

Roy Tanck's Flickr Widget requires Flash Player 9 or better.

Thanks a million for your warmest birthday wishes!
You guys are so sweet. I feel so lucky to have people
like you as readers. Thank you for being so nice and supportive!

heart heart heart

By the way, isn't the thing above so cool?
I don't know if it works properly if you are looking at this post
via the google reader, but it's supposed to rotate forward and backward
depending on how you move your cursor around it.
What you see there are the photos that have recently been
added to Made it Based on Pink Penguin's tutes pool.

Looking for some widgets to spice up my blog, I stumbled upon
Roytanck where I found this coolest flickr widget!
I personally think it's more appealing than that of the flickr's
original, so I switched my flickr widget to this kind on the right
sidebar. So far I love it!

It was really easy too. Simply go to your flickr page, click on
the 'you' tab, scroll down, look for the little RSS feed icon
(the orange one), click on the 'latest' next to the icon,
copy the URL, paste it onto Feed URL here, click on
"generate code snippet", and get the widget code.
If you use blogger, you can simply go to your
Layout page, add a gadget (HTML/JavaScript),
paste the code, and you're all set!

heart heart heart

I also noticed that Blogger now has new gadgets such as
the one that allows you to show the most recent comments
on the sidebars. I've added it and am really liking how
comments from you guys appear right next to my posts!
This gives me the sense of community,
not like me just rambling alone here. ;)

heart heart heart

Also, I found a solution to something I was looking for:
embedding a comment forum below each post. You know how every
time you leave a comment on Blogger blogs, you'll either
see a pop-up window showing up for the forum or go to the
'comment forum - only page' where you can't see the original post.

Blogger has enabled us to have it below a post, just like
those cool typepad and other blogs. I learned this here.
It was super simple and quick.
Just go to your Settings page, click on the Comments tab,
change your "Comment Form Placement" by choosing
"embedded below post", and save setting.

I might be giving info that is totally not new to you,
but I was too excited not to share these things, in the case
any of you with a Blogger blog are looking for something like these.
I'll keep looking for more ways to spice up my blog. hehe.
It's just a lot of fun.

heart heart heart

Last weekend, our friend Matt came over from Seattle.


The first two pictures are Joe, Matt, and Saurabh playing
with dollar bills. The last two were taken in San Francisco.
We went to a really good Italian restaurant called Alioto's.
The Vongole spaghetti I had there was so YUMMY!
I keep thinking about it ever since. I have to make
one like that.

By the way, Joe and Matt are going to Iceland for their
vacations next week. They really want to meet Icelanders
there. Here is a message from him:

"Hi Guys, If anyone is willing to show me the inside of
their house, I will bring over some fabric from here.
I am really interested in seeing how the typical Icelander lives.
Consider this an open offer. Thanks!"

If you're interested, e-mail me at
ayumi_seattle at hotmail dot com.

Thanks for coming and reading!


  1. thats a pretty cool widget!! love it :)

  2. Just FYI, embedded comments are horrible for blackberry users. For whatever reason, I can't comment from my phone on any blog with this comment setting.

  3. Happy belated birthday!
    Neat widgets! Thanks for the info.

  4. Hey! You have been a busy girl and love the new widget - so cool when you place mouse over it!
    Thanks for all the instructions I may have to go and check that out!

  5. Wow that really made you blog look fun and that picture of San Francisco is amazing.

  6. That was really cool!!
    Belated Birthday Wishes!! :)God bless

  7. Thanks for all your sweet comments!

    Jen, thanks for letting me know that! I looked at my blog on my iphone to see if it works on iphone. It seems to be working fine, but there was some cord showing up on the left side on the entire website.. so I am pretty sure this function is not mobile-phone friendly. thanks for letting me know! I might switch it back.

  8. Ayumi,
    Hey, great post! How did you get your pictures to look so cool and overlapped like that? Was that some magic you did in Photoshop or something? Thanks for sharing ways to spice things up! Oh and I always just love your selection of fabrics and how you mix them with linen. I just love that look.


  9. Thanks a lot Ayumi for those words! I am great admirer of your blog and specifically your tutorials. However, i never got a chance to do it practically, since I dont have a sewing machine of my own and most importantly I am a Software Engineer by profession. However, my likes towards crafts keeps me thriving among such hard situations. Keep your good work going.:)

  10. Thanks for all the latest gadget info :)
    I'll try some of them out soon.

  11. Thanks everyone!

    Crafty Girls Workshop-
    Thanks for your lovely comment. I used Photoshop to create the overlapped photos. I buy/download digital scrapbooking stuff online and I use it to enhance my photos. If you google "digital scrapbooking frames," you'll see a lot of stores that sell/give away these frames! ;)

  12. Hey that new thingamagig made me dizzy( maybe because I played with it for a while )but it is sooo good !

  13. Clare's craftroom-
    I know exactly how you feel!!
    I got really dizzy too playing with it too much.
    A little one is better for your eyes than the big one

  14. thank you it is good material to read this post increases my knowledge

  15. Ayumi,

    Thank you for the tutorial,and I'm using it now.


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