Thursday, August 6, 2009

things I've been making these days

placemat in progress

Let me start with this just because it's prettier.
I started making two simple patchwork placemats.
I'll probably choose linen to fill the middle part
of the placemats and use brown bias tapes to finish the edges.
Each little square patch measures 2" x 2" after sewn.
I might play a little with alphabet stamps or embroidery
on the linen just to add some fancy features ;)

boxer shorts for Joe

Here is a pair of boxer shorts for Joe that I finished yesterday!
I modified this pattern slightly to make them shorter
than it's supposed to be. I am really REALLY pleased with
how it turned out. This is the second garment I made for Joe.
The first one was a pair of pajama shorts that I sewed up a long
time ago back when we were in Seattle. They were awful.
I made a whole bunch of mistakes while sewing the pajama
shorts (including the choice of fabric) but somehow I managed
to come to the point where I called it "finished."
Joe appreciates everything handmade, so he still wears
them during the winter, and that simply makes me smile ;)


I've wanted to make boxers for him because they're something
he can wear throughout the year. And I thought it might be
a creative way to save money on buying manufactured boxer shorts.
I had him pick up the fabric for them at Joann. I get scared
every time I ask him to pick fabric for projects because very
often he chooses fabric that I strongly dislike.
He would for instance choose extremely tacky Asian print,
you know, like those with humongous realistic tigers with
temples behind them or something. I was relived this time
since his choice was within my OK range. LOL.

This fabric was cheap! It's nicely firm cotton, but it didn't
even cost as much as $3/yard, so the total
expense on this project was less than $5. Not bad!!!
I'll definitely make more!


Thanks for coming and reading!


  1. I've never seen patchwork look so modern. I absolutely love it all.

  2. I like the look of that placemat, very contempory and looking forward to seeing the finished article.

  3. Your placemat is adorable! I love the fabrics you use! I will have to open my eyes and start looking for prints that remind me of the ones that you so often use!

  4. oh, that placemat is so cute! and stamping on it will make it so adorable!

  5. I rarely comment on your blog even though I read it all the time...but, just had to today...

    The placemats are going to be lovely! And, I love the idea of putting a different fabric in the middle...and designing it..

    Now for the boxer shorts - I love those! The fabric is really nice...but, what I really like is that they are better made and nicer than the ones in the stores...You are lucky that Joe will wear stuff you make...

  6. Thanks for your lovely comments, everyone!

    Thanks for letting me know that you read my blog and for leaving me a comment ;) I didn't know handmade boxer shorts are better than manufactured ones! I was really hoping that the ones I made are slightly better than the really cheap boxers he buys which don't last that long!

  7. great idea for the placemats, and i love the boxer shorts, they turned out great. thinking that i wouln't mind making some for my guy now :)

  8. The placemats are very stylish! I can't wait to see the finished product! :)

  9. I love your patchwork lovely! I hope you had a good weekend and have a merry week ahead! Love to you!

  10. If your husband is anything like mine, he'll love the shorts. When my husband's commercial undershorts wear out I've found that the elastic is often still in very good shape; so I use a seam ripper to take it out and then re-use it when I make shorts for him. We are both seniors now so I have a lot of elastic piled up.
    Sarah in California

  11. Thanks everyone!!

    I love your improvising idea so much that I have to get elastic from clothing before I throw away from now on! Thanks!!


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