Monday, August 24, 2009

Placemats and Potholder completed!

logcabin potholder

Thanks a million for your warm congrats on the calendar
and the magazine! You guys always make me smile ;)

Today I want to show you some things I finally
finished recently. I have to admit that this pink logcabin
potholder turned out really lovely.


Pink is definitely my favorite color.
When I was living by myself in Tokyo,
I made it a point to make everything pink at home,
and being in the apartment made me feel
girlie and sort of mellow dramatic.


I don't particularly collect pink fabrics,
but for some reasons, I happen to have the largest
collection of pink fabric stashes.
I guess I am subconsciously picking out pink
ones when I shop for fabrics.


This is the placemat I was working on.
I was going to use simple natural linen
in the middle, but this vintage feedsack
looked so perfect there that I decided to
follow my instinct.


Funny how it gives both 'modern' and 'retro' feels
at the same time. I think it looks rhythmic and fun.
Machine-quilting is not my favorite thing to do, but
I think this turned out really good.


But this one didn't turn out as good. For the first one
I used quilting spray to baste but this second one was
hand-basted before quilting. I dedicated much more time
on this one but the result says that I should've sticked
with the quilting spray method. I love it anyway though.


For the backing I used Japanese cotton/linen print.
.....Cute! *smile*


These placemats as well as the pink potholder have
been listed in my shop.
As always, let me know if you come from here when
snatching items from my shop. I'd love to include a little gift!

Thanks for coming and reading!!


  1. Wow! These are simply gorgeous. I love the patchwork style, especially since you've used a colour theme. Great work! I'm off to check out your shop now :-)

  2. Oh!! its amazing...
    Colors are simply beautiful...
    Great work..

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  3. ayumi dear! the sewing is sooo neat! u make me soooo yummy with those cute colours btw! happy crafting ayumi!

  4. love your style. the potholder is too cute to use!

  5. your work is always perfect and such an inspiration - thanks - i love visiting your blog - LED PRECIOUS TIME CREATIONS

  6. Your placemats and potholder are precious. Very pretty in pink! I'm a big fan of quilt spray for small projects.

  7. Those are lovely. Especially the potholders I like very much!

  8. I just love your projects,so cute.You're right,they are retro and modern all at the same time!
    I've never tried the quilting spray stuff, maybe I should give it a try...

  9. All beautiful! I've been making similiar 'placemats' and been using them for under the dish drainer - I added loops for hanging dry - and also for mats for under the coffee pot and such. Yours are so pretty because of your incredible fabric stash/choices!

  10. I just love the potholders. They are too cute.

  11. These are really gorgeous! I love pink lots too! I love the backing fabric you used on those lovely placemat! Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you!

  12. The placemats as well as the potholder are awesome--I love your work!

  13. ayumi! the placemats are beautiful!
    you deserve a pat on the back :)

  14. I at least 2 hours on your blog today. Loving everything!


  15. love these placemats!...and congrats on the calendar an magazine! so exciting! :)

  16. Oh, wow! Those are absolutely wonderful! Bookmark . .

  17. these are amazing! i'm in love with that little pink poodle!

  18. Your pot holders inspired me to try making my own--I had never done a log cabin pattern so had to google that one. Mine are not quite as nicely square as yours but I had a great time making them. Thank you for the inspiration!

  19. thanks everyone!
    Anonymous -
    I'm glad you enjoyed making your logcabin!!

  20. I love them...especially the pink! I also gravitate toward it. :)

  21. where on earth is that vintage sewing machine fabric from? need some, now!

    everything is so beautiful!

  22. Thank you so much, everyone!!

    I bought the fabric in Japan, but I've seen a Etsy shop that carries the fabric. I'm sorry I don't remember which shop that was, but I think you may be able to find it if you look for Etsy shops that specialize in Japanese fabrics! Hope this helps...!!


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