Saturday, July 4, 2009

Kawaii Stamps


Hi all! It's the fourth of July!

Happy Birthday to America! I moved to this country
in 2003. I never planned to stay here this long, but
the more I spent time here, the more I've become accustomed to
cultures, customs, and lifestyles in the US and gained comfort
living here. I went through a bunch of culture shocks and often
thought about moving back to Japan and living with the cultures and
language that I grew up with while being near my family and friends.
But oh my goodness. Time flew. Now I've spent over 20% of my
life in the US. I have to admit that my life would have been
totally different - absolutely boring - if I didn't move here 6 years ago.

Living here has taught me that it is ok to be who I am,
it is ok to express in the way I want, it is ok to
pursue my goals without worrying about things
I shouldn't worry about.

Well, I am definitely not trying to say these are the
things you can't achieve if you are in Japan (Japan is super
cool in a lot of ways), but living in a different country
has given me opportunities to meet awesome people, to look at
things from different perspectives, and to appreciate all
the things that are new and different.
I thank America and wish it Happy Birthday ;)


By the way, aren't these stamps cute?!
They are designed by ako of BeachField who is
super talented at making hand-curved stamps.
If you like looking at handmade stamps, you'd probably
find yourself subscribing to her blog almost immediately
after you hop over there.
Every time I look at her stamps, I wish I were good at
drawing and curving stamps. I am terrible at those.
I was so happy that I finally got her stamps in hand!
I can't to wait to get a book that she's been working on now.


Do you remember my Sun Golden Cherry Tomato plant?
I took this picture a month ago. ONLY a month ago.
Take a look at how it's doing............


Oh my goodness!!!!!!!
How fast-growing is that?!?!
Now there are many flowers on it and
some baby tomatoes too.


As you guys suggested, I've been giving lots of
water and fertilizer, and Joe found a few wooden sticks
on the street to prop up the tomato plant. The guy who
I bought it from said I can cut the plant if it gets too
big so that it would stay short but I am too graceful for
its growth and hardly ever think about harming it.
Who knows what's gonna happen once all the
cherry tomatoes start growing on it.

Thanks for coming and reading ;)

Happy Fourth of July!


  1. Hey Ayumi, it has been great to know you for most of those 6 years :) You have always been a great friend.

    That tomato plant is so big now! I think for it's own sake, you might have to cut it. It could get too long, but too weak to support itself. Maybe not though...

  2. What I was thinking that we could do to the Tomato plant was tie an elaborate mess of strings to it to support it, so it can just grow without worrying about falling over.

  3. Hi Ayumi -

    It's fun to read your perspective on a 4th of July...

    I feel so thankful to live here and am happy you have found many good choices for your life!

    --Vicki K.

  4. How do I get my hands on those stamps?? I.must.have.the.thank-you.stamp!!
    I've been in the USA for 7 years. Never thought I would stay that long either...but I'm not from as far away as you are...just from Canada.

  5. I am so glad you like it here and it has been wonderful to see America through your eyes! Happy 4th

  6. So nice to hear how happy you are in your new country!
    Hugs - Lurline♥

  7. Thanks everyone!

    thank you for your sweet words! You have been a really awesome friend too! We really miss you here.
    Joe used some string to support the plant today...let's see if it helps..!

    I hope the string method works! Hope tomatoes will turn red before you go to Iceland!

    thanks! Living here sure has given me lots of choices. I never thought other places rather than Japan would be this much nice to live in. I am so thankful that I learned to become open-minded!

    I've been to Canada a few times and I loved it, especially food in downtown Vancouver.. cheap and good!
    As for stamps, you may contact ako. (Her e-mail address is on the left top.) I contacted her by sending an e-mail and asked if I could buy a few. Hope this helps ;)

    Jane's fabrics and Quilts-
    I really like lots of things in this country! Meeting a nice person like you in an example!

    One day I'd love to visit Australia! My sister went there last year and I was so jealous! It's absolutely one of the top places I must visit!

  8. That's my favorite tomato! I've got one growing too. Lots of babies right now, so I'm hoping they turn into yummy "maters." Teeny and delicious. Hope you enjoy yours. :)

  9. I really appreciate your post. Seems I so often hear complaining about the US...and not many people giving her any praise. The US isn't perfect, but I think it's a pretty great place to live. I am glad you think so too :)

  10. I agree, the US is awesome. I moved here at the end of 2002, so similar to when you did. I too thought it would be a brief stint, but seven years later - I am still here!

    I love the little stamplets, they are sooo cute!

  11. I've followed your blog for quite awhile now so its fun to see you on the link list! I always love your colorful patchwork projects so much! Thanks for stopping by and linking -Allison

  12. you have a lovely blog and are very talented--thank you for sharing your patterns!

  13. Hi Ayumi, I just found you and am glad I did. Your words about the USA touched me, as I had just finished reading a blog about the "sours" that are out there (janet clare blog) and was reminded of the negativity and unhappiness we see on people's faces and in their actions on a daily basis. It seems many US citizens take for granted the freedoms and privileges we have and like to point out the negatives. Thank you for your heartfelt words about this beautiful country and all it has to offer... the world is going through some tough times...we need positive energy like yours to help us through it.

  14. I think that is what I love about tomato plants, they grow so fast! It is so much fun to watch. :)


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