Saturday, April 18, 2009

Quilt Festival

Hi all! Hope you all had a great Easter and are having
a great weekend! Thanks so much for your comments/e-mails.
I seriously can't thank enough for how much brightness
you guys bring to my life. I am so appreciative of this
fabulous technology-Internet. Without it my life would've
been much more boring. I don't deny I am an Internet addict.

penguin quilt completed

I bet many of you know by now about the online quilt
hosted by Amy @ Park City Girl.
I thought my Penguin Quilt might want to participate in it.
For those who have never seen the pictures taken during the
progress of this project, I'd like to show some today.


This is how I started. I made 9 blocks using this cute
penguin tenugui fabric I found at one of souvenir shops in
this hotspring in Tokyo. The navy fabric is also
from Japan. I was so excited to do something with these.

quilt in progress
Then I added another border for each. I loved the fact
that pretty much any fabric looked good for the border,
so I decided to pick 9 different fabric to make each
block identical, unique, and fun to look at.

Penguin Quilt in progress

Then I added another border - different fabric for each.
But I kinda felt like there is something missing to
stand out each block, so I added...

Penguin Quilt

Another border before connecting all of them with sashing
in between. I think that helped each block stand out from others.

penguin quilt

This is what I worked on a day before Christmas Eve: Binding.
I almost chose pink fabric for binding, but I thought using
the same navy fabric might match better.

penguin quilt in progress

This penguin quilt, my first quilt is definitely not
the best project I've worked on. I didn't know using
100% linen as sashing was this much difficult. I didn't
know there was a choice to use quilting adhesive spray.
I didn't know not machine quilting all the way would
make this quilt so wrinkly. There are many things I think
I could've done better, and I know there are more things
you guys professional seamstresses can tell me how I could've
improved the quilt, but I am simply...

penguin quilt in progress

in love with it. It was the biggest project ever for me,
but I somehow managed to complete it and now it is on the
couch making me smile every time I look at it. Whenever my
projects come out nicely, I feel like letting others own them,
but not this one. This penguin quilt will be with me forever.
I love it so much. Such a meaningful quilt to me.


Stashes. It was random, but I thought these stashes are
so beautiful that I had to take some pictures this morning.


The same stashes from the other side.
Joe, please treat my lovely fabric gently.

fabric basket & a matching patchwork bag

These are my latest projects that I finished this morning.
A springy fabric basket and a matching patchwork bag.

fabric basket & a matching patchwork bag

The other sides. I really like how they turned out.
I made these for custom orders. I like them so much
that I even feel like making the same ones for myself.

patchwork bag

I always love this shot of a patchwork bag.

Thanks so much for spending your time to
stop by here. Have a great weekend!!


  1. I think it's very pretty and your sewing is impeccable. I love the way your block borders don't overshadow the penguin fabric but make the whole quilt pop!

  2. I absolutely love every single thing about this quilt. I love the dots, I love the frames around each block, I love the penguins, I love the neutral sashing, and I love the dots binding. It is so beautiful, fresh, modern, and something I could look at all the time. I'm gushing, sorry! ;-)

  3. The penguin quilt is really lovely.
    And I'm rather jealous of your stashes.
    Andi :-)

  4. I love how each block looks like a picture frame. And you can never go wrong with Penguins :) Love it.

  5. your penguin quilt is fantastic...i think it would look ace at the quilt fair

  6. I love your quilt, the penguin fabric is very fun!
    Beautiful stash photos too; they make me want to go fabric shopping!

  7. Very beautiful quilt. Great work!

  8. Wow! Your continue to amaze! Love your stash. Thanks for sharing.

  9. I've been thinking about using linen to sash a quilt, but it sounds like it may be a pain. The penguins make a unique center for this very cute and fun quilt.

  10. What a unique quilt. I like the process of how you put it together.

  11. I Love Your Penquin Quilt it is Fabulous...Well Done on Your First Quilt...The Fabrics were a Great Choice...looking forward to seeing your Next One.

  12. Oh my goodness - it's absolutely beautiful. I love it!

  13. Lovely to see your penguin quilt, again, Ayuma! Gorgeous stash fabrics and gorgeous new basket and drawstring bag! Thanks for showing!
    Hugs - Lurline♥

  14. So pretty! I'd love to see it quilted.

  15. So unique, I love your work and fabric choices.

  16. I love it! I think we all have a sentimental affection for the first quilt we make...mistakes and all. Besides, handmade quilts should be imperfect like the human who made it. Thank you for sharing this story and your pictures.

  17. I just love your penguin quilt. So cute! And the texture of the linen sashing just looks lovely.

  18. The penguin quilt is stunning. Thanks for sharing it with us.


  19. What a great quilt! The linen offsets the polka dots so well.

  20. I really love the quilt! And how you sound so guilty for adding more and more fabric :D you did an amazing job, and you are right to feel proud!! i love all the fabric you use... therefore love the pictures tooo! keep up everything, i love seeing everything you work on :D

  21. Love the polka dots. Really makes the quilt striking.

  22. Love the polka dots. Really makes the quilt striking.

  23. Love the penguin quilt! And what a great stash!

  24. I love all the fabric...and the way you pieced it together is lovely! What a fabulous quilt!

  25. It's sooooo happy! I love the polka dots!

  26. Your projects are always inspiring...and your stash...LOVE it! Are they all Japanese fabrics?

  27. Thanks so much for such lovely comments, everyone!!!

    About a half of the stash is Japanese fabrics and the other is what I found here including vintage fabrics and modern fabrics;)

  28. Hi! i live in Moscow, and one day i watching your blog. It's great!!!

  29. That quilt is simply adorable!! I love the polka dots tying everything together.

    All of your projects are so fun and fresh!

  30. I love how you used 9 different fabrics on the borders around each of the penguin blocks! Your choice of colours and fabrics is wonderful - I think you did an amazing job on this quilt! Your blog is great too and now I want to make one of those little patchwork baskets :) Thanks for sharing!

  31. I love the quilt. The repetition of the borders really make those penguins do their thing.

  32. That is such a fabulous quilt! Very eye catching.

  33. I love the neutral/taupe-y background against those bright colours! Sharp. :)

  34. That quilt is fantastic! Very nice work choosing the fabrics and colors.

    The stack of fabric reminded me of the stack of crafting books I have on my nightstand. I love looking at them, too!

  35. Oh what a fun quilt this those polka dots!

  36. Bravo! You did a great job! I really enjoyed your step-by-step story about your decision for this quilt...and can relate to your sentiments reagarding keeping the quilt for yourself!

  37. Great quilt and I like the way it evolved into what you wanted, i have to plot and plan. then I change it as I go.

  38. That quilt is spectacular! I haven't quilted since 2002. I was burnt out, but I'm ready to get back in the saddle. I'm making a baby one for my great-niece. I'm not sure if I'll be brave enough to post photos, though. :)

    Thanks for sharing! I love your work!

  39. Your fabrics make me smile! I love every inch of your newest quilt. I look forward to every one of your projects--thanks for sharing!

  40. That's a stunning quilt - great fabric choices - WOW - I love it!

  41. I love your penguin quilt! It's so fun and great mix of patterns. Thanks for sharing :)

  42. Very cute quilt - I love your fabric choices!

  43. Oh I absolutely love your penguin quilt. The colors are so pretty together. It really makes each block differnet though the center fabric is the same. I also love the patchy drawstring bag.
    ~Tootles for now!

  44. Love the penguin quilt. You give me great inspiration with it!

  45. your stash shows my heart's desire - lots of fabric with text. off shopping on saturday!

  46. This is an absolutely wonderful quilt. It makes me want to go start one like it. Now, what do I have that would make a nice center. Oh, no. Nothing as cute as those penguins!

  47. Congratulations the quilt is fantastic, the most modern I have ever seen, I like the style :)

  48. your penguin quilt is one of my all time favs. thanks for sharing it again. congrats on your blogiversary too...i'm sure glad you're here.

  49. You have a great style. I love your selection of fabrics. Cheerful & comforting colors! You did a great job.

    Thank you for sharing.


  50. Okay, this is the third post that I've read, and now I'm truly in love. That fabric stash just saw drool slip out of the corner of my mouth! xx

  51. where did you purchase the penguin fabric? I've been looking for something like this forever!

  52. Thanks everyone!

    I found the penguin fabric when I visited Japan. The more about the fabric can be found in my FAQs. Thank you!


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