Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Penguin times four

penguin pincushion - Daisy Chain

Thanks a million for many comments on my last post!
I've already found several blogs that have introduced
my teapot pattern tutorial. (Thanks!)I am really really thrilled
to find out what you will make using the pattern.
Potholders? Tea cozy? Lunch mat? Table runner?
Wall hanging? Quilt? ... I can't wait to see them ;)

penguin pincushion - Daisy Chain

Today's post will be all about penguins.
Be prepared.. You'll see hundreds of them. maybe.

penguin pincushion - Daisy Chain

I made three penguin pincushions yesterday.
I really love the combination of Amy Butler's
fabric and this penguin fabric. They are totally
different, but it somehow makes sense when they
get together... kinda like a magic!

penguin pincushion - polka dots

Just for this project, I printed the 'penguin' fabric.

penguin - polka dots

Penguin, Penguin..

penguin pincushion - umbrellas

I almost gasped when I found this umbrella
print fabric in my scrappy stash that I bought a long
long time ago! "Oh my goodness! I totally forgot about you!"

penguin pincushion - umbrellas

I knew it must become a pincushion right away.
Then the penguin block was waiting next to it.

I'm planning to make two more penguin pincushions
using the same penguin fabric...but you know what,
to tell the truth, I am getting a little bored of this.
This is extremely cute fabric, but I kinda want to
play with different penguin fabric....

I designed this fabric

So I designed this fabric. Woohoo!!
Joe's aunt Jeanette was so nice to share with
me some of her penguin pictures she took on the
Antarctic Peninsula. This penguin shape is based on
an Adelie penguin that was in one of the pictures.

I designed this fabric

I just love how super flexible penguins' bodies are.
They make me want to give a big hug, but I know in
reality they smell fishy.. who cares though.

oh how sad.. my Spring semester is starting tomorrow.
I have a feeling that it's gonna be a quite busy
semester again. Sorry if I become quiet again, but
I'll come back as often as possible!! ;)

Thanks for coming & reading!


  1. Penguins are indeed cool. I think I am detecting a theme to this site...

  2. Wow, you are amazing! I really like the penguin fabric design you made from my photo.

  3. wow that design is so cute...
    love the colour way...

  4. Wow, I love the pincushions and your new fabric! Those are both just great!
    Thanks for the inspiration!


  5. Oh, I love your pincushions and the penguin fabric is fantastic. I live in Tasmania in a town called Penguin.

  6. love, love love your blog! Good luck with school!

  7. Your stuff is very cute! Good luck with school!

    Love your site!

  8. Your blog is such an inspiration to me - I really do get so excited by seeing your projects. since making 5 of your baskets and 3 of your drawstring bags as christmas presents I'm truly grateful to you for keeping my creative spirits going! More tutes please! Thanks!

  9. I love the penguins. They look like they are dancing :)

  10. The teapots are awesome! It's been fun to see them all over the internet!

    Penguins = freaking adorable!!!

  11. hi!!
    i thought id just leave a note to say that i think the stuff you make is wonderful. i only just found your blog about a week ago and whenever i have a break from work or sewing i go through the archives...i'm up to august now i think.
    anyways...keep up the good work. your blog is an inspiration to me. (i would love to be able to make the things you do)
    hope that doesn't make me sound like a weirdo
    take care

  12. Hi...I just wanted to thank you for your teapot tutorial...I made one this afternoon and found it pretty easy to do...thank you again!

  13. Lovely cuteie pie penguins! Fabulous!

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