Sunday, January 25, 2009

On the mend

Hi all. Thanks so much for your constant encouragement
and support. I was sick for the last few days, and for
the first time in my entire life, I went to an emergency
room at a hospital yesterday morning. I was in such a pain
that I could hardly sleep nor speak, but I got two
shots and prescribed with some medications and...


I am just feeling much much better now!
I appreciate all of you who've worried about me
especially Joe, who was so nice to take me to
an emergency room in the early morning and
constantly be there for me at the hospital.
I don't even want to think about what it might
have been like without him. I don't have a car.
I wouldn't have had a health insurance..
I wouldn't have anybody to depend on...
I really confirmed that I am the luckiest girl
on the universe to have met someone like Joe..
It is such a great thing to love someone and
be loved by the person. I don't want to sound
emotional in my blog, but I couldn't help it this time.

Anyways.. I am just on the mend. Yaaaaay.
It feels great to be healthy!!!!!

pin cushion

I listed some more pincushions in my shop.

pin cushion

I really like this one.

pin cushion

Another penguin pincushion.

pin cushion

I might have to look for this ribbon online.
I love it so much but I have only a few inches left.

PinCushions have been listed in my shop.

By the way, have you guys looked at Belinda's teapot?
It was my first teapot block I've ever discovered that is
based on my pattern! If you haven't go check it out!

Thanks for coming & reading!


  1. I am so glad that you are feeling better!

  2. Wow, happy to hear you are getting better! That sounded a little scary.

    By the way, I really LOVE my pin cushion! Thank you for sending it so quickly.

  3. So glad that you are on the down hill slop to recovering! I am sure a little sewing will put you back to normal, hehe.

  4. im glad that you are feeling better! it sounds like you had a rough time. i had to got to hospital once and having arthur (partner) with me helped so much. i'm glad that joe looked after you.

  5. So glad you're on the mend. It's good to be loved. Your pincushions and teapots are adorable!

  6. Hello...thanks for sending everyone over to look at the teapot....I made another one today and have fabrics all picked out for 2 more...I haven't posted them yet....I'm sorry to hear that you were sick, but am glad you're on the mend and have someone wonderful in your life...thanks again!

  7. Glad you're on the mend.
    Andi :-)

  8. I totally understand about the whole scariness of going to the hospital. I recently (Nov. 2nd last year) was diagnosed with Aplastic Anemia which can be fatal if not treated. It is being treated and I was in the hospital for 27 days. Don't even worry about being too emotional on your blog. It should be an outlet. I'm glad that you are doing well. I'm going to copy your hospital it's really cute! I am also going to make your little bastkets pretty soon. I have to rest quite a bit so I have to plan when I do things...I know everyone and their dog has made them...but I am really excited about it. Thanks for the PDF and the instructions. Again...good luck with your health.

    Erin from

  9. I wish you have a speedy recovery. Love your pincushions and everything you make. Reading your blog is an absolute pleasure

  10. So sorry to hear that you are sick, but glad that you are getting better. Your pincushions are adorable! What do you stuff them with?

  11. Glad you are better. It is wonderful to have someone you love like your Joe. It is a huge blessing to have that person as #1 in your life.

    I made a teapot over the weekend. I need to work with it and make more. Mine came out a little off in the lid but I like it.

    Thanks again.

  12. Thanks everyone!!

    How's it going?! glad to hear from you;) I stuff them with polyfill and cotton batting. I sew the top layer and cotton batting together to do machine quilting and then sew felt underneath it. Then I stuff them with polyfil;)

  13. goodness, i am so glad that you are feeling better - what a horrible time!
    loving your pincushions


  14. So nice to know that you are feeling better. Take care :)

  15. Oh Ayumi, I didn't realize you got so ill that you had to go to emergency! Glad to hear that you're feeling so much better. At least your pincushions are small enough projects to keep your mind busy. But remember don't push yourself too hard!

  16. Cute. My good friend really likes penguins, this reminds me of her.


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