Sunday, January 18, 2009

More Pincushions!


I guess I am one of those people who like all or nothing.
If I find something I really enjoy making, I have to make
at least several of them. I've been going through the pincushion phase,


so I made three more today. I like this girlie one.


I used a small scrap of my precious vintage fabric.
I sharpened this photo a little too much..
In reality it looks nicer for your eyes.


A girl holding a huge strawberry.
No way could I have trashed the scrap!

All of these have been listed in my shop.
Receive a small piece of Japanese fabric by letting me
know in the note to seller that you came from this blog;)

Thanks for Bree of Me and My 2 Guys for tagging me.
Sorry it took me ages to respond ! Let me come up with 7
things that you guys might not know about me. Hmmm...

1) I am majoring in Accounting. I get thrilled with numbers.
I've been keeping expense records for the last 8 years.
I enjoy calculating much more than learning history.

2) I've been wearing the same pajamas for almost 10 years.
They are made of fleece and are extremely comfortable.
I've washed them like a million times, but they never get
worn out!! I love everything about them,
but my boyfriend hates them!

3) I hated sewing classes the most when I was in
elementary school. I still remember how annoying
I felt about setting up the bobbins in the old sewing
machines.... So glad my sewing machines are much
more advanced that I can actually enjoy sewing.

4) When I was living in Seattle, I was selling
my handmade soap at my favorite herb store.

I've made 100% natural soap using Japanese ingredients
such as charcoal, green tea powder, and red bean powder.
I don't focus on designs of soap anymore, but I still
make simple, natural soap every once a while.
My fave is patchouli soap!!!

5) I don't have a driver's license in this country.
I don't drive at all. I am an expert of public transits.

6) My dad is an architect in Japan. I've never considered
my family to be a 'creative' type of a family, but when
I visited his new model house last summer, I was impressed
with his creativity and had a thought that my love toward
making everything from scratch might be a genetic thing.

He carved this.

7) I just printed out another fabric!
I am excited about using it for some more projects!

Thanks for coming & reading!


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  2. I love the one with the girl holding the big strawberry. I had to make it mine! Thanks

  3. I just ordered the one with the kitchen word on the fabric, and I forgot to leave a note telling you I found it from your post today! I have a soap-making kit and still haven't had time to try it. That would be a fun hobby to make some extra money. (like I need another hobby)

    I loved reading your list!

  4. I love your pincushions. Are the edges finished or left raw? They are so cute! :)

  5. Thanks a million, Christina and Terri, for snatching my pincushions!
    I am enclosing cute Japanese fabric for you guys...please look forward to it!

    Thanks busy lizzie,
    The edges are left raw, but they are sewn together with cotton batting and felt, so they're made pretty strong.

  6. I couldn't resist!!! I just ordered the one that said nutmeg with the house on it...too cute!!

  7. the pin cushions are cute!

    And the house is gorgeous!

  8. I see your creative talent is genetic. Cute pincushion and I love the house photos!

  9. the pincushions are just lovely - you are obviously on a roll!


  10. Cute soap, Dandelion Botanicals?

  11. Thanks so much, everyone!

    yes! yes! Dandelion Botanical! Isn't the store awesome?!


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