Monday, January 19, 2009

More and More Pincushions


Let me apologize in the case you're getting tired
of looking at pincushions on this blog. I'm having
too much fun making them. There aren't a lot of
sewing projects that you can make five of them
within a day. To me, when I finish a project is
the best part of my crafting moment. With pincushions,
I can experience the joy 5 times a day. Woo hoo!


This one is made for a custom order.
It seems that penguin pincushions are the most popular
ones so far, so I'll make more, but my policy for my shop
is that I don't make identical items. I'll have fun
coming up with more different designs with this penguin fabric;)


I looooove this one. The fabric that you see in the center
is one of the fabrics I've purchased through Japanese
yahoo auction. I've wanted to make something with it, but
I didn't know what to make with such busy fabric like this.


but when I came up with this idea to use as a center
of attention for a pincushion, I knew it would be fun,
so I made this guy. It looks like a vintage package
of rose seeds or something...;)


I really really adore this one too. This blue rose
fabric is one of my favorite finds from the Japan trip
last year. I think it looks kinda nice with my fabric
(the textile gray fabric) and the white/blue fabric
I cut out from a vintage sheet.


This whole idea of leaving the edges of pincushions raw
comes from one of my Japanese craft books. It doesn't
say anything about treating the edges with fray stopper,
but I got a little worried about this particular pin
cushion, so I applied fray stopper a little.


How about a pincushion that makes you think of chocolate?
I made a brown teapot patchwork last night and realized
how much I like the combination of several different
kind of brown fabrics! And I love chocolate.


I wanted to add a little accent to this pincushion.
Again, I applied fray stopper around this 'quilting',
since I sewed around it like crazy.


Another pincushion that says 'Quilting' ;)
This fabric in front is just waaaaaaay too cute,
but again, I never found use of it before.


I am glad that finally it's in use.
A good thing about making pincushions is that
fabric with teeny tiny patterns can be useful!

All the pincushions are available in my shop!
Let me know you came from here and receive a
small piece of Japanese fabric when you snatch
items from my shop!


By the way, I finally created a pdf for the teapot
pattern!! The only thing left for me is to get
Joe's help and use his web hosting space to make it
available on the Internet for you guys. Hopefully
I'll be back tomorrow with the pdf!!

Thanks so much for Lan of Angry Asian Creations
for this award! I am honored that you chose me as
one of creative bloggers' awards!! *smile*
The rule for this award includes nominating 5 other
creative bloggers, but again I'd like to just nominate
all of you. I follow so many bloggers, and it would
make it difficult for me to pick a few.. Thanks!!

Thanks for coming & reading!


  1. oh your little pincushions are soooooooooo cute! I know what to do with my drawer of scraps!!! I love these!

  2. Very cute. A good way to host your pdf's is to create a free google webpage and upload it to that and then link from your blog directly to the pdf. I do this on my own blog and it works great!

  3. Hey! You inspired me! Here is my lame attempt at a pin cushion!

    your ones are gorgeous!

  4. Your pincushions are wonderful. How very clever. I like the raw edges too.

  5. Very cute!!!
    But maybe you should stop now??
    Or maybe not ;o)

  6. I love your blog - I'm not blogging enough --butI've linked to your tutorials on there. Please please do a little tute on these fabulous pin cushions!!!

  7. No apologies necessary, we love seeing everything you make!

  8. I'm not tired of looking at your pin cushion creations - they are so adorable and each one is unique. Keep up the great work!

  9. They are very beautiful pin cushions though! x

  10. These pincushions are so so pretty. Love the different versions of them.


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