Sunday, August 10, 2008

Patchwork Drawstring Pouch

drawstring pouch

I was bored one day when everyone else was
gone for Tokyo and decided to do something
with those fabrics I'd got using my mom's
sewing machine. What comes to my head when
I want to make something super easy and quick
is always a drawstring bag.

I never have enough drawstring bags.
I feel like I've made a ton of them in the
past, but I still need more,,,maybe it's
because I always give my bags to someone and
most of my bags don't stay with me.

(Back view of the same bag)
And again, this little bag is gone.
My middle sister who usually doesn't
care about what I sew said she wants
this one, and I was absolutely grateful.

Oh, thanks a million for lots of comments/
e-mails ;) Your comments do make me realize
how precious this trip must be for me as a
crafter and encourage me to get aggressive
at fabric shopping!

I'm crossing my fingers that I'll make nice
giveaway sets out of everything I've got
for some crafters who love Japanese things
but don't have opportunities to obtain them.
Fair enough, right?

These craft related items I'm showing today
is from a chain craft store called Tokai.
I always remembered the store to be a little
boring and not really my type, but it impressed
me quite bit when I went over a couple days ago.

These white puffy things are something you
put in a handmade toy to make it sound when
pushed. Cute sound like Boo Boo.
There were many kinds of them and I thought
I had never seen anything like this in America.
I didin't know if I needed them, but they were too
inexpensive = irresistable!

I love chickens. I think they look adorable.
Chicken print fabric is great for making
something for kitchen/dining.
Lunch mat, coasters, tea cozy...

And what I can't lack is English lettered
fabrics! Without this kind of fabric, I
suffer very often. I think it makes
patchwork look very interesting for
some reasons... I love it!!

To me, Japanese craft equals linen.
I was not interested in linen before,
but I think it is such quality fabric
and extremely useful for any craft purpose.

Again, I have a few pictures from a zakka store.
These aren't yummy cakes but cacutus!
Aren't they lovely?

Pink penguin!!!!!!!!
I felt obligated to get this pink one
just for the sake of this blog, but
I decided to save money on fabrics.

Ok, today I have a LOT of links
I'd love to shre with you guys! a lot!
I'm usually pretty good at keeping track
of links to beautiful craft works by
talented people based on my tutorials
(Thank you!!), but I am not being that
good just because I'm on vacation.
If I forget to introduce your crafts,
I'm very sorry in advance! Please
remind me so that I can share yours
next time!

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heartPen Case by Aneesah
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heartFabric Basket by Kay

What lovely creations!!!

Thanks for reading!


  1. Thanks for all the links! It's really nice to see all the different fabric-choices :-)
    Great idea having a japanese giveaway! Count me in :-)

  2. Oh, what beautiful fabrics you have found. I love the little drawstring bag you made.
    I thought the cactus were desserts when I first saw them - they do look yummy though.

  3. I love looking at all the things you are seeing and buying in Japan! How great it is that you are able to get so much fabric! Your suitcase will weight a ton! lol I have a pen pal who is Japanese and has lived in Australia for several years now. We have been pen pals for 31 years now! Enjoy the rest of your visit.

  4. Beautiful bag and I love the chicken fabric, so cute!!!
    Glad you are having such a wonderful time :-)

  5. Oh, those fabrics are so beautiful! I'm headed to the fabric store today but doubt I'll see anything so unique!

  6. Those little bags are SOO DARN CUTE. I love them. Really everything you do is wonderful. Love the pictures of the fabric and everything. Its all so lovely.

  7. I really love your work and seeing the fabrics you are buying in Japan. I am sooooo jealous! That farm animal print with the stacked animals is soo close to something I've been working on, terribly cute! Enjoy your trip and have safe travels!

  8. I just found your blog today and I love it! That drawstring bag is adorable. I was in Tokyo last year and visited Nippori Textile Town and wish I had brought back a lot more than I did!

    Have a great trip!

  9. Cute drawstring bag! Lovely fabrics, I'm loving those printed ones, too. Are those little noisemakers like our little squeakies you put in stuffed toys? Now I need to check the links, have fun shopping.

  10. As a fairy tale lover, I must tell you that the adorable fabric with the windmill and animals standing on each other is from Grimm's Fairytales "The Bremen Town-Musicians" It's one of my favorites. If that piece of fabric is all I win, I would be a happy mama! I'm working on a top for my little girl that has the animals embroidered in shadowwork on it. That fabric would go so perfect with it!
    PS. I really like your blog. You have so many great ideas!


  11. hi! new here!
    Im a super early beginner but y our tutorials make me think I can actually do it!! Im concentrating stictching a straight line for now.
    It is so nice to see what everybody has done. Great links!!!

  12. oh i love the bag! too cute. i also tried the grocery sack tutorial you passed along to me...oh gosh, it was challenging! but fun. thanks bunches! oh by the way, i gave you a little blogging award yesterday on my blog :) it's kinda just for fun...i had received it and i passed it on to you!

  13. OMG you can never have enough drawstring bags lol i love the fabric you use :) where do you get it from? i can never find nice stuff like that!


  14. Wow. I'm so envious of you but very happy for you! The fabrics are just so adorable. I have a friend that made a pair of adorable baby booties out of some imported Japanese fabric she got at one of our favorite specialty fabric stores. Everyone that sees them goes nuts over the fabric. It's very similar to some of the ones you've shared with us.

    The cactus "cakes" are too cute! Evil thought here....If you put one in the fridge, I wonder if someone would mistake it for the real thing?!

    My daughter has a friend in the Navy that got to spend a week or so in Japan. He sent her several beautiful Japanese bookmarks and she gave me one. It's very pretty but I have no idea what it says! :-)

    I hope the rest of your stay in Japan is great. Thank you again for being so generous and taking the time to share so much of your trip with us. I SO hope that I get to go to Japan some day!

  15. love love love the links!!!!the bag is soooo cute

  16. I have been enjoying your blog, and wanted to say thanks for the great tutorials. I tried out the fabric basket today. It is a great tutorial.

  17. I also wanted to thank you for the great tutorials! I made the fabric basket yesterday and it turned out great!

  18. I found your cute little bag tutorial a while ago and have had fun making it easy to do and great instructions...I have posted a pic of my first (but certainly not last) of these little beauties....Thanks for a great tutorial!

  19. wow just found your site through
    spoon full of sugar girls
    here in australia.will be adding you to my favorite links straight the tutorial on the basket and will check out the others as well.great simple sewing ideas that even i could manage.

  20. Hi, this is the first time I'm visiting you, you have a lovely blog!

  21. Thanks for sharing my link. LOVE the drawstring basket and oh the bunches of wonderful fabric you're favorites are the kitchen prints and anything with words on it!!! Your giveaway will be wonderful I'm sure.

  22. Really nice work!
    Mara Zeitspieler

  23. My friend made your fabric basket and it is so cute. Thanks for your tutorials and the other links.

  24. oh my goodness...I couldn't choose! what a fabulous trip

  25. I love that patchwork bag. Could you do a tutorial on that?

  26. That drawstring bag would be great for a shoe bag.


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