Monday, August 4, 2008

Loads of Japanese Fabrics!

Thanks a million for those of you who look
forward to my entries about this Japan trip!
I'm impressed with how popular Japanese fabric/zakka
has become among crafters all over the world.
Japan is not only for temples and animes!
We've got more attraction here, and I always
feel great letting people know that!

I didn't know about this little fabric store
located next to the preschool I attended as a kid.
One time my mom sent me some extremely quality linen
from Japan and I simply loved it. She took me
to the fabric store where she found the linen, and
that's where I had to gasp and went crazy afterwords.

The fabric store's got lots and lots and loooooots
of kinds of fabrics I like! I had to look through
everything in the store, because there were many
surprises as I went through.
Oh my! Hey!! Awww!!!!!

Some are made in Japan and some are not.
Some looked familiar and some looked new
to me. I love discovering new fabrics.
The joy is indescribable, isn't it?

Did I go way too crazy there? Yeah, I might
have to agree that I bought too much before the
next trip to Nippori where I'll probably find
more fabrics that are less expensive.

But I really enjoyed the company with the
owner of the little store and I loved how
I was the only customer the entire time and
was able to look at fabrics without other
people around. I can save some money on
fabric in Nippori, but do I enjoy the constant
crowd there where I was constantly smothered by
other people? Not really.

The owner kindly gave me this fabric from the
early 90's. Isn't it kinda interesting fabric?

I hope you are not tired of looking at
fabrics at this point, because I have some more!
haha! I shopped online for fabric too!
Oh sure I am really crazy about fabrics!
I just knew that this online fabric store
carries rare fabrics that I wouldn't see at
local stores, so I had to buy some from them too.

The good thing about this store is that
you can purchase any fabric for just a tiny
bit. Spending only 100yen ($1) or some little
more for cute fabric sounds really good, right?
Cotton Tail makes it possible for you!
As a patchwork lover, I sometimes need
only a ttle piece of fabric.

They have lots of fabric with a little
patterns like teeny tiny flowers and
polka dots. I just love that kind.

Ok, done with showing all the fabrics I've
got so far! After I get back to the U.S.,
I'll make three giveaway sets of fabric and
possibly some other things. It will be fun ;)

Some pics of Humpty Dumpty, a zakka store,
near my home. It is nearly impossible to leave
this store without buying anything. They've got
a big selection of really pretty zakka!

I went there yesterday with my sister.
While we were there, a blackout happened
and for a while it was difficult to
see the items with no light, but it didn't
bother us at all. We kept shopping in the darkness.

Some kids stuff there was so adorable!
Aren't these aprons pretty?

How about this cute fish bag?
I love cute items for kids!!!

Cute magnets...!

Ornaments that made me smile...!

Thanks for reading!!


  1. This is incredible! It is so great that you post all those photos, I have never seen something like that before. Imagination has no limits, right!?

  2. I just love the fabrics, they are so beatiful!!! Thanks for sharing all these wonderful pictures! It's been a pleasure to look at them!

  3. Oh my God - I can't believe how gorgeous all those fabrics are!! Also, do you mind if I have links to your 3 tutorials on my blog with the pictures?

  4. Wow, lucky you!! I am speechless!

  5. Beautiful, wonderful, amazing. I think I would have no more money after visiting. I would go wild in the fabric shops.
    I am happy you are having a good time.

  6. Who could get tired of looking at fabric!????? Not me. Loved it. Bring more more more! Everything was darling. All of it. The cute cute aprons were inspiring too. Fabric certainly is art. It looks like you are having so much fun.

  7. Oh my goodness. What fun to find so many amazing and unique fabrics! I love the sort of dutch inspired ones.

  8. Oh, how lucky you are to be amongst all this cute fabric! Beautiful pictures, I really enjoy looking at them. I don't think I'll ever get tired of looking at fabric like this!

  9. I'm drooling over all that yummy fabric. Some I've seen before, and others I wish I had. I am jealous of your shopping trip, and esp of the prices you got.

    Thanks for sharing! I found your blog from a post on Japan Craft Journal. :)

  10. Beautiful fabrics!!!!
    thanks for sharing your photos with us

  11. More wonderful fabric - I can't wait for the give-aways!

  12. WOW! The fabrics are gorgeous! Your photography is great too! Thanks for sharing!

  13. sososososoSO cute!!!!!

    I miss Japan<3

  14. Wauw!! Great, gorgeous fabrics!! Have to say I'm not getting tired lokking at the pictures, just maybe a bit jealous.. I'm curious about what you're gonna make!!

  15. incredible, simply incredible...i'm dieing here....oh, my!

  16. Hiya! Just to tell you that you have a lovely blog. Are you by chance from Takasaki? My best friend is from Midori-cho and took me to Humpty (one where you ordered icecream and sat in a tent area with blankets on your lap) when I visited her a few years ago. Gorgeous stuff.

  17. Ahhh, all that fabric and those teapots! I'm coming with you next time you go :)

  18. Wow! Gorgeous pictues! Makes me want to hop on a plane!
    Thanks for sharing

  19. I have to admit that I turned slightly green from envy when I read this entry - as I live in a rural area and have to drive for hours to find a fabric shop!

  20. Wow! What gorgeous fabrics you have found. I wish we had stores like that here. Thanks so much for showing us :)

  21. Wow these are so beautiful - makes me want to go to Japan!! It sounds like you had a wonderful time :) I understand about missing family and friends - I live in the US but am from New Zealand and I get sad too when I see them and then have to leave. It's hard, so thankfully the internet helps to keep families connected all over the world! As for your fabrics, wow I love them all - especially the Babushka dolls - just so darling!!

  22. Hello ayumill's How are you? your blog is fabulous !!, I love it. The fabrics are great. I love the design of your blog, you have very good taste for everything. Kisses

    Zigazaga (Susanna

  23. ooo i love the squirrels! i have to figure out where i can find those guys.

  24. I love all your fabric that you posted. I had so much fun looking at it all.

    Great blog!
    Micki In Ireland

  25. u & ur works inspire me a lot. and loves revisiting this entry to enjoy looking at the fabrics.
    how i wish i could fly to japan & buy some for me too!
    is there any online shop from japan?

  26. Thanks everyone!


    There are some! Look at the right side bar on this blog. Pootan is a great one.


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