Friday, July 4, 2008

Scraps can be treasure.

Random Patchwok Pot Holder

Hope you are all having a nice 4th of July.
I am trying to adjust myself to this new laptop and have been liking it quite bit. There are still a lot of things that make me feel like "huh?" but I'm sure I'll find out everything and soon I can fully feel comfortable with this new VAIO.

Random Patchwok Pot Holder

Tons of fabric scraps that don't seem to decrease but instead keep increasing and even started flooding from the glass bin got me thinking...ok, let's take an action to reduce. So I gave myself a task: Make something out of these scraps! And I made this potholder. I have to admit that the cotton batting, heat resistant fabric, and linen for the back surface of the potholder didn't come from the stash but all the fabric you can see in this front view is from it! *smile*

Random Patchwok Pot Holder

What's the border between "trash" and "keep" for your fabric scraps?
Do you consider 1" x 1" to be too small for keeping?
I am a big saver when it comes to this, especially for rare fabrics that I love and know isn't available anywhere anymore like vintage fabric and Japanese fabric. I could save these kinds of fabrics even when it gets 0.5" in length. It's just so adorable for me to see even tiny scraps of these and it makes me happy to keep them.

Random Patchwok Pot Holder

I thought making a potholer is such a great idea for this, because that way you can see your precious fabric anytime you want to by putting it up in your kitchen and of course it is easy and quick to make! Great!! I have to make more!!

This potholder will be in my etsy shop soon! And probably will be more in shop too!

Thanks for reading!! Happy 4th of July!


  1. I LOVE these new patchwork things! Great work!

  2. I love it! And what a coincidence: I've been working on a sewing machine cover entirely made of scraps! I do save them all, I only throw them away if they're impossible to sew due to their smallness.

  3. Thanks for your sweet comments!

    Thanks *smile*

    Oh my goodness! you must have a LOT of scraps if you can make a sewing machine cover out of them!! I want to make a cover too! Another coincidence?!

  4. I am the same way - I save even the tiniest fabric scraps and they are taking over my home!!! What a wonderful way to use some of them up - the potholder is adorable!

  5. Heather-

    Your scraps must look very interesting, because you've got interesting nice fabrics!


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