Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Nippori Textile Town

One of the things I am immensely looking forward to doing when I am in Japan this summer is to go to Nippori Textile Town in Tokyo. I've never been to this place, but it seems to be a fabulous dream land for fabric lovers. Within a mile or so in distance, there are about 100 fabric stores crammed in the small town!! 100! And a lot of them are warehouses so the prices are extremely reasonable. I've heard a lot about how awesome this place is but never had a chance to stop by. Well, to be honest I couldn't make it there last time I was in Japan just because Joe was with me. If I am going to the town I am literally going to spend an entire day. I could imagine Joe being super bored after 5 minutes there. But this time, he'll go and visit his friend by himself and I'll be solitary for a week....Why not plan a fancy day to spend in Nippori Textile Town ?!?! Oh my.. I am seriously too excited. Remember I'll pick up some goodies and do nice giveaways on this blog when I am back;)

I guess today is my "talking about Japan" day. I found some nice Japanese websites that might give you some fun time if you like sewing and are crazy about free online sources.

heartLots of free patchwork/quilt patterns
(all patterns include 7mm seam allowances)

heartPicture-Instructions and Patterns on lots of things
(Click on the links on the left side in a table surrounded by a yellow dotted line. I like these pouches.)

heartLots of clothings and other things

heartMany little crafts
(This is my favorite;)

heartClothings and other little things
(This is absolutely amazing website!)

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  1. Wow, enjoy, you are lucky, I wish I could send you a suitcase so you could get me some fabric too. Thanks for all the links too, I love looking at the pictures. I really want to make the little note takers, I have seen a lot of cute ones here and in my magazines but too complicated for me without reading Japanese. Hmm, how about a note taker tutorial?? Pretty Please:) Have a wonderful trip!!

  2. great links!! have a fabulous time in japan. i'd love to go there someday... hope you post pics! :)

  3. I just wanted to thank you so much for your blog. I have it on my daily reads list and look at it first thing each morning. I just love seeing all the things you make and find in your treasure hunts. I LOVE thrifting and sewing so your blog is a sweet find for me.

    I was wondering if you knew of a good Japanese to English online translator? A free one would be great! I liked some of the links you posted and would love to read them in English if possible.

    Again...thanks for all the time and hard work you put into your blogs (my husband and I own a media business so I know how long it takes to create blogs like yours)!

  4. Wow - sounds fantastic! I just found your blog through flickr and LOVE it - you do such a wonderful job. Gorgeous pictures and tons of fun tutorials and links. Thanks so much for the fun read!

  5. OMG I'm so jealous!!!! Though i seriously doubt that one day would be enough. Who knows, maybe you should just spend your entire week in the fabric district?

    Thanks for posting all those links!

  6. Thanks guys for your sweet comments!


    If I were still in Seattle I would love to get together with you and help translate your Japanese sewing books and do some sewing together..? That sounds fun! I don'tare know which note takers you talking about. If I find out I might give a try! Thanks for your idea;)

    Sure I promise I'll post a lot of pics from Nippori Textile Town. I seriously can't wait!!!!!!

    Oh thanks soooooo much for your lovely comment! I'm so glad someone like you found this blog! We must share a lot of interests together;)
    As for a translation website, have you tried
    This is what my boyfriend often uses. Although it isn't a perfect one, it should give you some help, but if it doesn't help at all, feel free to ask me for help!
    Thanks again for your sweetest comment;)

    Hey! Do you live in San Jose? I do too! I've been here for less than a year but I might have seen you somewhere! Nice! I like your blog and what you create too!

    I know!! One day might not even be enough! I am guessing that some stores are so similar that I won't stop by every single fabric store, but I still have lots of specific stores that I know I'll definitely go;)

  7. Those links are really great - I really need to learn Japanese!!!

  8. thank you SO MUCH for all these amazing links!

  9. Thank you so much for the links. I've been thinking about buying a japanese pattern book but was concerned about not being able to understand with just photos...so this is a great trial run! Your blog really is lovely, well done. Have a great trip, I would love to go to Japan someday - so fun!

  10. i just wanted to tell you how much i love your blog. it just makes me happy and it inspires me to get sewing again! would you mind if i posted a link or two to some of your projects on my blog?? keep up the awesome work! love it!

  11. Thanks for your comments!

    If you need help, simply ask me, ok?;)

    Aren't these amazing?! I'll put up more if I find more!

    Shimmy Shake-
    I know a lot of crafters who don't read Japanese do make a lot of stuff based on Japanese books, so I bet you can do it too;) I make mistakes all the time while following Japaneses instructions even though I read Japanese. That's bad.. but many books have great photo instructions that should be helpful;)

    Thanks for your sweet comment;) Of course I don't mind at all! Please do! Thanks for asking politely;) Your blog looks awesome!!!


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