Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Finished two projects today!


Joe brought me such a sweet surprise today! Pink tulips! The other day we were talking about how the romance between us has become more lacking over 4 years of the relationship. Then he promised he would do something romantic soon. And this iswhat he did for me today. He's such a sweet guy. I can't thank God enough for my luck to me with someone like him.

My sewing machine and I worked together and finished two projects today. One of them is this logcabin pouch.

Another logcabin pouch

Isn't this inner fabric cute? I got it from this Japanese online fabric shop.

Another created item sitting here and getting ready to be sent is...

this oven mitt. Vintage fabrics + Lettered fabrics = the best!

(Sorry for the bad picture.) This is going to be a swap gift and I am strongly hoping that the girl I am doing the swap with will not find out about this blog, because I want to make it a surprise!

I'm working on a grocery sack at this moment which I am pretty sure I can show the picture tomorrow here.

Thanks for your time to stop by and read!


  1. Love the oven mitten!! Looks wonderful.
    Thanks a lot for the tutorials! I'll make me a new camera case tonight!!


  2. Ohhh I am excited!! I bet I know who the logcabin pouch is for!!!

  3. I just love the patch work that you do. Where did you get the CAKES fabric? So cool! You are a lucky girl, I love tulips, especially pink:) Oh, I tagged you on my blog for 6 unimportant things, only if you want to play of course:)

  4. Thanks for your comments!

    Thanks so much for making it and letting me know! Yours is so awesome I have to share the link on my blog sometime soon!

    Yep! and it's on its own way to your place! I really hope you'll like them;)

    Thanks for tagging me! It was my very first time being tagged on this blog. Cool!
    The cakes fabric is Japanese, and I love it too and have been looking for this online but it has been sold out anywhere. If I find it at Nippori though, I'll grab some extra for you!


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