Sunday, June 29, 2008

Little Pink Bag

Little Pink Patchwork Bag

I've been aggressive enough in terms of looking for inspiration for my sewing projects by browsing almost all the quilting books at the library and occasionally thrifting vintage fabrics at secondhand stores, but I have been a little slacking off on producing part. Some ideas are floating around in my head but I'm being too lazy to take an action to make those things realistic. Ugh, I don't enjoy this unproductiveness, but I'm happy I got finished with this little bag today;)

Little Pink Patchwork Bag

I snatched this basic idea from a Japanese book. I thought it's interesting how the piecing parts come out slanted. I really enjoyed the patchwork and love it.
It will be in my etsy shop tomorrow, Monday.


Inspiration from old sewing books

What catches my eyes has been pretty much vintage/retro styles of everything. The red patchwork apron and the pillow case are from this book Creative Patchwork. I love the square patchwork on the apron and the tote bag. The pillow is super cute too. The other two images come from Patchwork & Quilting. "What is a quilt?" one is such an adorable idea. I like quilts that bring warm messages with love like this.
Retro styles rock!!!!!


ginseng has arrived

Something I was really looking forward to finally arrived yesterday;) Woo hoo!!
There are so many ideas I can think of that I wanna do with this collection. One of them is a sewing machine cover! I'm sure I'll be happy being around my sewing space if such cute fabric like this is covering my precious sewing machine. Oh, Good news for us! Alison of this nice fabric store on etsy, Starlit Nest, was so kind to tell me that readers of my blog and I can get 10% off on the order of any Ginseng fabrics. The only thing we need to do is write "10% off Ginseng for Pink Penguin and Friends" in the note to seller. Then she will send refunds via paypal. Great opportunity, isn't it?! Thanks, Alison!!


Lots of fabric baskets!!

heartFabric Basket by Daisy Path

heartBolso Patchwork by zigazaga

heartFabric Basket by Multiflora Textilius

Thanks for using my tutorial and sharing your beautiful work!
Thanks for Karen who e-mailed me pictures of her fabulous fabric baskets too;)


  1. Hi, I just found your blog and all your cute things!
    I'm going now to join your neighborhood! Have a nice 4th!

  2. Oops, I forgot to say how nice your blog is. I enjoyed looking around and wanted to thank you for sharing your talent.

  3. Oh my gosh! I LOVE your pink bag! I kept checking your Etsy store so I could purchase it and then I re-read your blog and realized you meant - Monday! Ugh! It is just sooo cute! Love your blog - I have been keeping up with it since you posted the fabric basket tutorial. Love what you do with vintage fabrics! Keep up the great work!

  4. Wow, beautiful bag and loads of other lovely sewn stuff! Though I live in the UK I was born and raised in the Bay Area and went to USF for univ. It's the best city in the world and I'm lucky enough to have seen a good few of them. Enjoy living in the beautiful Bay Area :)

  5. Oh I just found your blog through your photo post on the Amy Butler flickr site. I'll be visiting often.

  6. Oooh, your bag is lovely! You inspire me, I love visiting your blog.

  7. Thanks for your sweet comments!!

    Oh Thanks so much for your kind words! Your cross stitch work is awesome too! You have a good July 4th too!

    Thanks so much for your sweetest comment!! I love what you said, so I had to read over and over! So sweet!! Oh, my little pink bag has been listed in my etsy shop;)

    I agree. San Francisco is just something so special. I am happy when I'm in the city just because of so much attraction. San Jose is a little boring but I'm so glad I'm living close to S.F. ;) I would love to visit England too at some point..!

    I love the flickr group and I am glad you found me there! Thanks!

    Thanks! Thanks! ;)

  8. What a lovely little bag!!! Don't feel bad at all at your researching/creating ratio. Your creative side knows when it's time to make something, and when it's time to soak everthing in. Listen to her; she's a pretty smart girl, judging from the pieces you create.

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  10. Casserole-

    Thanks sooo much for saying that! You really make me smile! I know the ratio frustrates me sometimes but it's a good thing in a long term..

  11. Pick bag awesome.


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