Wednesday, June 25, 2008

S.F. / Cool Photo Editing Website

I spent an entire day in San Francisco again yesterday with a different group of friends this time. We explored around the BART Powel station's area. Good friends, fun shopping, good weather, yummy was fun!

I never get bored of walking in San Francisco, because everywhere I go, there is something worth taking a picture of. My friends made fun of me taking a bunch of pictures = being a stereotype of a Japanese tourist but I impressed them by telling them I hate sushi. Yay!

My second time at Chinatown in S.F. We stumbled upon a tea store where we sat on the counter and had many kinds of free fresh tea. I forgot what the store was called, but it was a really fun experience, just because the performance of the people working there were really entertaining, and the quality of their tea was just excellent!

Me and three monkeys. My friend Jennifer took this picture and I kinda like this one. I wish I could show you guys many more pictures from yesterday, but I put up so many pics from S.F. just a few days ago that I guess I shall move on to crafty talk now.


There is a blog that I really want you guys to stumble upon, if you thought the vintage patterns I showed last time were cute. And I know a lot of you did. This very sweet seamstress, Pam from have it all was so super nice to look for a picture of herself in the dress she made using one of the patterns in 1970 and share the beautiful shot on her blog. Take a look!!! There is nothing else that could encourage you to have a go at making the dress more, is there? I was absolutely stunned at the perfectly made dress and now am really feeling like making the same dress, before this summer is over. Thanks a lot, Pam, for inspirations!


Pink, Pink, and Pink. I am working on something, hoping it will turn nice..
I'll show you once I'm done with it.


Oh, there is one more place online I want to recommend.
I found this Japanese photo editing website a while ago and thought it's just amazing. We know the power of what great pictures contribute to any blog. But not everybody has a photoshop software nor knows ways to edit pictures on photoshop. Then how about letting this site help you out?

From this page, choose the one you're interested in trying and click on the left link in Japanese words. The rule is that any picture for editing has to be within 30 to 500 pixels in both height and width and the format needs to be either gif、jpg、or png. Also, the size of your picture needs to be smaller than 500KB. And I just found that it has be on Internet Explore 6.0 (not I.E.7.0 or Firefox) AND has to be used with Windows XP. A little too much restriction..I know.. but it does look interesting to play along, doesn't it? If you have everything needed, you might explore using the options given and this translation site might help if you really need to know what it says.

I used Internet Explore 7.0, so not all the features worked for me, but some did like....

The original picture.

Pink tapes on it using this!

Made it in just green and black using this!

With the same one, me and monkeys..

Thanks for reading!


  1. I'm absolutely loving the logcabin pouch - it arrived!!! Thanks so much, I truly love it. Cheers Michelle

  2. just wanted to let you know that i followed your fabric basket tutorial and i LOVE it. it is the cutest thing ever. and it was so easy to follow your the way, i've only had my sewing machine a few weeks and i tackled this. i will be making more! what a cute gift idea! i put a post up about the basket just today with pictures to share with friends.

  3. I love your pink work in progress. I can't wait to see what it is!

  4. Thanks so much for your kind words. I will have to find some more "vintage" patterns to share. I haven't done any dressmaking for years, but I might be inspired to start again :-)

  5. Hi there. I just came across your blog and it is amazing! So many nice tutorials, I will certainly try some of them. I hope that you do not mind that I will add you to my favorites... Thanks, Marieke

  6. I love your SF photos! Chinatown sounds like fun, one day I'll get there! I'm looking forward to your "pink" secret.

  7. Thanks for your comments;)

    So glad to hear you like it! It was fun to make and meet someone like you!

    Daisy Path-
    I went to see your baskets! Oh my! are you sure you got your sewing machine just recently?! You're talented! Your baskets are awesome! When I started sewing for the first time, the only thing I could do was to make very simple coasters. It took me 2 hours to make a coaster!

    I'm still working on the project but I should be able to update the result tonight;)

    Please do share your vintage patterns! Your beautiful dress really encouraged me to make one and I am looking for good fabric for it;)

    Of course I don't mind at all! Thanks for so much for your nice words and letting me know that you're adding my blog! Thanks!!!

    The pink secret should be revealed by tonight, and I might write a tutorial on it..!

  8. I love the little stripey pink patch on your sewing machine- looking forward to seeing the finished product!

  9. ` kon'nchiwa ayumi-chan..
    watashi wa sayuri yamamoto desu :)
    ano ne ! I am here posting you because I love your blogspot, I learn a lot of your some tutorials stuff here.. I would be glad If I learn them all..heheh..You are really amazing ! !

  10. Thank you, Bellgirl and Sayuri!

    I'm glad you enjoy my tutorials :) Thanks!

  11. When you buy super long wigs, they are often all the same length and cut; a basic all one length cut. The wig is cut whilst you are wearing it, to make sure it hangs perfectly on your head, and that the style suits you.


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